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I became an actress purely by coincidence. It all began when I participated in Miss Singapore Universe and won two subsidiary awards — Miss Personality and Miss Elegance. I was called in by MediaCorp for a Chinese drama audition, and landed my first TV role in “Beautiful Connections”.

Over the years, I have acted in numerous Chinese dramas and a couple of local movies like “The Best Bet” and “It’s a Great Great World”. But it was my role in “The Little Nyonya” that won me my first Best Actress award in Star Awards 2009.

I believe that acting has everything to do with living, and as I move on to the next phase, I look forward to filling my time with enriching and meaningful activities.


这些年演了无数的华语和英语电视剧,也参与了一些本地电影,如 《突然发财》 和《大世界》。后来我在本地电视剧里《小娘惹》所饰演的苦命千金受到了2009年红星大奖评委们的认同,让我获得最佳女主角的荣誉。



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  1. I like this look of yours v much! It’s v sweet & demure. Gives me the girl-next-door feeling. Looks v lovable! Simple yet it brings a tinge of sweetness. 😉

    • hi, i just want to say that i had like you since the day i first saw you on the drama the little nyonya.(if i remember it correctly i put in my memo in my cp that the day i first saw you is sept 23 2009 yea.. ep. 23 and mind you i really cried.in that ep…).im a filipino and no one as in no one has ever got my attention the way you do…you’re so pretty and such a great actress and i happen to dream being a writer too…just want to ask where could i watch full ep of the golden path.??thanks…and have a niceday..

  2. Sweet smile there… =) Will be looking forward to your very own website… Take ur time on revamping the blog and creating the website.

  3. haha..my Princess Joanne v.pretty=)

  4. i’m looking forward to 《想握你的手》:D
    another long drama, nice change from the usual 20episodes 9pm dramas. jiayou!!

    • Hi Vanessa,

      U will like the long drama, it has a great storyline!
      I’m still kinda working around with the new template..give me some time okie?

      🙂 Joanne

  5. Oh yea yea! You sure look very nice in that picture. ;D Looking forward to this show! But still got so long way to go, I am getting impatient 😛


  6. haha, good, really looking forward to that. do hope to get a little change from the recently becoming rather standard mediacorp storylines.
    anyway, definitely would catch every episode. don’t tire yourself too much. no problem with your template, like the header. Take care! 🙂

  7. you are so photogenic

  8. melissa miss joanne

    joanne jiie..
    im sure i will be able to watch 《想握你的手》
    if im nt wrong i wil be in,hmmm i will sure gonna like it la..ehhh nec new template u got here. hmmm gambette in whatever u do,k?


  9. Yo Joanne,

    Congrates for being norminate as Best Actress for this year Star Awards!

    Finally the award you been waiting for! Hope you can get the award!

    Go Joanne GO! You are the best! LOL … =)

    BTW Nice Blog Skin u have here!


    ps: U are already the Best!

  10. hi,Joanne,i hope u can get bst actress tis yr!jia you oo!

  11. Hello , i like your shows 🙂
    my name is 林思秀 & your name is BAI WEI XIU 🙂 takecare & commented 🙂

  12. hey jo! im finally here! congrats congrats to you noe wat! 🙂 keep up the good work, help me give yourself a pat on your back! thx!

    stay pretty and bubbly! take care!

    ps: i like your rubber fish! hee!

  13. Congrats on your nomination for Best Actress! You did a great job in Little Nyonya. I really hope that you win 🙂



  14. I will support u oways!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I l❤ve the KEBAYA that you,Jeanette Aw,Apple Hong,Evelyn Kok,Pan Ling Ling and Cynthia Koh wore.
    It should cost very expensive.Right?I’ve always l❤ve to wear it,but it is too expensive.(Refering to all the nicer ones.)
    If possible,can you tag on my blog?(You can ignore this question.)

    One of your greatest fan,
    Chrystal Seah Wei Ting

  16. is the drama that u acting right now will be separated into two parts?

  17. Hi Joanne,

    That picture of you is very nice..wow!! the drama you are working now is kinda long and it debuts in NOVEMBER!! :O
    But then i lived in Brunei and i cant even watch.. 😥

    JIA YOU!!

    A big fan of you,

  18. OPPS!!

    I forget to ask you how to change the small picture on the corner ?? coz i really would like to change it

    • Hey Claudia, u mean you want to change ur gravatar? I was wearing glasses because I was going to come back from my trip to have Lasik done. Just before the op, I was supposed to lay off contacts for 2 weeks. So there, now I’m free from all that!! yay!

  19. hi , do u have msn? pls reply me soon. tq

  20. hi joanne jie jie you are realy good in acting i really like u in little nonya you are so kind and helpful and do u have an email wish that u can send me a email my email is lovetan89@HOTMAIL.COM WISH THAT U CAN REAPLY ME TOO


  21. support u forever and do you have any close friend in medicorptv yes i know that felicia chin dawn yeoh nat ho and elivin are close friends sorry if i spell anyone name worng. is felicia chin one of your close frinds actually i like you felicia chin koh yah hwee jesseca liu rui en nat ho zhang yao dong . i don’t really like jeanette aw and dawn yeoh but i really hate fiona xie she look like very like pround like that . even thought jeanette aw is very hot now but i don’t really like her but not but not hate wish that you can reaply me thanks

  22. hi i m looking forward 4 the new show

  23. Hi Joanne, yup i mean the gravatar..I don’t know how to change it..can u teach me?? pls..

    • Hi Claudia,

      I haven’t been able to change mine too. I think u can click on support from wordpress to find out more.

      Joanne 🙂

  24. hi joanne i AM looking forwards to your new show . i am a big fans of you every of your show i watch it and i really like like father like daughter the show is very funny and i find your acting is really good and your voice is really sweet and wish that you can win the princes of the month and most poplour princess this coming moths

    looking forwards for your reaply

    a big fans of you

    elicia tan

  25. hi joanne i AM looking forwards to your new show . i am a big fans of you every of your show i watch it and i really like like father like daughter the show is very funny and i find your acting is really good and your voice is really sweet and wish that you can win the princes of the month and most poplour princess this coming moths

    looking forwards for your reaply

    a big fans of you

    elicia tan

  26. Hi Joanne,

    What do you mean by Lasik??

  27. jo, u doing lasik? ive been thinking of doing it too but heard too many horror stories about it! 😦 and im not sure if my eyesight now is stable or not. duno if after lasik, will my shortsightedness come back find me!! 😦 I dun want! u share ur experience after u done! thx in advance!

  28. y must dis movie show on november ?? is it nice veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice ??

