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Girlish Charm

When I was a little girl, I always had my hair cut really short like a boy. My father would sit me outside the flat, put my head through a newspaper and snip away my messy hair. I never got a chance to keep really long hair.

This is a dream come true…

During imaging at MediaCorp’s make-up unit 2 days ago.

All Things Pink

The song is finally up! I’m totally addicted to this song. Love it to pieces!

If you ask me what’s my favourite colour, I wouldn’t think pink really, but it’s really a coincidence that this doll is pink, my phone is pink, my handphone pouch is pink, the blog template is pink blah blah blah…

To me pink represents love, so you can say I’m immersed in love because I’ve got too many pink things around.

Isn’t she pretty?

Birthday Presents!

I am so happy!!

On top of the many birthday smses and handful of calls I got from friends wishing me, here is what I got:

My first stash of presents…I love them all!! Thanks to everyone! 🙂
I also received 2 books and a beautiful collector’s Mont Blanc pen not pictured.
I feel so loved!!

A big beautiful bouquet of white daisies from a good friend.
(2 days already and it’s still sitting healthily in a glass vase)

Blessed Birthday

Thanks to everyone who sent me sweet birthday wishes on the tagboard! I am truly blessed to have many good friends, colleagues and fans who remembered my birthday and made it special with their thoughtfulness.

I had a busy (but fun!) week, filled with celebrations with different groups of people, including the wrap party for the drama that I just finished filming (爱。特别的你). It’s the first time I’m having such a major birthday celebration. Last year, I spent my birthday alone, stranded in Cape Town because I missed my flight home on the 24th. I remembered I took a bus to the beach, bought some Nandos chicken and had a picnic cum tanning session. I’m so glad this year, I’m home, spending my days in the company of people I love.

Haha! Of course got lotsa pressies!! I love them all!!! I will post pictures of my stash soon, as soon as I get my room sorted out from the wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes and cards.

Tomorrow is imaging day for my new drama role, so I better go sleep soon.
More pictures will come. 🙂


I love this picture because we were supposed to make stupid faces, but I forgot. *oops*
But at least I managed to catch everyone in it.
Here with me, my PA and my younger sister in the show.

Pink Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa


I’m so amazed at how intelligent dolphins are. Although they’re sea mammels, somehow there’s something quite human in their eyes, so much so that, when I see the dolphins doing stunts, I wondered what’s going through their heads. Does it hurt for them to jump out of the water and perform a spin? Do they feel tired having to roll around, or wave their fins at the audience?

Believe it or not, I’m actually quite shy in a bikini. Doing a studio photo shoot is fine because I’m in a confined area and can take cover. But it’ll be quite silly to wear a robe at the beach, so I’m glad I have the life jacket to take away some of that “bareness”. I’m quite sad because I’m the only one who is decked out in swim wear but don’t get to touch the dolphins!

I’m sun-kissed from all day filming at the Pink Dolphin Lagoon.
I don’t look “chao tar” in this picture, but I am already!!! *sobsob*


Flowers always makes a girl happy. That is, given the right bouquet by the right person at the right time.

In the past, I used to think that flowers are meaningless gifts because they don’t last very long and happiness shouldn’t be derived from flowers. Besides, they aren’t exactly very cheap.

Now, I’m a little changed.

I remembered few years ago, I was in Sydney doing a shoot and there were bushes of white daisies right outside one of the hotels where we stayed. At that time, I was also lugging 12 giant stalks of red roses, which my ex beau ordered for me. So you can imagine what a delightful girl I was with the scent of red roses in my hotel room, and the sight of white daisies outside my room every morning. Superficial it may seem but you’d be surprised the joy that can be derived from simple things.

I received this sunflower from my PA yesterday because I was having one of those bad days and we happened to be filming at a mall where there was a small florist on the first floor. Now don’t misunderstand, because my PA is a rather sweet boy, who due to his upbringing, is a guy who likes to spread joy and cheer to people around him.

The bouquet wasn’t big, nor the flower extremely exotic, but I truly appreciated the thought of wanting to cheer me up. Actually, a simple note, a handwritten card would do the trick (much cheaper too!). Because flowers and chocolates and diamonds you can buy with money, but you can’t buy a personal letter, note or card, nor force anyone to write you one if the heart is unwilling.

So there, next time, just write me a note la!


Stuck at Stage 4 of Bleach

Why can’t he just die??!

I like brainless fighting games because other than letting me kill (no pun intended) time, it distracts me from the emotional turbulence I go through sometimes during filming. I’m not addicted to it, nor the sort who needs to play and play until I pass a stage. The PSP (kindly loaned from a friend) is purely a recreational tool utilised during filming mostly.


Honeystars *munch munch*

4 Children

4 kids sharing a packet of Mamee. How loving!

I said in an interview before that I’d like to have 4 children. Today I had to play with them as part of a scene. Important lesson learnt: If I really want to have 4 children, I better have them early, otherwise got no energy left to play with them.

Although sometimes children can be real brats, most of the time they’re wonderful and beautiful. Having them around is such a joy and I’m quite glad to get to work with many of them for this drama.

Hmm…maybe I was meant to be a teacher?