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Goofing around with pigs

Have you grabbed this week’s issue of i-Weekly yet?

If you haven’t, you might want to check out how I’d look in 3D, goofing around with pigs. But if you like to see it in full colour, here are some behind the scenes pictures of the zodiac shoot.

It’s a Great Great World – Ghost Train

I do have many more pictures to share but if you can’t wait, remember to tune in to The Making of It’s a Great Great World, Mon 24 Jan, Channel U at 9.30 pm.

There was a light drizzle while filming.

Director Kelvin Tong communicating with the actors

Director, AD and DOP deep in discussion.

With the operator, train cart and actors, ready to roll.

Getting "star" treatment...

The art department getting the ghostly props ready...

Smoke was used to create an eerie atmosphere.

Quite scary!

Grab the latest issue of iWeekly!

Just before the year ended last year, I was down at Studio 5 doing a cover shoot for iWeekly cover promoting “It’s a Great Great World”.

Actually I was shooting by myself because we couldn’t fit all our schedules in. The team did a great job stitching us together eh?

The last few pictures were really fun to do because I was allowed free play, so I pretty much did whatever I want.

To read my full interview, remember to grab a copy!