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Wedding of the Year – Part 1

It was the Wedding of The Year as we celebrate the marriage of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, and true to its name, I was completely awed by the effort put into organising this massive wedding. As I walked to the ballroom of Shangri-La, where the wedding was held, the lobby was quiet and there were even hotel staff holding placards to another event.

I was not ready for what was to come.

If you’ve been to Shangri-La’s ballroom, you will know that there a little “runway” which leads to the ballroom where panels lined the side and hotel staff stand by each panel to greet and usher you in. Last night, that turned into the Hall of Fame. At the end of this “runway” were throngs of photographers and journalists all camped out in a nice corner, taking photos, videos and interviews of the guests who arrived. You almost can’t slip into the reception unnoticed, unless you turned up late of course.

Into the reception and recording of 《芳心有李》, a variety show dedicated to tell the story of the lovebirds right up to their wedding day, was already in progress. There were bottlenecks everywhere, and mind you, the reception area is huge! Everyone was just catching up with one another, old friends, old colleagues. I was quite overwhelmed, it’s like you see so many people you know, but you don’t have time to properly say hi to one before another familiar nudge turns you around to yet another familiar face.

The dress code for the night was glamorous. Long sweeping gowns, beautifully done-up hair and extensive jewelry display. People you meet at work who don’t normally have make-up on now look completely different with make-up and shoulder-baring dresses. It was a gorgeous night to celebrate the union of a gorgeous couple.

I have over 40 pictures to share, but right now, I can only show some as I edit and compile the rest of it in the next entry. Look out for it!


Keith Png and I. Can you see the crowd in the back?


Christopher, Kyle and me.


Christina aka Kyle's mom, and I.


Jessica, me, Yahui and Andie


The ballroom was transformed into a rather magical land. Regardless of what the intended theme was, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.


These table decorations remind me of the magical woods. Something out of an Enid Blyton book when I was a kid.


The newly-weds. With so many people crowding around them at each time, we get a better view from the two large screens placed on each end of the ballroom.


"Half-time", we got out of the ballroom for a breather. Here's Jesseca and I.


They have a standee of them! With so many guests invited, those who didn't get a chance to pose for a picture with the real couple had an alternative. Haha! Reminds me of the caricatures from their movie THE WEDDING GAME, except this one looks more like them!


Here's a group of people who work long and hard, behind the scenes, on a typical work day in MediaCorp.


Justin's the stylist for my long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. He gets me the beautiful clothes you see me wear on television for the drama.


Josh Bryan Ho, friend and regular make-up artiste.


Ryan Yap, the man behind many celebrities' hair at Passion.


She wishes to remain anonymous.


Joan from the make-up unit.


Lebon, freelance fashion stylist.


Danny, freelance make-up artiste.


These tablets allowed guests to write their well wishes to the couple. So little space, so much to say...


之前到曼谷拍 《亚洲时尚风》,去了3天就得赶回来拍《想握你的手》的trailer。



I was in Bangkok shooting FASHION ASIA for Channel U and returned home to shoot the trailer for the current long drama I'm working on titled YOUR HAND IN MINE. The four of us (Paige, Shaun, Pierre and I) had a picnic under the hot sun, and yet the real stars of the show weren't us! Guess who?


As you can tell, there was no shade available anywhere near us.


Thankfully I've got my huge umbrella and Pierre has got his portable battery-operated fan. The fan in my hand was provided by the production team.


The sound guy getting a nice tan...


We were filming at a beautiful open space, somewhere in Potong Pasir. I suspect it'd be nice and warm in the evening, but the late morning/noon sun was merciless.


Cameraman and his assistant. This trailer is shot by an outside crew who does commercial jobs, not the usual people we work with on our drama.


The different lenses used for different shot sizes. The box makes this look like it's some top secret ammunition prop in a thriller movie! Our drama camera crew aren't so lucky to have these available for them so that's why I've never seen them.


Our pillar of strength. Hence I took this low angle shot of him to make him look larger than life. Without him, we'd all have been baked! Thank you for shielding us!!


Taking a break from the sun. We even have chairs and cold drinks provided for us, that's very thoughtful. 🙂 Thanks!


Pierre doing his thing for the blue screen.


The back of our make-up artiste's head is so interesting, Shaun takes a temporary backseat in this picture.


Why is Paige being the assistant here? Ah hah, you got to catch the trailer to find out!


The wind keeps blowing the hair into my face. The nice thing is that we've got someone to see to that. 🙂


The fun thing about blue screen is, we never really know what we have behind us, because the effects are keyed in during post production. If you want to look like you've got the invisible cloak on, just wear something in a similar shade of blue, and watch yourself disappear on screen!


Stars of the trailer?


Not quite...because...