  29. heyy joanne(: awesome acting and yea… nice new look for the new drama(: will be looking forward to it. while u are busying remember take care of yourself(:

  30. Hey Joanne

    I’m looking forwad to 想握你的手!
    I read somewhere that it gonna be debut on 11-11! Thats my birthday LOL
    But curious wanne know who do you paring up in the show 😛

    Supporting U from The Netherlands ^^

    • Hi Moon,

      I’m pairing up with Zhang Yao Dong and later on Pierre Png. Since it’s a long drama, there’ll be room for changes! 🙂


  31. Hello,joanne,u r so thin,can u teach me some method to bcome lik u,tq.bside,i hope u can get best actress tis year n d ‘shi da zhui shou huan yin nu xin’!!!

  32. hey,joanne u r skinny haha.but still so beautiful .Hope u will will be a best actress in tis yaer>,<

  33. Hey! You look so pretty in that picture. In fact, on every picture, you look nice! 🙂
    Do you know how to play the saxophone?
    Because I’m in a school concert band, and i play the alto saxophone! xD

  34. Dear Joanne,
    Your new blog looks simpler but its quite nice too . I hope the 最佳女主角award will be yours …

  35. Hi Joanne Jie Jie,
    Do you have any msn account?

  36. mabel lu see chi

    hello joanne when will the new druam called 想握你的手 will be up on which time 7 or 9

  37. hi..how r u now? Jia you… Hmmm.. Long time never see you come my place le .. Hope to see u soon.. 🙂

  38. hi…dunno u stil remember me ma?long time no see u come orchard le..really hope to see u soon..take care.keep in touch..

  39. Hello. u’re very pretty.. what show are u performing next?? Looking forward to it… sp, ajollyaffair@yahoo.com.sg is ur email right? All the best to you!

  40. hi Joanne

  41. Hi Joanne,

    You can call me Carmen!

  42. hey joanne! i hope that you’ll win “Best Female Actress” for Star Awards 2009! and honestly speaking, you’re really pretty & photogenic^^ you always look good, be it in magazines/newspapers/on television [: stay young & cheerful always! oh yes, i also want to ask you, how do you find Dai Yang Tian? cos you see, i’m a BIG fan of DYT, and i’m even part of his fanclub! hahhaha(:

  43. so nice to see Joanne’s official blog…

  44. Cherylin Chong

    Joanne, you look very pretty indeed. Hope you can email me!

  45. Cherylin Chong

    Joanne, i really couldn’t compare you and Jeanette Aw! I love Jeanette Aw but i still love you! Both of you look a bit like sisters in the i-Weekly makeover commercial… Can you reply to my email?

  46. Joanne , Do euu have a facebook acc?

  47. hhhiiiiiii
    iiiiiii love uuuu…

  48. I watch all the shows that you act it was nice

  49. HI dear joanne peh u are my favourite fan u know?almost half of singapore are your fans
    You konw why?the answer is coz u are pretty ang a gd actress:P I, like other fans wish that you can get the best actress award!i am not saying jeanette aw or other actress cant beat you but i believe that tyou can do it:D Your new show will be nice,(FOR SURE COZ YOU ARE PART OF IT!^_^)

  50. Please reply……..I am waiting for joanne peh reply….k?

  51. hi Joanne jie jie…i like all the drama that u act,vry nice!!! i hope u will win Best Female Atress for Star Awards 2009!!! i will support u 4ever…r u Acting recently?

  52. Happy Birthday ^^

  53. Hi Joanne! Congratuations for winning the Star Awards 2009!

  54. hey Joanne, grats for winning so many awards today! 😀
    Jiayou and takecare! 🙂

  55. Congratulation Joanne Jie Jie
    Really a big birthday present ^^

    I haven’t watch it yet 😦
    I can’t find it
    Hope i can find it soon on youtube!
    I want to see your reaction 😛

    xx Moon

  56. Hi Joanne,
    嗨!你好!!恭喜你得了”最佳女主角”!!! 和”十大最受欢迎女艺人”的奖项!!! 真的很开心你得了奖!希望你也天天开心!

  57. Please come to my blog and tag !

    At the same time , Congratulations in winning the ” Best Actress” My family thought it would be Ou Xuan , Yes she is also good ! I like her too! However , i guess the reason she did not win , is she didn’t have as many shows as u filmed ! To round off , congratulations!

  58. hi joanne jie jie reallt happy to see you win so many awards and why you cry when recording the video don’t cry cheer up i know you cry is because you are touch by many people but cheer up i will support you

  59. Congrate on your success and “Best Actress award”.

    All the best and keep it up.


  60. Hi Joanne!

    Congrats for getting the” Best Actress Award”! Happy Bday to you! Hope you stay healthy, happy, getting more and more awards, career getting better and better. I am 11 years old this year.

    Hope you stay pretty always! I add you at Facebook. Please accept! 🙂

    Cheers & Love you always,
    Cheryl (Xuan)

  61. Hi Joanne! 🙂

    How are you? Wow~ you finally updated. Haha. How’s your filming timetable? Read your blog and you are a little bit busy. Although you are busy, must also take care your body also okays!
    I am the Xuan too. Love you forever.

    Cheers & Love you always,
    Cheryl (Xuan) 🙂

  62. joanne jie jie,

    u impressed me with ”the little nyonya”show and i am sure u will do better!can i ask u something?Becoming a actress do u need looks only?without looks is it possible to be one?

    • Well Jolene,

      As you can tell from the comments I’ve got here, being an actress also means learning how to deal with people.
      I can’t tell you how, because I’m still learning. If u’re dedicated to the craft, there will be opportunities!


  63. yournaughtygirl

    i saw u at marina square and u are simply so gorgeous.. u have my supposrt!!! jia you!!!

  64. Hi Joanne,
    i saw your post talking about Star Award!after read tat very touch my heart! Your writing so good…The picture tat you post of the Star Award! very special and creative,u take with black and white,very fashion! may i knw what camera you use?

  65. I really like your smile! It’s so sweet. 😀 Can I know what secondary school you’re from?

    -Zi Lei

  66. Visit my blog @ lemonadejourney.wordpress.com
    Hope you’d like the inspirational stories I’ve posted! 😀

  67. i love you

  68. Happy Mothers’ Day! 🙂
    How do you spend with your Mum?
    Are you still at Shanghai? 🙂
    Hope you and have a great trip & Mothers’ Day! 🙂

    • I cooked for my mom. 🙂 I’m not at Shanghai anymore, was there last December! How did u celebrate Mother’s Day?

  69. I bought my Mum to North Point’s Swensens and ate our dinner! I enjoy it. 🙂 What have you been busying with? Must take care your health o! 🙂

  70. Hi Joanne

    May i ask how did u do ur blogskins?the template is ur picture.How did u do wat website?I wan to do tis 4 my own blog too

    • Hi Phoebe,

      WordPress platform provides templates, so it’s quite easy. Designing the banner can be done in photoshop. 🙂

  71. 我是来自马来西亚的,我想问你是在跟郑斌辉谈恋爱吗?还有我觉得你演技进步很多,我永远支持你!

