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In preparation for my role as a bodyguard in the Carlsberg Telemovie Showcase, I managed to squeeze in only one lesson on martial arts/fighting due to my hectic filming schedule. Although it was only a two-hour session, it had to make me look like I had years of training.

This day, I was down for a 12-hour shoot day, all of which were fighting scenes. It was the best workout ever!

During filming, the stunt coordinator will choreograph the fight sequences on the spot, and that’s when I will try to learn as much as I can before going for actual take. Unfortunately, due to the urgent telecast dates, we do not have the luxury of time to practise and perfect the moves. It’s usually 3 or 4 rehearsals before we roll and shoot.

Here’s a sneak peak before the actual episode airs on Sunday 7 February at 8pm on Channel 8.

Last Roadshow!

Come Join Us Tomorrow!

6 February 2010


Blk 280, Bukit Batok East Ave 3


Meet the Lion Dancers and Main Cast LIVE!


Date: Sunday, 17 January

Time: 2:00pm onwards

Venue: Sheltered area between UOB Plaza Towers 1 & 2, 80 Raffles Place

I tweeted some time ago that I salute the pivotal back guy performing the lion dance. That is because I’ve seen the immaculate coordination of these two guys. The front guy is quick and nimble, and the back guy is strong and stable. I enjoy watching them perform because of the way they make the lion come to life. You’d want one as a pet!

If you’d like to catch them and the main cast of the Telemovie Series, do take note of our filming date, time and venue and see you there!

Ah Jie’s Birthday ?

French Vanilla Layered Cheese Cake from JB

Doesn't it looks like Zoe's birthday?

A perfect cut!

How can the Prince of Dessert resist having a piece?

Xu Qiong Fang looks like she's endorsing it too!

I took a small bite, it's sort of springy and very milky. Not the usual dense cheesecake that we have. Thank you Ah Jie for the little treat and no, it's not her birthday cake!