Ta-dah...these were the real stars of the trailer! Let's call them "Uno" and "Deux". LOL!! Want to find out why, remember to stay tuned to Channel 8 for our trailer! 🙂

是的,这两只乌龟才是主角,想知道为什么吗?记得留意八频道,收看我们的 trailer 哦!哈哈。。。!

How to glam up T-shirt and Jeans

Distressed Denim

Ashley Isham Spring / Summer 2010

I remembered when I entered college, there was no one else wearing the same uniform as I was because most of my secondary school mates went to another college instead. While everything was new and exciting, being seventeen and being alone was awkward and uncomfortable. So when I accidentally bump into an ex-school mate in the canteen, there was an immediate connection.

It doesn’t only apply to going to a new school, sometimes traveling alone or being posted overseas for a job position, there’s always a sense of ease and comfort when you encounter something or someone familiar as you assimilate in the new environment.

That was how I felt when Ashley Isham’s name popped up amongst all the designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2010 collections in the London Fashion Week 2009. It was such a breath of fresh, homely air. He’s the only Singaporean designer who has made it to the international fashion scene.

This is fact, not flattery designed to sell.

With Anna Wintour making her appearance for London Fashion Week, Ashley is a big deal and as Singaporeans, we should be supportive and proud of his work.


It must be exciting being a designer with your own runway show. You get to audition the models, pick the music, the choreographer, decide on the hair and make-up and have all your designs on paper spring to life on the runway, right?


That’s romanticising fashion week.

Ashley who is currently on his way to Paris to prepare for Paris Fashion Week is hardly breezing through the cities, clothes in one hand, champagne in the other. He will be showcasing on the same platform as big-wig designers for major brands like Burberry and the like. Now that must be stressful.  Having said that, his current Spring/Summer 2010 collection is worth killing some brain cells over. He has drawn from an ancient culture, then combined with his draping methods, created modern dresses that are elegant and romantic through the ages. Check out my favourites:


I think designers must always be inebriated, either that, or they have activated some part of their brain that the rest of us leaves untouched. How else are they able to find inspiration for the clothes they design one season after another?


Ashley said his current collection was inspired by the Ottoman Empire, which is the longest empire that at the height of its power (16th–17th century), spanned three continents. I did a bit of Googling and found that women in those times were covered up but still allowed the natural curves of their body to show. The clothes were colourful and often layered on. The women had elaborate hair adornments and didn’t seem to wear much jewellery, most of it were embellished on the clothing.

These tiny cluster pearl embellishments that adorn Ashley Isham's dresses were inspired by the Ottoman Empire.

These tiny cluster pearl embellishments that adorn Ashley Isham's dresses were inspired by the Ottoman Empire.

He also drew inspiration from the tiles of the famous Blue Mosque.

He also drew inspiration from the tiles of the famous Blue Mosque.

I've never been to Turkey, but seeing how magnificient the Blue Mosque is, I wish I could see it for myself! It's gorgeous!

I've never been to Turkey, but seeing how magnificient the Blue Mosque is, I wish I could see it for myself! It's gorgeous!

The tiles from the Blue Mosque. I love the shades of blue, it reminds me of a Mediterranean holiday!

The tiles from the Blue Mosque. I love the shades of blue, it reminds me of a Mediterranean holiday!

I didn’t know if women back in those days put on make-up but Ashley told me that eyes are very important for an Ottoman woman. Actually, I think not just to Ottoman women but women in general. I agree that our eyes are the windows through our souls so if there’s any part of our face that needs make-up the most, I would say the eyes.

There is a Middle Eastern mystique with the particular shade of gold eyeshadow used that is not over-the-top, and complements his outfits very well.

Ashley worked with Sharon Dowsett, the head of Chanel make-up, to create the gilded eye for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Ashley worked with Sharon Dowsett, the head of Chanel make-up, to create the gilded eye for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Behind-the-Scenes to Her World Oct 2009

最新一期的 HER WORLD 已经出版了。几个月前,我们大伙儿到 Marine Barrage 拍封面。艳阳高照,我汗流浃背,服装都黏着身子,好担心在穿的时候会把布料扯破。每换一套就得花一段时间让自己凉爽些才能把衣服换掉,要不然它就是紧贴着身子。哈哈,流了那么多汗水,希望大家能多多支持这期的 HER WORLD.


We are gathered at Marina Barrage for the cover shoot of Her World October 2009 issue. This is the outfit for the cover picture. Stylist Johnny is pinning the back of the outfit to give me a bit more shape.


The Doramon battery-operated fan and colourful umbrella don't quite go with the vogue look. LOL


I love this outfit. It's a little gothic but yet very sexy!

Because of the fabric, this was the "coolest" outfit of them all.

Because of the fabric, this was the "coolest" outfit of them all.


David touching up my hair for a third outfit change.


All ready to go out and face the afternoon sun.


I quite like this hand-on-the-face pose. A bit more different than the rest.