  72. Hi Joanne,

    I can’t wait to see you in your next latest serial drama. Wow, it’s indeed a pretty long show… I would love to see you again there..

    Oh yes, How did you celebrate your winning awards 2009?

  73. Hey Joanne!

    its funny saying that cos im joanne too.haha. just happen to type in ‘joanne’ to google it and i so happen to have found your webpage.pleasure having such a gorgeous lady by the same name with such achievements in such a short time. Truly impressed with your accomplishments and i’ll be waiting for more great performances from you.

    Joanne (:

  74. Hello Joanne ! Have been watching th beach ball babes’s movie,act more alright ! Love uu ! 😀

  75. uu will always have my support alright ! Jiayou. (:

  76. Thx Joanne!! 🙂

  77. Joanne do we nid to download anything from photoshop b4 we can design the banner?

  78. Haha joanne im so blur abt the banner thingy i went in to photoshop im just very blur i can create it

  79. Wow, first time view your blog,v. impressed, U replied to your fans sometime, its great…

  80. The repeated show ‘Beach Ball Babes’, I realised that your acting skills improved. I hope that you would me. And don’t tire yourself out. Ok, I should stop here for now alright. K, hope you would reply me! 🙂

  81. Hello Joanne Peh ! 😀 GoodLuck in everything uu do okayyyy ! 😀 JIAYOU ! (:

  82. Heys Joanne!

    How are you? Wow~ It seems that you really love reading. Do you? Hahas. You usually bought the books or go to the library and borrow? Do you go shopping often? I think maybe not cos if not got alot of fans. 🙂

  83. Hi Joanne,

    Check this out:


    Great stuffs esp this one below.



  84. heyheyhey!
    Link mi back. i link u aldy (:

  85. Hi! Joanne, it is the first for me that I join 2 send 2 u. I’m very happy and I 1 2 tell u I like u so much.

  86. Hi Joanne,

    Got to clips to share with u:

    1) http://www.ted.com/talks/yann_arthus_bertrand_captures_fragile_earth_in_wide_angle.html

    2) http://www.youtube.com/homeproject

    The second one is the project Yann Arthus Bertrand talked about in the first link above. He produces it he allows everyone n anyone to download FOC.

  87. Hi Joanne,

    after I’ve seen ur blog, u change my impression on u, which is a good thing. U’re a literate person and actually quite an open-minded person. U are daring, I like that, keep it up!! Always support u, all the way!!!

  88. Hi! Joanne, it is for me to join your website. I’m very happy. you are my favorite actress in my mine.

  89. Hi! Joanne , I’m curious want know that in your hand in mind, Do you pairing up with Pierre Png as a screen couple or not? Please! reply to me soon!

  90. hello. im a fan of yours. i am also in temasek sec now. i saw your name on th head prefect’s board. lol, i didn’t noe tht you were th head prefect.

  91. Hi Joanne!

    What have you been busying wif? Why didn’t you update? Hope to see your updates soon ya. Take care! 🙂

  92. hey, i enjoyed your acting in the show TLN. Great job. Not easy to do a switch just like that from a person who is so kind hearted to suddenly been so traumatised with what had happend. keep it up.

  93. looking forward to this show:)

  94. hi Joanne 😀
    AM a great fan of urs !

    Keep Rocking 😀

  95. Jolly,

    Hope the day’s going well for you.

    Warmest regards

  96. i so luv ur shows +v. pretti!!

  97. I am not Very good at speaking … anyway i love to watch ur shows almost all the shows that u have participated in, i did watch. I like ur acting skills.

  98. Hi joanne Jie,
    My idol is u and i like you and my dream is to be an actress like u!

  99. Hi Joanne,

    Not heard from u for quite a time…miss you so much…don’t forget to share ur holiday experience with us. okie….

  100. you can email me any time cause i kept wathing your show since it was in midnight

  101. So is it fun @ Tokyo? 🙂 My tutor is also flying to Tokyo soon! 🙂

  102. hey joanne, i was just sitting by the school porch when i saw your name on the head prefect board. haha. i remembered how proud my teacher was when she spoke abt you in council meetings. well, i kinda miss council ever since i stand down. haha, i thought i’ll come and say hi=)

  103. I do hope Channel 8’s drama will be as nice as those from Korea and Hongkong. Am looking forward to your upcoming drama! Any luck on adorable young guys? (hahaha)

  104. for the show, i meant. B)

  105. harro joanne im a big fan of urs and i really hopeu can tag my blog!!!ILY so much (: cont to JY worr…

  106. this pic is so sweet! even my fren said she liked this pic very much… n wouldn’t tell me where 2 get it!

  107. is being an actress a tough job? it looks hard?
    hw do u memorize all those long script lines?

  108. your acting skills is good…hope that i would be like u in the future..
    jiayou we will always surpport u..

  109. hi joanne jie jie,

    (i call you jie jie as im a 8 year old girl) do you have a facebook account if you do can you add me as a friend?i love your acting jie jie joanne.can i ask you another question does jie jie jeanette have a blog?

  110. you can call me kat kat thats wat everybody calls me (my nick name. heehee)

  111. joanne jie jie me again i just like to speak to you anyway i just want to ask you do you know samantha jie jie last time she same school as you she told me she is working now she works as a helper of taking photo graphs.do you go to gaint shopping centre you take one of the flyers and im the little girl who is wearing the national day shirt im a model samantha jie jie helps me post!(i didn’t know i can write so long heehee)=D

  112. now here is my friend danielle hi joanne jie jie im 10 and i go to st margrets you are my idol and i want to be an actress like you when i grow up ok now danielle is gone i just wanted u to meet my friend

  113. Student of JYPS

    I just want to check with you are you fr Junyuan Primary School coz the time when i am p4 should b 2007 you went to Junyuan. I saw you, you look stunning!!!!! And you are very tall. you hug w the principal anyway this year we change principal.

  114. Hey Joanne : 想看看你真人想看看你的未来!

  115. 喜欢你的笑颜如花,喜欢你的青春如斯,喜欢你的魅力散发,喜欢你的一颦一笑,你是我心中不可亵渎的公主,喜欢你就是要告诉你,爱不怕让你知道!

  116. Hi joanne jie… can i ask if u can…..tell me more of urself? Do u play the piano? I love to watch the shows that u act in… 🙂

  117. 嗨!

  118. I really love ur beautiful smile.. and of course ur actings..

  119. I really love ur beautiful smile..

  120. how do actors cry on the spot..is there some tricks…i m doing a literature play project for my end of year exam and is required to cry on one of the scene..

