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Eating in a Supermarket

Something happened to my memory card today, so most pictures are taken with the phone. I managed to get myself a new memory card but when it comes to products like that, we get them a lot cheaper in Singapore.

I decided to experiment with a different look! It's been a long time since I had bangs, I think I look so different in them!

Hair up or hair down?

Everything else, especially food, comes in big portions so even though we might pay the same price as do in Singapore, it’s actually cheaper because we get more.

I love supermarkets, but this day, I went to the Whole Foods Market, where you get a good selection of organic/healthy options. There is such a great variety, I don’t mind becoming a full-time cook!

Whole Foods Market, Town Center Las Vegas

At Whole Foods Market, Bobby says it's the mecca of healthy/organic food. It's a supermarket but you'll find hot bars, soup bars, salad bars, grain bars, where you can pick out what you want buffet style, and be charged according to weight.

More variety of food you can take away!

Sandwich bar where you have a wide selection of sandwiches to choose from! Wow!

There I am picking out my lunch!

Here's what I picked out...a little bit of Spanish Rice, Pepper Chicken, Baked Broccoli, Pineapple Rice with Endamame, and Mac&Cheese.

Versus Bobby's green leafy salad lunch!

There are seats scattered all over the supermarket where you can sit and enjoy your lunch. I heard the dinner and dessert selection at night is delectable!

From LA to Vegas

There are no intentions of touring LA just yet, since we’d be back towards the end of the trip. I had a nice workout at the gym this morning, followed by a really delightful buffet breakfast, which had a great fruit selection of strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges and the usual watermelon, honeydew and pineapple. Berries aren’t as expensive in this part of the world, so I was happy with the unlimited intake of antioxidants. No pictures because I didn’t bring my camera to the gym.

After that, I did a little shopping at Barneys New York at Beverley Hills and then we made our way to Vegas. Hopefully I get to go back to that street again to take some photos because that’s where Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave and Barneys stand side by side. I’m fascinated because my understanding of these places are pretty much limited to their online websites!

I love the way this hotel has got all these black and white photographs adorning the walls. So classic!

See if you recognise anyone?

And there's more...

Driving by Rodeo Drive, where all the brand boutiques have their own standalone shops.

The entire street is just lined with designer boutiques!

These are what homes along Beverley Hills look like!

The houses are so private and unique. I just love how these big trees line the road. Most part of LA seems a little dry but this area is so green and inviting!

I got myself some vintage eyeglasses.

Not that I really need to wear glasses, but I thought it was a different look. I love vintage tortoise-shell frames!

It was a 4 hour drive from LA to Las Vegas. The winds were pretty strong today!

We didn't manage to get to the dessert by sunset, otherwise, it would have been quite a beautiful sight!

En route to Vegas, we stopped by Barstow to have dinner at "IN N OUT"! This is the best burger place in the West Coast. Many people tried to bring it to Singapore but apparently they refused to sell the franchise anywhere else in the world. It's fully customisable cheese burgers, no fuss and very delicious!

After which, I had the Cold Stone Creamery. I know how familiar it sounds because Australia has Cold Rock Creamery which is brought in to Singapore but according to Bobby, Cold Stone was the original! And this I hold in my hand is cotton candy flavour. This is a small size by the way. I couldn't even finish the entire cup!

Jet-lagged in LA Day 1

19 hours of flying and here I am at Los Angeles.

It is now 2.30 am in Los Angeles and I’m barely awake. It feels like only yesterday that I was at Resort World attending Star Awards. I guess technically it was “yesterday” since I’m now one day behind everyone back home.

Haven’t been up to much today because I’m a little jet lagged. I had my neck twisted in all possible odd angles while trying to figure out the most comfortable sleeping position on the plane.

The weather here is cool. Boots, shawl, jacket kind of cool. Comfortably warm in the day and really quite chilly at night. I’m not sure I packed the right clothes but oh well, that gives me an excuse to shop!

Outside LAX waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to the car rental place!

My first proper meal of the day was at a place called Good Earth along Ventura Blvd. As the name suggests, they serve healthy food.

I had Cajun Chicken with Brown Rice, a Spinach salad and a glass of orange juice.

Off to North Hollywood, Friends Beauty Supply, which is the place to be for make-up artistes/hair-stylists/actors etc. They stock all sort of make-up, hair products, prosthetics, special effects etc. You can get anything that is used in the studios here!

All the shops here at Universal City Walk are closed for the night but the music is still blasting through some speakers that I couldn't see. It seemed like music just played from the sky!

My second post Star Awards indulgence -- Caramalised Apple with Nuts! Everything is mega-size here, even the apples! So yummy!

Juice Fasts, Detox Diets

Here’s something I read about in April’s Vogue that is quite interesting. As with anything, there are always different schools of thoughts.

There was an article about the claims of juice fasts and detox diets written by Bronwyn Garrity, based on interviews with Michael Gershon, M.D., a Columbia University professor who’s spanned his career studying about all things related to the digestive system.