This was taken by photographer Wee Khim after the job was done. The sun might be hot, but it is the sunlight that gives the pictures such gorgeous hues!


There you have it, the final product! Do grab a copy of the October issue now!

Peaked-shoulder jacket



I am in need of Balmain's peak-shoulder jacket in my wardrobe.

The peaked-shoulder jacket in Christophe Decarnin’s Balmain’s collection has gone through a couple of seasons, transforming with different fabrics, but pretty much keeping the same shape. This design evolved from the 1980s when shoulder-pads were the norm. When I was younger, my mom used to love making clothes. I remembered shoulder-pads were a must-have for most of her blouses and jackets. You may think wearing jackets regularly in our climate is ridiculous, but I beg to differ. Our malls are sometimes blasting with temperatures that simulate Spring in some countries, so I think it’s reasonable excuse to dress up.

The shape of this jacket flatters ladies with narrow or sloping shoulders and would spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit. The length of the jacket shouldn’t be too long because we don’t want to look like it’s part of a superhero-type costume. Besides, I think there’s something feminine and sexy about leaving the jacket open at the waist to draw attention those hip bones.


The look taken off the runway and onto the streets of NY.

Other than jackets, the shoulder-padded blouses worn today no longer makes you look stiff or appear like you’re trying to overcompensate for a lack of bone structure. Instead, it screams “I’m different”, “I dare to take risks”.


This look is perfect for our climate! Long sleeves to protect our arms from the harmful UV rays and shorts to keep us cool. Match it with a piece of vintage accessory and the look becomes vintage chic!

I need one of these!

Inspiration for 2010 Star Awards?

The Emmy Awards is like our Star Awards.

Now before you scoff at my audacious comparison, I’m saying so only because both are award ceremonies held for television productions. The idea is for celebrities and all invited guests to dress up, grace the red carpet, photographed, have their outfits talked about, interviewed and then party after. For Star Awards we don’t have a red carpet, nor throngs of journalists and photographers jostling one another to get pictures and interviews, but we still do get beautiful outfits borrowed, fitted, some flown in regionally, and then photographed and talked about by our local publications, all on a much smaller scale.

I love wearing beautiful clothes, but I leave styling for such major events to my stylist because I have 100% trust in him. I can devote an entire article just discussing the relationships we have with our stylists but maybe I’ll leave that for another time. The only time I get a tad uncomfortable is when more than one dress is planned for the night of Star Awards. (This year was an exception, because I never did fit for the Hervé Léger dress prior to the event, so I had no idea I was going to wear two dresses.) The reason why I’m not thrilled with the idea of wearing a dress for our opening sequence and then a different dress for every nomination in a category is because there is a lot of stress with having to change into another look within the time given for a commercial break. You never really know how you look in a full-length mirror or have time to get comfortable in the outfit before you’re hustled back to your seat and back to being oblivious as to when the cameras are going to sweep in for a reaction shot of you. It’s not exactly the best moment when you’re caught in an awkward wardrobe boo-boo on television or print.

That’s just a little bit of inside scoop I’m sharing.

I really want to talk about some of the outfits for this year’s Emmy Awards.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier

Candy immediately comes to mind when I look Drew Barrymore’s dress by Monique Lhuillier. This shade of pink might look washed out on fairer skin, but on Barrymore, it’s delectable!

Monique Lhuillier 2009 Collection

Monique Lhuillier 2009 Collection

Monique Lhuillier designs bridal gowns and I like that she creates dresses that look light and fluffy, while still giving the curves ample room to show. On the runway, the clothes moves with the body and as the ends of the dresses swish quietly, it leaves a feminine trail that is fairy-like yet self-assertive. Check out her Spring 2009 collection below.

Next on the red carpet is this Versace creation on January Jones. It reminds me of Las Vegas, poker cards and hearts. In this picture, the top part of the dress looks like a stiff cardboard but yet it doesn’t sit awkwardly on her body. In fact, I think it contrasts very well with the curve-hugging dress. It’s unique, it’s adventurous yet appropriate for the red carpet. I wish she had better-looking heels to go with it though.

January Jones in Versace

January Jones in Versace

There is something structural yet feminine in Versace Spring 2009 collection that says “don’t mess with me” and then with a flick of the long ponytail (in Donatella’s style), a girlish smile and an unmistakable impish glint in the eye that still makes this woman inviting. Everything in the collection, including the colours seem to say the same thing, like this particular shade of blue, it’s bold yet pleasing. I think she’s playing mind games!

Versace Spring 2009 Collection

Versace Spring 2009 Collection

The best dressed for this year’s Emmy Awards must be Heidi Klum. I’ve never seen a sexier and more gorgeous pregnant celebrity on a red carpet than her. Her massive belly blends in perfectly with her toned physique and tropical tan that it is so fashionable in its own category. She makes the rest of the toned, but not-pregnant celebrities look blah. This is how I want to dress and look like for Star Awards when I’m pregnant. Haha! And by then I’ll have someone paint or make a sculpture of me for keepsake.

Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Georgina and Keren, the designers of the brand Marchesa say their collection is inspired by vintage and Asian influences.Quite apparently so because in their Resort 2010 collection, the flowers and origami-inspired additions overflow. This one below is interesting because of the corset toga top and nude stockings with floral charcoal-like drawings. Kind of reminds me of one of McQueen’s resort pieces, except that instead of flowers, they are insect wings instead.

Marchesa Resort 2010 Collection

Marchesa Resort 2010 Collection

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010

POSSE with love


When I was much younger, I had no idea what getais were about. I would go along if my parents brought me. This one time was memorable. The stage was set up just under my block, and I vaguely remembered it didn’t have a huge set-up, or singers with elaborate costumes like those I saw in the movie “881”. Maybe it wasn’t that profitable in my area. Whatever it was, they ran out of gigs for the night and the emcee decided to open the stage to the public for anyone who would like to go up and sing. My parents egged me on. Partly because they’d heard me sing karaoke at home regularly to the oldies they bought, and partly because I think my dad wanted to have fun with me. In retrospect, he said he didn’t think I would do it. I must have been about 10, 11 or 12 years old.

I’m no stranger to performing on stage, because I’ve always been part of school acts since kindergarten. In primary school, I even came up with cheesy choreography to Disney theme songs and performed with my classmates to the entire school on special occasions. But I’ve never sung on stage before. Still it didn’t bother me and I didn’t think it was going to be any different from what I’d done before. I bravely asked the music guy if he had my favourite song, and he did. Oblivious to how I would sound, or what people would think, I went on stage, dressed in T-shirt and shorts and slippers, and sang 《我这样爱你到底对不对》(Is it right for me to love you?). Come to think of it, it must have looked quite funny, a little girl singing an adult love song!  But there was absolutely no pressure, and thankfully also no boos that night.

Thinking back to those days, it seems like growing up somehow destroyed that part of me that would just go ahead and do something without worrying about other people’s judgements. I never really had stage fright, but now as an adult the stakes are higher. Every public performance is fraught with concerns from everyone involved and inevitable stress arises. So much so that it can take away the fun of entertaining.

It’s been many years since that maiden stage singing experience, so naturally I was scared out of my wits for last weekend’s performance for POSSE at Plaza Singapura. You might think that after so many years of being in this industry, such performances are nothing unusual, I’m telling you, experience doesn’t make it any less unnerving. For many years, I’ve had more people discourage me from public singing than prod me supportively like my parents did back then. Discouragement breeds fear and insecurity. Maybe it’s in our Asian culture not to “lose face”, but the obsession with preserving “face” comes at the expense of shattering personal confidence.

When I went to see my teacher, my cracked confidence showed in my performance. I was too afraid and couldn’t simply let go and trust my own voice. She had to tell me not to beat myself up based on demoralising comments given to me by people who weren’t necessarily in a better position to comment. It sounded a bit harsh when I first heard it, but that’s the kind of person she is. She won’t leave me any mercy if it is the truth. I was reminded once again to be discerning to what others say. The odds will always be against us, but it is what we make of it.

Last Saturday, I went up on stage and sang “Love Story”, in spite of much deterrence. I am almost relieved to have gone ahead with it. I want to be true to the people who were there to support me and it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t pitch perfect (I’m not trying to sell albums here), because I know I gave my best.

Sure, there will always be room for improvement. That way, we all have something to look forward to next time. 🙂


Jolliteers with the lighted board while I was on stage with Freaky Z, Young and Daniel Ong. Thank you all for coming so early. And Suet for flying all the way from KL.


With the first prize winners of the BFF Picture contest.


Singing "Love Story"


Celebrating Minister’s Birthday

Yesterday (Sept 13) was Minister George Yeo’s birthday, and we managed to have an early celebration with him on Friday over a simple dinner.


Interesting "cake". It's apple strudel!


I don't know what's the actual age of our Minister of Foreign Affairs. The three candles hardly say anything. Hmm...


Making the first "official" cut. The special dates seen in the lower right hand corner was a gift Minister received from Saudi Arabia. It's sweetened and has almond seeds in place of the actual seed in the middle.


This looks yummy doesn't it?


Jack, Minister and I. The rest acted as our photographers. 🙂 Thank you all for the wonderful hospitality and delicious local fare.


今天是9月9日2009年 。除了很多新人选择在这一天注册之外呢,也是这部动画片的上映日期。 新加坡好像没有把这部动画片带进来,不过让我们大家一块欣赏吧!

Today is 09.09.2009, and I found an animated movie that is scheduled to be released today, not in Singapore though, but looks pretty interesting. Check it out!