  121. Hi Joanne,

    I’m from HK. Actually I didn’t know you until a recent trip to SG. I saw your Jetstar ad on TV and you look so beautiful. Later in the newspaper (provided by hotel) I again saw Jetstar ad and you and I started to know your name, but not quite sure what Peh is in Chinese until I search it on the internet. Anyway, hope I can see you again one day in the movies and TV in HK.

    • Hi Lee,

      Appreciate you writing to me, I hope for you to see me some day in movies in HK too. 🙂
      Hope u had a nice time in Singapore.


      • Dear Joanne,

        Yes I did. SG is a nice place. Actually I visited SG 3 times for 3 consecutive years starting from 2007 (Many said I was crazy for going there too often!). The 2007 & 2008 trips were by SIA and the 2009 one was by JETSTAR! (No kidding, the SIA fares are too high during summer times!)

        If one day you come to HK, please let me know and let me be your guide. I’ll call you in Cantonese “Bak May Sou nei ho lan lui ah!” 🙂


  122. Hi, why can’t I see my message several hours after I pressed the “Submit” button below?

  123. Hi! Joanne, How are you? Congratulation that you won most popular of 7 princesses. Oh! I forget tell u, I’m from CBD. I see you on Tv in my country and My friends and Me really like you esp your acting.Last I only 1 2 tell you that you are attractive I like you. Bye Bye!

  124. Hi Joanne, I am glad that u are willing to create your blog:) well happy for u:) First of all, plan out what your blog wants to look. Once everything is ok, u can proceed to your design 🙂 Well creating your own website is not easy at all 🙂 A lot of hard work 🙂 Honestly, your hairstyle looks the same. your smile is so sweet:) U should tie up your hair will be nice 🙂 Do u agree with me 🙂 I am serious:) U really look elegant and smart 🙂
    Best Regards: 黄xiu wen 🙂

  125. I like your latest advertisement with Jetstar….is wonderful and sweet….

  126. Hello, i’m from Maaysia.I like your acting…you are wonderful..Recently wantched little Nonya..Cheers..

  127. Hi, Im from Penang, M’sia. adore you from ur cast in lil nyonya, go Joanne! ♥

  128. Hello-chiwaa!!! (:
    Looking forward to see the new drama coming this november!
    I’m fan fo you too!
    Byebyes 😀

  129. Hii Joanne 🙂

    You are really beautiful 🙂
    Jeanette is also my fan 😛
    You two are good friends right?
    Looking forward to ur new drama (:


  130. Hello.

    Min Seo Jung here 🙂
    Call me Min, haha…
    First time seeing your face ,
    I’m from Korea and i’m learning english..handling it quite well ..
    But you are pretty, you are an actor?
    First time seeing such a pretty actor in singapore .
    Korea also have many pretty actors too 🙂
    I’m a fan of Goo Hye Sun in Korea
    Do you like Korea? Some ppl like it as it snows in Korea and its very cold too (: But its nice , This is my first time in Singapore so i’m not quite familiar about this place. I saw your picture on an advertisement so i went to check out more about actors in singapore. Have a nice day!

    Min Seo Jung

    • Hi Min,

      My favourite is Kwong Sang Woo!!
      🙂 Thank you for ur compliments, hope u’re liking Singapore. I’ve never been to Korea but I heard shopping is great there!


      • Oh i see..
        Haha, don’t mention it 🙂 And yeah, Singapore is really pretty and clean! Shopping in Korea is great too! Hope you’ll visit Korea sometime :]

        Best wishes,
        Min Seo Jung

  131. Hi Joanne

  132. hi!Joannepeh is me jack here i like to see your movie in ch 8 and i like to made new friend and know each other
    very well and we can meet each other go to the sentosa siloso beach swimming, play beach volleyball, suntanning ok pls contact me at my hp 84466977

  133. hi!Joanne peh is me jack here i like to see your movie in ch 8 and i like to made new friend and know each other
    very well and we can meet each other go to the sentosa siloso beach swimming, play beach volleyball, suntanning ok pls contact me at my hp 84466977

  134. Hi Joanne,
    The ant-bite must be very painful. Take care of your ant-bite.

    Best Regards,

    Chrystal Seah

  135. Hello Joanne,

    Im glad I’ve found this site of yours! I am currently watching the series in where you have been part of, The Little Nyonya, and I love your character so much. Im also amazed that you still managed to maintain this kind of public site despite your hectic schedule. This is a good place to catch up about you. I find this site cool, just like you. Simple yet elegant, and one thing I like most, you’re such a smart lady.

    I wish you all the best to your career! Looking forward to your blogs. =))

  136. Hi, Joanne,
    This is the first time I accidently enter your website. I am from Malaysia KL. I get to know you when I watched your few drama, always acting tomboy or not a gentle lady. I like it, it was so natural. Recently, I watched your drama a little nyonya, my brother asked me, who is this girl (u)? I said she was the who acted as tomboy, he said Oh……… she looks so different and pretty ya….hahaha………..
    Your smile very charming and attractive, every time see you will give me energy and have a smile like you. Thanks. Please keep it and send or give your smilling face to all the people all over the world.

    Do as natural as you are now. That is what I like the most.

    Take care.

  137. Hello Miss Joanne Peh, Junyuan primary school will be celebrating ex students gathering ceremony on 2010.
    The school will be moved back to it’s original place in Tampines street 91. The school would like you to join the fun
    with us. Thank you

    Mr Jeffery.
    Admin IT

  138. Hi joanne! ^^

    yay,i finally found ur pageXD yeah~ i’m one of ur fan.hope we can become fwens^^ but i’m only 13,hope euu wont mind><
    my dad once saw mie watching little nyonya and ask mie hu is tt gurl?tt was euu,obviously,thn i told him n he was like,"woah! she's tall" *my dad is not at all tall-.-''* thn i sae 'duh~! she played volley ball okaes? same as liu zhi xuan!"lols… hahas..

    hope u're gettin on gud wif ur career,help mie tell felicia that i'm stiu supporting her no matter wad yeah? tt was years ago when we became fwens,nut i doubt she stiu rmb mie..

    aniwaes,leave a tag on my blog if u can:D its: the-funny-lychee.blogspot.com

    and,i wld lyk to recommend first class de 2nd season!^^ my fwens acted in it! hahas…

    kays,ending here. jia you yeah~? XD


  139. hi,joanne
    8 here i would like 2 tell u tat
    i will always support u…
    n u r so beautiful…..

  140. Hello Joanne! May I know if the fb acc really belongs to you? Im referring to the one with you wearing a purple top haha.

    Will appreciate alot if your reply. Thanks :>

  141. voted for you! you actually allowed comments here! Number one future Ah jie.

  142. Hi Joanne,

    Have been a recent reader of your blog and I’m really drawn to your insightful entries….not too deep to understand nor light-hearted without depth. Awesome~

    Will stay an avid reader! (:

  143. Hi Joanne,

    When you were studying in NTU (Nanyang Technological University), which division did you choose to pursue?