Here’s what I gathered:

Claim 1. You’ll Rid Your Body of a Lifetime of Chemicals

Vogue says: If you’re generally healthy, the liver will flush out anything the body interprets as toxic and the kidney will pump out water-soluble toxins. If the toxins can’t be released while you go through the motions daily, they end up residing in fatty tissues like the brain. That part you can’t flush with any juice and laxatives.

I say: Let your body work its natural system.

2. You’ll Drop Two Dress Sizes

Vogue says: While you may see yourself losing weight, what you’re losing could be muscle and not fat. Without enough protein, the body turns to muscle for fuel and the weight loss appears pronounced because of the muscle’s bulk. However losing muscle mass will decrease metabolism and a return to solid food eventually could mean returning to original weight.

I say: If you really want to lose weight, the hard way would be to exercise while maintaining a high-protein, low-carb diet. Notice I said low-carb, not no-carb!

Claim 3. You’ll Look 10 Years Younger

Vogue says: Including a high intake of water and vitamin-rich juice into our system and eliminating stressors like sugar, caffeine and alcohol will no doubt plump the skin and result in the so-called glow, but this may be short-lived. Persisted low calorie cleansing (coupled with laxative use) can overtime can deprive your body of hydration and nutrition, resulting in volume loss in the skin and wrinkles.

I say: We still need to incorporate juice and vegetables in our diet, but that doesn’t mean we need to remove everything else.

Claim 4. You Experience Euphoria

Vogue says: Apparently all animals have endorphin systems to ease trauma. The euphoria may actually be a sign that the body thinks it’s starving and trying to prevent suffering.

I say: Oh no, this is kind of scary, if I’m happy does that mean I’m actually not?

Claim 5. Your Brain Fog will Lift Without Coffee

Vogue says: A diet that is rich in fat and sugar will clog up capillaries and makes it difficult for oxygenated blood to be pushed to your brain, therefore you may experience lethargy and forgetfulness. Vitamin-rich juices may increase blood flow to the brain causing people to feel alertness, but you don’t need to starve to achieve the purpose.

I say: I can’t live without coffee, so I will include more fruit and vegetables into my daily diet and cut the junk to balance out.

Claim 6. You’ll Cure Chronic Diseases

Vogue says: Studies have suggested that heart-disease patients who eat more vegetables and fruit may begin to lower high cholesterol  and blood glucose levels in little more than a month. Benefits will be lost once you return to your old habits of eating.

I say: Curing Chronic Diseases is a big claim! I think the bottom line is we want to prevent any disease from striking first, so we have to try our best to take care of our body, and starving is definitely not one of the ways.

April Delight

This has been a big month for me, in more ways than one. It started off with a Nespresso machine as a birthday gift.

Then there was winning the Media Darling Award in last Sunday’s (18 April 2010) Star Awards organised by MediaCorp Singapore.

My outfit for the night was a D&G ensemble. My stylist Jeremy improvised with the fishnet stockings and a bodysuit underneath because it was so sheer. I was freezing the whole night! The dress had to be flown back to Milan the next day.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 RTW

And a double birthday celebration from my fans!

After the awards, my very sweet fans were waiting for me outside and celebrated my birthday for me again. I say again because we had an earlier gathering to celebrate my birthday already!

I got cupcakes because they know I’m trying to stay trim and fit. How thoughtful!

Unusual Footwear

The days of women with bound feet are over.

With the liberation of women and greater independence comes shoes of different sizes, widths and designs. After all, women always needs shoes to go with different outfits.

Maybe you’ll find something you like over here? *grins*

Chinese women back in those days had to bind their feet to fit into these 3-inch shoes.

Hoof design. I suppose these can look quite sexy if you have the right outfit and posture??

Peacock Design. Somewhat pretty!

Eeek Rat Design! Enough said. Yuck!

Fish slippers. And you wonder why your feet smells???

Barefoot Design. Somehow they look like they stink, hahaha!

High-Chair Design. Looks so sturdy!

Double Heel Design. Anyone must look awful walking in these heels because you probably have to lift up your feet and trot in order not to trip over yourself?

Origami Paper Design? They look like they're made of cardboard or something? Probably good for display?

Ergonomically Odd Design. This looks somewhat comfortable, although I wonder how it stays on your feet when you walk.

Lethal Weapon Design. You don't want to be around this lady when she's angry!

Umbrella Design. I guess this would keep your feet dry, but wouldn't the spokes poke the ankles?

Prism Design. You probably can't see the shoes on the wearer because it reflects everything off the ground.

Industrial Design. This looks severely painful to walk in. How oppressive!

Game Wedge

Shoes that pump music?

Always walking on grass

If you had S$11,300…

I’ve created a poll at the sidebar just for fun. These are by no means the only two comparisons, but oh well let’s see what everybody thinks.

