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The Naked Truth

Under normal circumstances I tend not to comment on news articles about myself, but I feel I need to clarify a few points made in the Yahoo, TNP articles that were released yesterday.

With regard to the Rose Chan feature film, nothing has been confirmed thus far. I have had a few meetings with Eric Khoo about the story and overall vision of the film a number of months back, but nothing has progressed due to both of our filming schedules. I’m honored by his complimentary words and if everything falls in place I would definitely like to be involved. I believe that this story has the potential to give us Singaporeans a film that goes beyond our island and break the stereotype of a “local film”.

Another topic that has caused some debate are these quotes:

“I don’t belittle my body but it doesn’t really mean anything. What matters is our soul and what’s inside of us, not this outer shell.”

“When I entered this industry, (my body) is something I have to give up. I have to let my co-stars or strangers touch or kiss me.”

As an actress who is constantly seeking to improve my craft, I have learnt that our “tool” in this unique profession is ourselves. We have our experiences to draw on, and our bodies to help express our emotions. I admire actors and actresses who can transform themselves internally and externally to embody a character (Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, the list goes on) and I strive to commit to such rigor someday.

In the words of Nicole Kidman in a recent interview, “as actors, we need to be thick-skinned but we also need to be vulnerable.” We don’t give our body away freely, but we do use it to create a character and portray a wide array of emotions. I believe to be a versatile actress, it is our job to recreate reality in a surreal world, not by imitating but by inhabiting the role truthfully. If done right, we can make you laugh, cry and maybe even feel love.

Where nudity is concerned, I am not opposed to it IF the story, director and overall project is good. There has to be a clear, positive and reinforcing message to make any cinematic journey worthwhile for the audience. Having said that, I believe in the potential “The Charming Rose” has as a feature film. Her story is about love, heartbreak and tragedy, all of which far exceed the physical aspect of nudity the film might have. It’s a part that many actresses, if given the opportunity, would love to play.

Ultimately, to have a part in great projects, portray multi-faceted persons, and bring their interesting stories to the screen are my desires and goals as an actress, and I will give my best to fulfill them.

Thank you all for your support.

Yours Sincerely,

Irresistible clutch

I have never been fond of clutches because I find it almost impossible to put anything in them. But I simply cannot resist Alexander McQueen’s 3D Flower Knuckle Duster.

It’s a piece of art that happens to be a clutch that comes attached with jewelry.

I can’t decide if I like the skull rings or the 3D foliage more but it’s one of those pieces that makes French manicure go out of fashion and drives the need to glorify my hand in some sculptural way in order to serve it some artistic justice.

BTS: A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城幕后花絮

Some of you must have seen our promo picture for A Tale of 2 Cities, which is a new drama that will debut on Valentine’s Day on Channel 8.

Our EP Paul Yuen directed this segment personally. He wanted us to come up with a pose as a couple and so we try to figure out in our little groups what to do to give you the wonderful final image.

Here goes…

Zhang Zhen Huan and Julie Tan

Zhang Yao Dong and me (Joanne Peh)

Rui En and Pierre Png

Kate Pang and Yao Wen Long

Standing by...


Take 1...