    1. Division of Journalism and Publishing.
    2.Division of Broadcast & Cinema Studies.
    3. Division of Public and Promotional Communication.
    4. Division of Communication Research.
    5. Division of Information Studies.

  144. Hi, i recently and finally found your blog!!!!!!
    I admire you so much!!!
    In the future i hope to be someone as outstanding as you!!!

    • Hi Japjap-animation,

      Wow, that’s huge, thanks, believe and you will get to where u want to be. All the best to you!


  145. Hi Joanne Jie-Jie!

    You’re so good in everything. Hope that you will be the best in everything you do!

    Best wishes & Cheers & Loves,
    11 years old

  146. 😀 YAY~ thanks for updating.
    Have been following your blog for quite a long time now; love your heartfelt comments and in-dept reflections.
    i think this blog is a great portal for fans, like myself, to see the down-to-earth side of you and for us to know what you’re up to recently. It gives us a sense of connection with you, which is excellent. Keep it up yeah!

    Can’t wait for the Your hand in mine drama. Am sure that it’d be great.
    All the best in your career! 😀

  147. Hi Joanne,

    I have read your blog for 1 year, your blog is really interesting. From your blog, I learnt many things. I saw the photos you had last time, you went to Tokyo, right? I would really hope to go there, is there fun? Could you care to share with me? I saw the advertisment that [Your Hand In Mine] is going to be start at 09.11.2009, I cant wait to watch the show! It must be nice. Anyway, thanks for reading my comment. Lastly, take care your health and enjoy your work at the same time. If can, you can e-mail me at the e-mail I wrote, sorry that I dont want others to see my e-mail so you will have to see my information, thanks.


  148. Hey Joanne,one of my greatest fans in Mediacorp!Do you have MSN or any email?Do reply me back asap:)Thank you!

  149. Hellos Joanne Peh,You And Ou Xuan My Idol!Do You Have MSN Or Yahoo???If You Got MSN Or Yahoo,Pls Add Me!!!My Email Is Angeline1325@hotmail.com And If Ou Xuan Got Email Can You Give Me???Thx.

  150. Hey Joanne!The new show that you are acting in seems so nice!:)Can’t wait to watch it!!!Take care as well!(:

    Yours Faithfully,

  151. Hi Joanne,
    I was excited when I found out that you have a blog. And from that day onwards, I kept reading it. The updates about fashion keeps me wanting to read even more. On top of that, I love watching Channel 8 dramas. Well, I am looking forward in watching the next upcoming show in Novermber 🙂

    Btw, keep succeeding ya 😉

  152. Hi Joanne!
    I am a foreign worker (Filipino) here in SG for 2 months now and I’m seldom to watch TV but when I saw your ad I may say that you are one of most beautiful artist in the industry. 🙂 I’m sure you will be a hit too for Filipinos because of your beauty and charm (just like Paula Taylor )

  153. Hiie Joanne,You And Ou Xuan Is My Idol!!!Do You Have MSN???If You Have Pls Give Me!!!I Would Like To Chat With You.Do Ou Xuan Have MSN???If Ou Xuan Got MSN,Can You Give Me???Thx.Pls Reply Soon!!!

  154. Hi Joanne,

    You are my favourite actress in Mediacorp. Think you have a very natural and sweet smile that could light up people’s mood. And you are one of the few who still look very pretty with only light make up.

    Hope you are happy in ur career and ur love life!

    Wish you good health most importantly! Stay the natural beauty in you. And stay cheerfuL!


  155. Hellos Joanne,
    I really like you alots as my star ((:
    You’re really pretty and adorable ((:
    And i heard some of those peaple said you’re very tall .
    May i know whats your height ?
    Please give me a reply ASAP ((:
    ILY 😀


  156. just 3 words for ya, you are great!!!

  157. Hi Joanne,

    Every update of yours is really interesting. Hope that [Your Hand In Mine] will have the most number of people watching!

    Cheers & Loves,

  158. Hi Joanne,

    This is my first time get in here. LOL
    At first I wonder that y Singapore speak both Chinese and English, since I watched The Little Nyonya…. No wonder… kkkkkkk
    U were doing well in there!!
    Theres a new drama called 想握你的手 right?
    umm..Is it gonna be debut on 11-11? well, I have no school on 11-11, so i can c that at the first time. ^^
    Anyways…. Take care & 不要累坏咯
    Add oil. LOL


  159. Joanne , how you became a actress ?

  160. Hi Joanne. 🙂 i’m a smalllllllllll lil’fan of yours. Your blog is interesting, hmm .. i have one small question, how you became a actress ? I love acting, hoping to be a star one day, i’m working hard on that. I believe i can do it. 🙂 You’re a very pretty artist! 😀

  161. Big fan of yours, Miss Peh! Would love to take a picture with you if I do run into you someplace in tiny Singapore. And that’s a pretty nice Chanel bag by the way! Simple and not too overstated.. Sweet. Alright then cheers and have a good day 🙂

  162. Congratulations, Joanne for winning the Best Celebrity Blog…You’ve a very friendly & attractive smile…hope to see your shows more often =)

  163. Nice information there! I just thought of to become your regular reader but the problem is your site doesn’t seem compatible /friendly when it show in KMeleon browser which I use regularly other than internet explorer, hope you can get it fix soon, thanks in advance.

  164. Heys Joanne!

    Imma avid fan of you. & Im loving it your new show at Channel 8 but urm forgotten the title. Heez.

    Bye gorgeous! ❤

  165. hi sis joanne=),

    i’m one of your fans in penang. i really love your acting as Yu Zhu in “Little Nyonya”. you are really good in showbiz. my first impression towards you is that you are a professional actress as you bring yourself into the character. it’s not solely about acting, but you really put your heart into it. i’m sure your fans would enjoy your acting as much as i do=) with your presence, you definitely make the show more lively! well done and you deserve a standing ovation! haha^-^ i hope i’m not too exaggerating. anyway, may you gain success in your career and do take care of your health. 加油哦! 会永远支持你 =D

    Jassie Looi

  166. Hi! You’re from JYPS right? Hahah. Do you have msn ?

  167. I’m from JYPS too! Your Junior ;D

  168. 希望你能在新浪开博,那样中国大陆的朋友就更容易获得你更多的消息了!

  169. Hellohello. I really love your acting in 想握你的手. Who did you end up with in the end ? hope you end up with Zhang Yao Dong. Two of you make a great pair in that drama. 😀 All the best to you.


  170. Hi Joanne Sis,

    halo! Zoe here… I’m from Malaysia. I’m one of your fans too!!! Your acting skills are great!!! Keep up the good work… JIA YOU!!!!!!

