Meet the Lion Dancers and Main Cast LIVE!


Date: Sunday, 17 January

Time: 2:00pm onwards

Venue: Sheltered area between UOB Plaza Towers 1 & 2, 80 Raffles Place

I tweeted some time ago that I salute the pivotal back guy performing the lion dance. That is because I’ve seen the immaculate coordination of these two guys. The front guy is quick and nimble, and the back guy is strong and stable. I enjoy watching them perform because of the way they make the lion come to life. You’d want one as a pet!

If you’d like to catch them and the main cast of the Telemovie Series, do take note of our filming date, time and venue and see you there!

5 responses to “Meet the Lion Dancers and Main Cast LIVE!

  1. hehe ! joanne ! i wanna see you … will you be there ?

  2. Hi Joanne ! Im the one who took a photo with you two times with my mom ! The little girl ! And the over-excited one ! AH

  3. see you there.. ^_^

  4. Aiseh… totally missed this opportunity to shoot some lion dance. 😦 Stuck at my own assignment covering another news. 😦

  5. Hey joanne what’s ur height and weight? You got a great figure! Could u share some wieght loss remedy to Hve ur figure?/:):):)

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