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Celebrating 30 years of Drama with British elegance

Yesterday was a big day for us, because many artistes were gathered at the TV Theatre to celebrate 30 years of Drama.

It was all quite a rush for us, so I realised I didn’t get to take that many pictures of my own. Here’s one, with my hair stylist for the night, Ryan Yap from Passion.

Pictured here with Ryan Yap, Passion

He asked me what sort of hairstyle I would like to have. I suggested “40s Glamour” and this was what he came up with — ala Marilyn Monroe he said.

Thank you Martin for picking this out for me.

I fell in love with it almost immediately because I’m have been crazy about knee-length dresses for the past few months. With the Duchess herself being here in Singapore, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her simple and elegant dressing. This gold sequin dress by Burberry couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

It’s sexy without revealing too much (actually, it does, but I kind of didn’t want to go that far) and the conservative length was perfect for the occasion. I wanted something that wasn’t too casual like I would wear to a Christmas party, and not too formal like I was going to a Charity Ball.


So I found out that in Toronto, a Canada-based second-hand bookshop The Monkey’s Paw has created a vending machine that gives customers an interesting way to get new books.

This is how the machine works:

I’m not too sure what the reading culture in Singapore is like, but I thought this is so fun to have! Imagine being surprised by whatever title that falls out from the machine? And sometimes, there just might be some sort of cosmic power at play as to why that particular title dropped out for you.

It reminds me of the times when I was kid and I used to put in 20 cents and turn out a toy that would be kept in a plastic capsule. You never know what you’re going to get.