  171. You are gorgeous! I would love to have your complexion!
    I love every show of yours.

  172. In “Little Nyonya’s drama, you bring out Yu Zhu’s character really well. Really sense what she’s going through….That’s Awesome!! =)

  173. agree with Amy!u r really pro!my bro praise u many times when he watch the movie.haha,he prefer you not to make up,v pretty!thumbs-up for u!

  174. Do you mind to reply?):

  175. Hi, Joanne. Do u have MSN or Yahoo Messenger?

  176. Hi JoannePeh, think you looks more & more cool.. Stay cool always yeah! (: JiaYou in whatever things you do.. (:

  177. joanne peh jie jie , would u like to add me on msn ? my msn will be dangerous-alliance94@hotmail.com , u are my bestiie idol ! :] I will wait for ur reply !

  178. Hey Joanne Peh,

    came across your blog. Wow.. It’s awesome! Although I’m a Malaysian, I used to watch your movies here. Great Job!

    Actually, I wanted to ask you, whether do you know how to play volleyball in real life? Because I saw you playing quite well in Beach.Balls.Babes! really impressed by it because I myself do play volleyball! love it!

    Hope you are in the pink of health and continue striking for success in life! Cheers!

    With love.

  179. Hi, i am a big fan of yours. Continue working hard, we will be here supporting you….

  180. Great to know someone of my heritage is one of the big shots. Good luck to you!

  181. HEY JOANNE ! im a SUPER duper big big big big fan of yours ! i really want to meet you somewhere in singapore !
    cheers ! have a nice day !
    stay gorgeous ! 🙂

  182. i really like the pretty facee of yours !

  183. i really find your site interesting and your taste of fashion is quite sizzling . haha . do link me . my blog will be a private one , so you will need to log in using your email , which i’ve added . hope to know you better

  184. hi joanne!u really acted well in the little nonya!u even act better than the main actress in the little nonya! u should be the main actress!but good for u that u have the best actress award

  185. 喜欢你,薇秀姐姐!期盼你的每一次芬芳绽现

  186. 薇秀姐姐,是否会在新浪网开设blog&微博,因为中国内地facebook&twitter在中国内地很难上…

  187. Hi Joanne Jie-Jie!

    You’re absoulety awesome! =) *opps* if I spell wrong, 12 this year. Haha. May I know the ending of [Your Hand In Mine] who you be with at last? Is it YaoDong [Dr Yeah]? Haha. I’m catching the show whenever there’s you. Loves & Cheers, always support you no matter what! Dont only work, take care of your health okay?

  188. hi joanne!do u have another film to perform?i really like to watch ur movie so much cos i love ur act ur smile and ur cute face ok bye see ya soon!:)

  189. Hi hi. Nice blog and posts (: Nice acting too ^^

  190. Hi joanne jie

    I am yr fans i like to watch yr show. All the best to yr work. we will support u 🙂 hope to c u soon

  191. I like the show u have acted,it is ur hand in mine… Its very funny… U r 1 of my fans!! Jia you!! Let me watch the show u have acted n I will comment on hw u acted… Very happy to talk to u… C u soon!! 😀

  192. hey joanne 😀
    i’m rainie. i love your acting. my friend loves your acting even more. but because her family are facing some problems now, she’s become very emo. can you type a message here to encourage her? i’ll get her to read it. she’ll be so happy if she saw it. please write back soon.

    rainie 😀

  193. hello joanne.
    Yr great acting admire me in your hand in mine!
    do u have window live messanger?
    if u have please reply.

    from your no.1 admirer,

  194. Hi Joanne,
    I am uor bes admirer.I love uor acting.Especially the Lion Dance every Sunday show that.

    From your bes admirer,

  195. hi Joanne,
    i will watch[[Your Hand in mine]].
    I am Elvin,Dai yang tian,jeanette and you.

    uor no.1 admirer,

  196. hi joanne u so pretty n cute cos u everyday do the drama n chinese title i so happy that we watch it! how r u this few days i want 2 see u! can? Hope u done a good job 🙂 we support u 🙂 love u 😀

  197. i will watch my favourite tv is your hand in mine very nice 2 watch 🙂

  198. hey Joanne! i ‘m Vietnam fan…i love u!!! good luck!!!

  199. Helo,Joanne Jie Jie!! I like ur show(your hand in mine)… It is very nice n funny,u n Dr Yeah suit each other in real life!! =) I love u,u r my fan!!! 😀

  200. hey! Since you pairing up with Pierre Png then who pair with Lin Xiang Ping? Sorry im just curious to know.

  201. you look very pretty in 想握你的手。i look forward to watch till the end of 想握你的手。

  202. Christabelle Peh

    Helllllooooo! I adore you sooooo much. Hope to become an actress like you! And we have the same surnames(: Love ya!

  203. may i have ur msn?

  204. Why you always act as a girlfriend with ( i don’t know what is his name ) in many drama etc 想握你的手 ? In the drama , you are really cute .^.^
    Hope you happy everyday !

  205. Hi,I’m from Malaysia . When you act in a film , does it take a long time ?

  206. i am your in facebook .i am your fan and my friend /yuki from japan .we like you!+_+

  207. i like you !i am call yuki.

  208. hih
    joanne do you have msn?

  209. 马来西亚才正在播放《想握你的手》而已~

  210. Hi Joanne!
    I like you since I first saw your chinese name on Malaysia newspaper, Entertainment section. I thought it’s a rare and special name, impressed! No longer then, my family and I kept following up “The Little Nyonya”, I can’t quite believe it’s you there! Delighted, and your acting is very good, expected! :DD Later, impressed again, when I saw your charming and natural smile on those photos on your Blog and FB…you look really beautiful!


  211. hi joanne,this is my first time visiting ur blog it’s so cool!

  212. Joanne keep up the good work. i think you are a much better actress than Jeanette Aw and I hope you receive all the accolades, endorsements, and success in your career that you deserve. If Mediacorp has any sense they should focus on developing your talent and boosting you into the Ah Jie position instead of Jeanette.

  213. at last in 《想握你的手》 who do you pair with?
    Zhang Yao Dong or Pierre Png

  214. jacqueline lim

    hello:D i like the it is very interesting.

  215. You are beautiful and your acting is perfect especially your the hand in mine

  216. I love 7 princess.

    But i love most is Jeanette Aw and Felicia chin 🙂

  217. Dear Joanne,

    Congratulation to your winning in Star Award 2010. Keep in up and you are somewhere there to Ah Jie status…you are the new generation Ah Jie…

    By The Way, hope you don’t mind telling me is Mr Zhang Yao Dong been with you before? cos heard from some outsider and you are together as a couple before and you both do have inmate relationship…hope you can clarify with me,before i got con again and again by him.


  218. hey girl,i am a big fan of yours do you like “rachel”in your heart i mean in the movie not in real person??? i thought yue guang already put a wedding ring what king of CRAP???? neberr mind i am i only 10 lolssss i love YOUR VEDIOS!!!!! luv you

  219. i love you i wish u were my sis i am a singaporeAn u??

