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Dressing up with Alexander McQueen

There’s something architecturally stunning about Alexander McQueen’s final collection. I’m not a fan, but I appreciate his talent. He goes where no one else has and it’s almost refreshing to see couture designs that are actually wearable. While it could also be because now we have stars like Lady Gaga who exemplifies the otherwise OTT designs, even the usual conservative dresser like me, wants to play dress up with his clothes and pretend I’m in a spatial movie!

Because his collection is so rich, I imagined it best presented on a sleek, modern, dark platform stage, with its back wall illuminated with warm light. Then as the model makes her way down the runway that is dark, glossy and curvy, a light would follow her such that she’s the only lighted figure on stage. Never mind the medieval, religious iconography that warrants something more elaborate, the sharp contrast would allow the story to be told without stating the obvious.

His collection was eventually presented in a small, ornate room to privately invited groups of editors. Although if he was still alive, he might not have chosen to present it so simply, I still do think that the boldness and strength of his designs need no extravagant set-ups to impress.

I don't agree with the headpiece, but the fabric is arresting. It looks like a large scarf was tied around the model to make the dress. The "feathers" gives this otherwise "drapey" outfit a structure and boldness that is not too overwhelming.

The fabric looks stiff but yet it doesn't prop up the shoulders, rounding them off to for a softer feel instead. It would have been a very girlish dress if not for the neck accessory. While it looks oppressive being locked around the neck like the women of the Long Neck Karen tribe, the jagged edges of the neck piece along with the large haphazard folds of the skirt conveys a strong, domineering presence.

This outfit is ridiculously charming. It appears to have been tailored according the prints on the fabric. I can imagine that the prints would look like they are swirling on the model's body if she was walking down the runway, and as the light casts shadows in the folds of the top, this would be quite an art! classified this as BRIDAL. If it was, I think the theme of the wedding would be "Chronicles of Narnia". She does look like the Queen from an imaginary land of centaurs and mermaids.

Doesn't look like the most comfortable outfit to put on. Because the fabric adheres to the torso of the model so lovingly, it looks like second skin, and would actually make for a great costume in a movie set in a make-belief land.

This is my favourite piece! It's actually something I would love to wear! It's so royal and pretty, conservative yet shows off the feminine body with a cinched waist. Only thing is, it would take quite an occasion to render this an appropriate costume.


ICON April Coming Soon!

Doing a photo-shoot is a bit like acting.

In acting, we put on our costume, take on a role and in interacting with our co-stars and props, execute our actions and emotions based on the character we have taken. I didn’t enter the industry knowing how to communicate and tap on my reservoir of emotions. It required me to practice, live life and keep an open-mind to continuously learn about the craft.

In a photo shoot, from the clothes we put on, to our facial expressions and the way we contort our bodies, it is all emotional and meant to convey a certain message. Therefore, logically it’s a matter of applying the same acting techniques to a different medium. It’s not a stand-there-and-smile or stand-there-and-look-sexy sort of thing. If it is, the picture will be dull and uninviting. In this case, our co-star is the camera, our face, body and limbs are our props and we need to communicate emotion and allow those moments to be captured by the photographer.

There are many beautiful people in the world who have great bodies and wear clothes like it’s second skin, but it’s the emotion behind the picture that will gain attention and attract eyeballs. That’s what makes a picture come alive.

Some time ago, we got together at Mark Law's studio for ICON's cover shoot. The styling team (from left to right): Elaine, David, Cést Moi, Jeremy Tan

Here's one of the poses...

Look out for the upcoming April issue of ICON!


看我多 Auntie?

Behind the scenes for the filming of YOUR HAND IN MIND. In the later half of this long drama, I take on another role, that of my own mother. Do continue supporting this drama on weekdays at 7pm on Channel 8.

Jack’s Matters

It’s media heyday whenever a scandal breaks out. From Bill Clinton to Tiger Woods, we’ve seen how the media thrives on celebrities’ scandals, turning what is essentially a domestic issue between these men and their wives, into the centre of everybody’s attention. As a fellow celebrity, I can understand the pressure that comes from the media and public. There is already the constant need to manage other people’s expectations, judgements and perceptions, whether it’s for the work we do, or the more personal details such as the person we’re dating, the place we’re getting married, or simply the way we look, that is amongst many other things. What more in instances where values and morality are being called to question?

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Chippendales – Ultimate Girls’ Night Out

I never thought I was really going to watch Chippendales!

Months ago when I read that they were coming, I was quite excited! Not because it’s a bunch of male strippers, but because it was unthinkable in the past for a group of male erotic dancers to perform in Singapore.

I remembered when I visited Las Vegas in June last year and seeing billboards of them as well as many other shows of every kind for both men and women, I wondered if what I was seeing there would eventually be made available in Singapore.

Now we have Chippendales, which is a good start, and since I missed my opportunity last year, I must make up for it this time!!

My first visit to the Resorts World Sentosa was for this show! The Coliseum is a non-airconditioned, fully sheltered amphitheatre at Hard Rock Hotel. There are huge coolers at the sides though. I wouldn't recommend buying front row side seats because the speakers are deafening. The most expensive ticket cost S$200, which gives you better cushioned seats with a little wooden table in between, and free flow alcohol.

My girlfriend and I with our Russian Vodka Martinis! Sweeeeet!

After the show, you can take a group photograph with the boys for S$20.

The men are being split into 2 groups, so here's the other group.

The poor men must be suffering in our heat. Not only are they performing in a non-airconditioned venue, they have to come out clothed in layers of clothes first, so there’s somewhere to go, if you know what I mean. They were meant to tease but I’m not sure they feel sexy with the perspiration dripping off their foreheads. It’s almost like they can’t wait to take off all the clothes because it’s too hot not to.

The last piece of item on them would be a g-string, and that never comes off. The stripping is coordinated with the dance moves, and very tastefully choreographed, so there’s nothing sleazy about the show. It’s more a bunch of men with very good bodies singing and dancing with very little clothes on. And of course, using props that are phallic symbols.

The crowd that day was quite sporting, women were screaming and cheering the men on while they ripped their tank tops and pulled their boxers off. Some got out from their chairs and danced but most women were reserved than wild. The men came downstage a few times to interact with the audience, which was good for the people who paid for tickets at the back.

The good thing about the venue was that it encourages spontaneity and doesn’t put a vast physical distance between the audience and the stage. Yet there was something unemotional about the whole experience. The things they said throughout the performance felt contrived, like you know they have already said this to every audience for every show. Once in a while, you get one Chippendale talking to the audience but while he tried to engage the audience, asking questions like “Who would like to keep me company tonight?”, it felt like he didn’t really care about our response, because really, all that talk was to buy time for the rest of the men to change.

Maybe it’s the heat, that makes them want to be over and done with so they can relax in the comfort of their hotel rooms. That, I don’t blame them.

But the next time I’m in Vegas, I’d be having different expectations.