Ah Jie’s Birthday ?

French Vanilla Layered Cheese Cake from JB

Doesn't it looks like Zoe's birthday?

A perfect cut!

How can the Prince of Dessert resist having a piece?

Xu Qiong Fang looks like she's endorsing it too!

I took a small bite, it's sort of springy and very milky. Not the usual dense cheesecake that we have. Thank you Ah Jie for the little treat and no, it's not her birthday cake!

52 responses to “Ah Jie’s Birthday ?

  1. i always order the crepes cake from JB, it taste better when u chill it and eat it immediately.
    Dont think u can find any nice one in Singapore…

  2. French Vanilla Layered Cheese Cake from JB
    nice ~~~~~

  3. As I know Ah Jie alway so nice and take care to those work together with her by giving them treat and u are also luck to have chance to work together with Ah Jie.

  4. Ah Jie’s birthday is in Jan hee…

  5. whoo!! i love cheese cake..looks yummy..wish i can have some too=]

  6. oh and i love your outfit..cool combi=]

  7. this cake is very delicious.. i ate it at Melaka(the place u shoot for Little Nyonya) i like it very much.. yummy ❤

  8. wow!! nice!!! enjoy!

  9. Hi Joanne, a little off topic here. May i check what is the brand of the nail polish you used for the blog awards night? I presumed it’s OPI but can’t seem to find that color. it’s black base with golden shimmer.. thanks so much in advance!

  10. i look forward to watching your telemovie! rock on!~ 😀

  11. Oh, it does look yummy. Do you happen to have the address of the shop that sells it? I’m sure to check it out the next time I’m in JB.

  12. Hi Joanne,

    Let me have one guess: since it’s not Ah Jie’s birthday celebration, then is it a day visit at the Nursing Home?

  13. which part of JB did Zoe Tay bought from?

  14. The cake looks very delicious! Yummy! But I don’t eat cheesecake too much cos easy to get very thirsty!

  15. hey joanne…cn u tel me wher to buy dis cheese cake…thx..

  16. 薇秀太淑女了,真的非常喜欢看你在《小娘惹》中穿娘惹装的造型,和本人一样清纯、靓丽

  17. 薇秀,演技真棒,加油!

  18. When in JB go for pastries and local kuih, kaya, etc. from Lavendar pastry shop. There is also an outlet at the airport at Senai. Finger-licking good!

    Cheese cakes are out for me. Never like cheese, despite having lived in Canada for 5 years!

    During our French Immersion program at Quebec, out “foster” mother would place different types of cheese at breakfast table –
    in technicolours of orange, pink, off white, blue, yellow and even polka dotted ones, and she would be piqued because I would not have a morsel of cheese!

    One man’s food, another man’s poison!

    I love it when I see our celebrities showing love and concern for one another.

    Keep it up! Life is not only about success but also about maintaining great relationship with
    one another!

    • Hi Gan Chau,

      Interesting to read your post. Having cheese for breakfast? Oh dear, that’s a bit off-putting for me as well. That said, it’s essential to add cheese and diary products to our daily meal to avoid osteoporosis.

      Agree. It fills me with admiration when I read about news of the celebrities who shower praise, love and respect for their counterparts.

      Remember what Lao-Tze said? “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare and compete, everybody will respect you.” 🙂

  19. Looks like having tea break in a old folks home.
    Poor A Jie has been staying there? 🙂

  20. where did u guys get the cheesecake from?

  21. Hi Joanne, I believe that’s a crepe and not a cheesecake. Yummmm anyway =D

    Btw, I love Ah Jie’s top and skirt, please divulge where she got them from (probably not affordable!). Thanks in advance! =)

  22. hey Joanne! u always look so good in your pictures, even though you need to stay up late! care to share how to avoid dark eye circles?
    I need help, concealer doesnt even seem to helppp 😦 im desperate.