  220. If you need computer servicing do email me or if your company need any IT support maintenance do let us know. We sure to resolve all problems.

  221. joan you look very pretty!I always see your dramas also expecially the drama your hand in mine.

  222. Dearest Joanne,

    Congrats for taking the award. Happy Belated Birthday. Anyway, continue to rock on, let us see more of your good works! Excited to shows/magazines about you. All the best to your work. Take care of yourself okays?

    Cheers & Loves,
    The 12 Years Old Cheryl

  223. i had add you in my msn, can you pls accept me …thank you . I also got add you in the facebook . pls reply me soon .

  224. Hey Joanne Peh!
    You’re really pretty and great actress!

    I’m going to audition for media this year when there is a chance! i hope to see you if i get in! best if can work together!

  225. I am your 4ever fan, no matter what show you are acting in!!! 🙂

  226. Hi!I just realised we are born on the same day! I was from ntu too!hahaa JIAYOU and u will make it big!!!ENjoy LIfe!!! I was born in KK…hahaaa u?? HUGZZZZ

  227. Hello Joanne. I am a big fan of yours and also hope to become someone famous like you. My whole family supports you, and we have the same surnames. I’m proud to be a Peh, now knowing that someone of the same surname has great achievements. Hope to meet you in Mediacorp someday. Jiayou and good luck.

    Christabelle Peh 🙂

  228. Hello, Joanne …i am a big fan of yours . I will always support you no matter wat show u are going to act…

  229. Hey joanne peh i am a fan of urs ur acting is so cool at 想握你的手!!! In the hong xing da jiang i cheered for u!!! 🙂 I will continue to watch想握你的手 to see endiing who is ur boyfried haha i am a kid by the way 10 years old n my sch is in paya labar methodist girls sch (pri) I just want to say ur little nonya was also so cool !!!!!!!!!!! i love it there is a repeat show 5:30 it begains i always tell my mum mummy mummy can i watch plsssss…… haha Coz i am ur big fan n i must support u oh by the way r u gd friends wif jennet aw (dont know how to spell her name) i am also her fan if u noe her blog can give me pls!!! 🙂 thx
    From ur derest BIG fan : Reyan Neo Si Yuan

  230. why u nv reply me r u busy ?

  231. hi joanne,

    hi r u? r u from ntu jus wanted to get some tips from u how u studied in past for getting into ntu? can u reply as soon as possible love u and felicia chin and jeanette aw

  232. heard that u r a head prefect in past? heard that felicia chin is going to study than how about u? u oso cn study now don waste any of the time i knew tht it was tiring but go for study try ur best to get into the gd progress u r so young now only 2.. so go for it now singapore study is important n remember reply me how u study in the past and go 4 ntu love by ling ling ur fan

  233. Hi Joann,love your shows espically( Your hand in mine)

  234. Hey joanne peh i am a fan of urs ur acting is so cool at 想握你的手!!! In the hong xing da jiang i cheered for u!!! I will continue to watch想握你的手 to see endiing who is ur boyfried haha i am a kid by the way 10 years old n my sch is in paya labar methodist girls sch (pri) I just want to say ur little nonya was also so cool !!!!!!!!!!! i love it there is a repeat show 5:30 it begains i always tell my mum mummy mummy can i watch plsssss…… haha Coz i am ur big fan n i must support u oh by the way r u gd friends wif jennet aw (dont know how to spell her name) i am also her fan if u noe her blog can give me pls!!! thx
    From ur derest BIG fan : Reyan Neo Si Yuan

  235. i wonder what your long series is about. i only have time to watch those during my non-school weeks.

  236. Ur smile so natural,can you sms me ur number by my email pls … i will give u mine if u want to ! im one of ur fans as i have the same sir name as u!!!

  237. Hi, I’m Cyndi from Kuching, Sarawak (one of Malaysia State- Land of Hornbill). I really likes to see you acting in the most of the drama tho sometimes we are busy with our working life. It looks very natural and yet you look naturally very beautiful especially your skin. I really loves to know what is the secret behind of your beauty skin. Oh ya, Can I also know what is the upcoming drama that you will acting in? Thank you. 😉

  238. In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest. ~Henry Miller, The Books in My Life

  239. hi joanne
    i love you very very very ~~~ ^^

    fanclub Joanne peh from Thailand
    i love joanne
    i love yu zhu ^^



  241. heyy , Joanne , i’m a fan of you ; i’ve been watching Your Hand In Mine at Channel 8 , its was a great moviee 8D i likee ^^

  242. Hi Joanne ,
    I saw you at Shenton way , UOB towers 1 & 2. You were filming the carlsberg telemovie . I even took picture with you . oh yeah, I was the ” excited one”
    haha , i came with my mom . remember ? Always supporting you yeah jie jie .

  243. Hey Princess Joanne Peh,You look gorgeous&Pretty 🙂

  244. hello Joanne 🙂
    i’ve been watching the chinese drama ‘Your Hand In Mine’ since the first episode! laughs~
    i hope you’re not surprise to know that im a malay 😀
    gosh, i LOVED to see you on my tv screen!
    i hope i could bump onto you someday 🙂

    Keep On Shining! ❤

  245. hi you look gorgeous!

  246. erm,Joanne jie-jie,do you know what website for catching up on 想握你的手 series drama?other than xinmsn…

  247. HELLOS Joanne ,
    do you have email ? (: Can i have it , if you do have ?

  248. hello joanne nice to see ur blog tis was the first time i visit ur blog

  249. Hi Joanne… Just wanna ask you how to cure pimples at the back? Any Idea?

  250. Dear joanne, i’m a big fan x1000000000 of you! when can i have your autograph? i would really love to have it! please reply. 🙂

  251. hi joanne, i am ur biggest fan you are pretty an wonderful actress i wan to tell you that in face book if we chat with you you wont reply if i ask you question you also wont answer me and my friends think ur to busy,uploading pics,and writing words about you i guess that somepeople who wants to chat with you didn’t get the chance i wanted to ask how are you?,what are you doing?,where are you now? i know this don’t look like a comment but a complain but i just wan you to know all ur fans love you say ur pretty but most of all u are the best actress i know in your hand in mine to me and i hope you can reply to this thank you i also wanted to say i feel sad when i type this message but all the best 😥 i put this cuz i am sad

  252. Hi Joanne,

    Yours everthings I like, you are very hard working, well done and good luck !!!

  253. Hi
    May I have the contact of Felicia who made the Hermes cake. Thanks

  254. เด็กๆคิดถึง โจแอน มากๆ จากพุทธเกษตร ขุนยวม ประเทศไทย

    • Hi Parimas,

      I did a translation. Your comment says: Children miss most from Joanna Buddhist Agriculture Yuam Thailand
      Thanks for visiting for site.
      Hope to hear more from the children!


