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Dress code: Street Chic

The invitation for the Elle Awards stated the dress code to be Street Chic. My first thought was distressed jeans, oversized tee with boots. But this is Elle Awards, so I have in throw in something that merge street style with formality and high fashion. Here’s how the look was put together.


Attending Elle Awards 2009. To see my full look, check out my video in the previous entry "Elle Awards 2009 (Singapore)".


Dress code: Street Chic


I finally decided on this dress by Christopher Kane for Topshop. Lace is typically feminine but this season it's all about being edgy while still looking sexy. I like the fact that it's slightly see-through, and street style is all about taking risks and making bold choices, so I decided to be a little cheeky with my outfit.


Since the dress is slightly see-through, I chose a bling-bling underpants like this one from Topshop to add a little sparkle. It's best to keep it in the same shade, cos' otherwise, it will simply draw attention to your bum!


Why wear plain stockings when lace adds a different texture to the outfit? You can find them at Topshop or ASOS.


Suede adds another layer to the lace and leather typical of street chic. So even though black is the main colour of my look, the different material will not make me blend in from head to toe. From Topshop.


Accessories have to be chunky. In this case, I chose to wear earrings instead of bangles because I am already wearing a huge watch. Earrings by David Gan from Passion Hair Salon.


Thigh-high boots are currently my favourite piece of fashion item because they allow the hemlines to get shorter! These are from Gucci.


Elle Awards 2009 (Singapore)


Jason Liang from Fighting Spiders and I


Sharon Lim (Editor-in-Chief of Elle Singapore) and I


The Wall of Fame


One of the Polo Boys, Paul Foster was there too!


He's grown so much taller!!


Group editor Corinne Ng presenting the award to me for Actress of the Year.


Actor and Actress of the Year posing at the Wall of Fame.


Jack & Rai, love their music. I joked that I'm the newest addition to the group! Then it's going to be Jack & Rai + Jo. LOL!

My Maiden Experience – It tickles!

Besides the Press Conference…



Many people have been asking me what I’ve been busy with lately and when will my next drama be on television. Thank you all for asking!

I am currently still filming the 180-episode long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. Filming for this drama began last year in December and will end mid next year. Currently, we are done with about 100 episodes, so that leaves another 80 more to go. However, our drama will be coming to your television screens from November 9th onwards, every Mondays to Fridays, at 7 pm on Channel 8. This means that we will be filming while the drama is airing! It’s fun that none of us knows how it’s all going to end!

In the meantime, here’re some pictures taken during our press conference held for the media two days ago…

Group Photo

《想握你的手》主要演员. Cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE.


姚文龙和方展发。播映日期和时间在背后!Yao Wen Long and Pierre Png.


Chinese characters for "YOUR HAND IN MINE"。

媒体招待会还没开始之前,演员们在干什么呢?哈哈, 当然是拍照啊!

Before the cast goes on stage to meet the press, how do we pass time? It’s got to be massive photo-taking.


我好喜欢这个手镯。它很独特,而且色彩鲜艳!I love this bangle! Actually it is made up of 2 bangles and the multi-coloured skulls add a dash of fun to the otherwise typical design.


让你再看清楚一点:这是莫小玲的私家货。Take a closer look at this private stash that belongs to actress Patricia Mok.


在等待媒体招待会的当儿,我们就 “无聊” 起来。。。Nothing else better to do, we start photographing our expensive shoes.


还加入了不同款式。。。猜猜谁是谁?And we have additions to the family! Guess who's wearing what?


李心钰,莫小玲,白薇秀 (我),林湘萍,蔡佩璇 (左到右)。Belinda Lee, Patricia Mok, Joanne Peh (me), Yvonne Lim and Cai Peixuan. (left to right).


拍了鞋子,就低镜头拍脸,哈哈,我不小心按了 zoom 所以三人好挤。Bored with the shoes, we started experimenting with unflattering low angle shots. I accidentally hit the zoom button, that's why it's so tight.


莫小玲拍我在拍我们。哈哈! Mok taking a photo of me taking a photo of us.





闹完自拍就拍别人。。。Done with self-portraits, I started playing paparazzi...


夫妻潘玲玲和黄世南。Married couple Pan Lingling and Huang Shinan.


Before I had a chance to snap pictures of everyone, it was time to be on stage. We have a huge cast, so the interviews took some time. After which, I spoke privately with a couple of reporters quickly and had to proceed to shoot some trailers and interstitial. I was paired up with none other than my lover in the show!


张耀栋。Zhang Yaodong.


我们在为《想握你的手》录预告片,你们一定要留意收看。我们没有剧本,也没有台词,不过感觉很好。不是我老王卖瓜,而是耀栋和我在一起拍了这么长的时间,默契十足。题材原创于我们,蛮好玩,希望大家会喜欢。We are doing a trailer for YOUR HAND IN MINE. It's unscripted but after filming together for so long, we've got good chemistry. It's original material from us, so I hope all of you will like it. Stay tuned!


导演在向我们解释他的概念。The producer is explaining the premise of the trailer.


我们还录了中文的圣诞祝语,说了一堆无里头的话,哈哈哈!We also recorded a Christmas trailer in Mandarin so look out for it!

My Special Dress!

I was really excited about this dress because it is a collaboration between Keith Png and I. I showed him a picture of what I like, he chose the fabrics, the colours and made it come to life. Thank you so much Keith for the beautiful dress!

I Must Have…

Every girl needs an outfit in her wardrobe that will make her feel sexy and confident. My latest fetish is with body con dresses like the one below. It is sexy without being trashy and perfect for our weather here. Just take the necessary precautions: wear a nice bling bling underpants.

More of that later.

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at AM 11.13.35

Hervé Léger Body Con Dress

The video that never made it on time

I wanted to upload this video as my tweet, but realised it was shot upside down. So after post-production, here’s the video that never made it on time. LOL.