  23. I think they paid a visit to a nursing home for the elderly… Looks like yummy cake!! 🙂

  24. Hi Shirley,

    Cheese is to the Canadians as durian is to us in Singapore and Malaysia1

    When my landlady first gave me yogurt, I was shocked at why she gave me dessert that had turned bad, but being polite, I asked if I could bring it to my bedroom to finish it. Of course, I secretly flushed it down the toilet bowl!

    Slowly I learnt to acquire the taste for yogurt, but still have no penchant for it.

    Am glad that our local celebrities are improving in their acting, and are also playing a part to help the needy. I envy Thomas Ong and his various destinations to unexplored horizons!

    Progams on Channel 8, U and 5 (English drama)
    are getting more exciting!

    Keep it up, Media Corps!

  25. where is this site location ?

  26. Joanne , do you miss my online exclaimation ” BAAAAIIII……….WEEEEEEIIII….QQQQ”?

    I know Zoe’s birthday fall in 10th Jan.

    BTW, Lin Mei Jiao’s birthday fell on 24th Dec.

    I also like her Chinese name..

    When exclaimed loudly”Linnnnn….Meiiiiii…Jiaoooo!” , sound very nice.

    I hope Lin Meijiao will be your screen mother and Fann will be your screen sister. Thats what you want, right?

    Both you and Fann can play prank on Meijiao off-camera.

  27. Joanne, are you close to Ah Jie ?
    She’s looking hawt ! She’s one of the few who effortlessly look likea star !
    You too!
    Love ya!

  28. Good Job Joanne…Nice movie…Salute u.!!!

  29. if you want to look good effortlessly, check out our site at shuijinmuqin.livejournal.com

  30. Hi Joanne

    Thanks for giving me the chance to take a picture with you @ Bukit Pasoh. (where you were filming for Carlsberg telemovie I guess)

    Really perks up my day after a long day of work.

    All the best to you in all you do, all your wishes will come true.

    Be pretty, full of charisma & always healthy. =)

  31. 你好薇秀还记得我吗?我是中国的朋友,这几个月来不知怎么的都打不开你的博客,今天上网闲的无聊,试着开下你博客没想到还真打开了,太高兴了,哈哈。

  32. may i know when can i get the crepe cake?

  33. Zoe looks fantabulous… she can carry off all sorts of looks.. i love buying mag with her on the cover page!

    Joanne…you look great too!!!! great complexion! =)

  34. hi!!! seriously..i’ve ate the cake for 2 times ady on my birthday coz i live in jb!!! it’s awesome!!! u also can try the oreo flavour, it’s not too sweet and it creamy!

  35. Zoe looked really beautiful and carries off clothes well, any given style!

    Joanne, if there’s a next Queen to be crowned, you would be my choice of the new Queen! As beautiful and with substance just like Zoe!

  36. hi june, where did you buy this cheesecake from? thanks!

  37. i love zoe tay!!!! hehe…

  38. i tried this lastnight! sooo yummy!! i order thru http://www.humblebeginnings.com.my!

  39. It’s kinda funny that Zoe Tay is wearing both top and skirt from Louis Vuitton Fall 09 collection in an old folks home. Do you know that the whole ensemble of her outfit probably can feed an old person at the home for years.

  40. You can visit http://www.humblebeginnings.com.my.

    They are launching in KL on January 1, 2010. Currently in JB and Penang.

  41. Why buy the cake all the way from JB? Ah, I see. Yeah. I don’t have to go JB to buy Mille Crepe liao lol. Now KL got.

  42. i bought this cake b4~it’s frm Humble Beginnings, right?… i bought it as my b’day cake~~

  43. Luv beautiful Zoe and u too joanne for posting pics of her

  44. Yummy. =)

  45. Just focus on the yummy cake~~~

  46. Hi Ann,
    Go ahead, thanks for asking!


  47. hi joanne i saw you on you have a wonderful time at zoey birthday party help me say a late happy birthday to ah jie ok

  48. Hi jollity i want go your chinese new yera vrtiey but my chairman did not send email to me i wonder just i wish to know only because everyone recive the chinese vrtiey show only me i did not recive it i was very disppiontment about that

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