Presuming you have S$11,300. You can spend it on either one of the following:

A group package tour for 4 to Turkey for 13 days


A Hermès Chaine d’Ancre handbag in chevron canvas and leather trip?

Tick your choice in the sidebar!

[Poll ended 17 April 2010 with Turkey 704 votes to Hermès 77 votes.]

Tattooed Tights

When I saw Marchesa‘s Spring 2010 collection last year, I wasn’t just fascinated by the origami-inspired folds on her dresses fit for a bride, but the nude stockings some of the models have on. After all such dresses can only be worn once, but stockings/tights are always good extras to have to spice up an outfit.

Marchesa Spring 2010

Gone are the days of boring nude stockings that are made unfashionable by robbery-type movies where thugs wear them over their heads to avoid being recognised.

Bebaroque is now synonymous with stylish hosiery. It is a Scottish label started by two designers who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2005.

Hand-crafted soft stretch crop leggings

So sheer it almost looks tattooed on!

The gold ribbons glam up an otherwise boring ensemble of black tights and black heels.

I'm not quite sure this is Bebaroque's design. Could be by some other brand too.

I love these floral prints, but I don't think they are Bebaroque.

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to choosing colours of tights. I generally stay away from bright solid colours like white, pink, red, blue etc. I find that unless you’ve got mannequin legs, they just don’t flatter. I remember when I was in secondary school, I had a discipline mistress who was well known for her white tights. She was a fair, full-figured woman who had her hair slicked back in a tight bun and wore dark-rimmed glasses. She would wear all sorts of frocks but always with white tights and kitten heels. Those white legs really stood out. It wasn’t that she looked awful or anything, in fact, her legs were quite slim because we thought they were plastic! That became her signature.

So I guess who cares if it’s stylish or not? As long as you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, (either that or ignorance, haha!) it could become a statement.

I'm not a fan of white or off white tights. With the right styling it might work, but I would stay away from it.

Wearing heels with tights helps to elongate the legs and amps the style quotient. I would recommend eclectic wardrobe choices if you want to wear printed tights that could look very wrong. Somehow if everything that conventionally shouldn't go together is put together, it becomes right, albeit in a quirky way.

Going short on the hemlines is another way to give the tights extra mileage. I like the way she paired the bright yellow jacket with her otherwise monotonous ensemble. It complements the gold on her tights perfectly!

This kind of works, but wearing flats means the leg muscles are not fully engaged and it shows through the light-coloured tights. Oxfords or ankle boots might be more favourable. That would be school girl chic.

Bebaroque also makes body suits. Something like that could be paired with a poofy tulle skirt or a tight corset tube dress.

If you do not want to order directly from Bebaroque, you can find them on (based in UK and more expensive but they also carry selected scarves) or (based in US and slightly cheaper, and also stocks hosiery from other brands). Price for Bebaroque starts at US$29.95 (S$42 approx.)

Inspiration or Coincidence?

Now was Szegedi’s collection inspired by Gucci’s S2010RTW collection or did both Frida (Creative Director of Gucci) and Kate had the same vision?

I can’t help but see the similarities. Right down to incorporating lkat print into the collection. Although in this particular comparison, I prefer Szegedi’s neon lkat pattern, combined with cut-outs, black velvet patches, on a see-through fabric. The piece is alive!!

Gucci S2010RTW (left) and Kate Szegedi S/S2010 (right)

Gucci’s S2010RTW collection sees harnesses being layered on, jackets opening at the back, combining the hardness of metals with the cut-outs to carve a feminine  figure.

It’s about time the designers celebrate curves instead of making clothes for stick-thin body types.

This was what I wore for one of the photos I did for April's issue of ICON magazine. The cut-out design cinches the waist and celebrates the curvy silhouette of a woman.

This jacket is made of deer skin and despite being bare back, can still keep you quite warm. The metals actually take to the heat of your body after a while.

The cut-out design on the pants is found throughout Szegedi's collection except that on Gucci, it looks more subtle and polished.

While Szegedi sticks to making separate pieces, Gucci makes dresses. Doesn't this remind of paper cut-outs?

Wearing Roads?

Here’s one of Budapest-based designer Kata Szegedi designs that I really like.

The latest S/S10

It’s easy for cut-out clothes to look trashy and unfinished, but the way she allowed skin to show at the right places with this piece is inspiring. I particularly like that her best friend Daniel Benus made shoes to go along with this, so it becomes a seamless part of the jeans, or what’s really left of the jeans.

Before this piece was finally put together…

These connections and roads are what inspired the intricate layering designs.

It's amazing how precise the cuts are! The stretchy denim material allows this piece to adhere to the skin nicely. Of course you need to have good legs to go with this!

Here's the finished jacket on a dress form.

Here's how it looks on real model.

The back of the jacket on a dress form

The back of the jacket on a model

I like the way the top is cut to flatter the feminine silhouette, but somehow using a satin-like material for the same cut-out pants just don't seem to work as well.