  255. Hi joanne !
    Just passing by,
    There seems to be lots of joanne’ accounts out there & finally i got to view the real one !
    Haha, my brother & i are a big of yours & we so look forward to more of your shows that you’re starring at !
    All the best ! 🙂

  256. HihI Joanne, how many episode are there for your The Activist’s Journey??? Please reply.. Thank u. 🙂

  257. Last night I was arranging all you Jetstar advertisements….YOU did make a difference to those budget airlines advertisement…..
    Hope that one day I can let you autograph them….

  258. Hi Joanne !

    You’re such a wonderful actress ! You really rock . You’re really beautiful and charming . It’s really a pleasure for me to see you on TV !

    All the best in everything you do .

    -Caris. (:

  259. I was very impressed with your conversation in Class 5 yesterday (18 Oct 2010), it shows that you spreak very well in English and you are very smart. I am not sure whether you have prepared for your answer in advance. If not, you are even more intelligent ! I am sure you will do well in life if you do what you say.
    On you new project in writing, do consider do drama series story writing for Singapore TV. A lot of them have very bad content. Actors, actresses, and directors are good. But the content cannot make it. May be you can upgrade it.


  260. I am your big fans

  261. Hi Joanne,
    visited your blog.. Its awesome! Looking forward to 《想握你的手》:)
    Continue to work hard and act hard! LOL~
    Shu yu:)

  262. I happen to visit Hort Park with my son, and saw Zhu HouRen filming a children programme. My surprise is that we went round the Park in 1st hour and still see the crew discussing about the camera position. By the time we went home after 3 hours, they had yet to finish filming. Is filming so time consuming? I happen to know that scene takes 4 mins on the 1/2 hr children show. As avid photographer, it doesn’t take me long to find the perfect angle and position to shoot pictures. Filming like exggerated in a sense.
    Acting sounds hard work, but do keep it up. Your acting certainly improved and matured alot…..

  263. hi joanne peh jiejie!
    hope you have a good holiday!and haha….
    remember if there is one day take photos with me!can?

  264. hi joanne peh jiejie!
    hope you have a good holiday!and haha….
    remember if there is one day take photos with me!

  265. hi joanna,
    i like singapore and its drama.its great.i like the way u act in the show.

  266. hi joanne peh! i’m one of ya fan. I’m from cambodia. I love to watch every movie u act. Recently i’ve watched ya hand in mine which u act as an elegant lawyer. As i’m doing law degree, i love it so much…….

  267. hi^^ i just found this blog of yours. i read through your past posts and saw that u wrote u are a band member. i am a band member too! =D what instrument do u play?

  268. Hi joann jie jie;
    I like your show, happy valentine joanne jie jie….how is yr life????
    u looks beautiful and young also, how old r u joanne jie jie??hope reply my message……

  269. Hi Joanne,
    You got nice blog here, nice updates on Facebook and Twitter page. 🙂 I’m a fan of you. Love every single things of you, your acting, singing, dressing…… 我好喜欢你哦,真的真的太喜欢你啦,你演戏真的太好看了。我们这里人都很喜欢你。I’m from Cambodia. Now PPCTV is showing想握你的手, 每个人here 都在看你的戏,每个晚上都在看耶,i really want to catch up with new drama 乐在双城. 加油!!! Have you ever been to Cambodia? You have time pls come to visit Cambodia Angkor Wat. Visiting Our Kingdom of Wonder!!! 我的偶像加油!!!我们会支持你的。你一定要加油哦!
    You’re the best!!


  270. you have the jetstar look! thank you jetstar! conditions apply..

  271. Hello!
    May I know your height and weight if its not too personal to disclose? You look reallyyy slim!

  272. Hi Joanne!I was telling my mum that i like your chinese name so much!!haha 白薇秀~ sounds so special! I’m currently watching A Tale of Two Cities showing in Astro Shuang Xing !You acted so well in the series!So outstanding!! Gambateh o!

  273. nightheart breeze

    What time is your new movie,乐在双城? I am a really big fan of yours.I especially love the last episode of C.L.I.F. So exciting. Do u mind if i ask u what did u feel when u cried? Because it doesn’t look as if u are acting.It looks so real. Iam inspired to be a police when i grow up, bcause of your acting. Great Fan Of Yours.

    • Dear nightheart breeze,

      Thank u for ur support, whatever emotions my character goes through, I feel it, and so tears come naturally.


  274. Hihi Joanne jie jie,
    your acting with Qi yuwu is perfect ! i love your acting in c.l.i.f! The last three esipode were great!until now i am still watching it in youtube again and again.Hope to see you again in c.l.i.f 2!

  275. Jie Jie Joanne ! Hope you remember me i was te girl who saw you with Bobby Tonelli outside the lift… And asked for your autograph… Hope you can remember me…

  276. It is appropriate time to make a few plans for the longer term and it is time to be happy. I have learn this post and if I may I want to counsel you some interesting things or suggestions. Perhaps you can write subsequent articles regarding this article. I wish to learn even more issues about it!

  277. I am extremely impressed with your writing talents as smartly as with the layout in your weblog. Is that this a paid subject or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to peer a great blog like this one today..

  278. i love you MOOD.

  279. Joanne Jiayou!:)

  280. Hi,Joanne ,
    beautiful,talented,intellegence,young and willing to go up as rich and famous.Pray for yor success,if you are in Malaysia let me know yaa.


  281. Hi Joanne,
    I just finished watching the series ‘pillowtalk!’
    You are so sweet and cheerful in this movie! I am a Singaporean living in The Netherlands who misses home badly. When I watch the series, it makes me feel so at home and also makes me learn a lot about maintaining a happy marriage!
    U ROCK!

  282. John Chew Yeok Peng

    Jia you, Joanne Peh:
    Continue your passion of writing: me also love to write as well…

    from your silent supporter and fan…..
    John Chew Yeok Peng

  283. Hello joanne! Im wenly from indonesia, my chinese name is 陈 文 丽!Huge fans of you ms peh. Love your style and oh yes your amazing model legs!
    Wish i can be tall just like you cause im such a shortie 😦 And i also hope i can have your half self confident a little bit . Whyy? Because i dont have confident with anything. Well not anything lah, but still i dont have confident. Maybe you can reply me or dm me at my twitter! Give me some supportt too 😦 hahaha well, anyway goodluck with your career and longlast with your hunk boyfriend 啊 武 ;;)
    Love, wenly

  284. Thank you for appearing/working as a celebrity. You are very special to me. Your smile turns my world upside down. Hope to meet and greet you sometime!

  285. Very happy you are cast in Code of Law 3.
    Love you, Keagan and Sunny Pang !

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