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入围亚洲电视大奖 -- 开心!!



I’m a Maneater


In tonight's episode of YOUR HAND IN MINE (Episode 15), my character suffering from claustrophobia, bit into Yaodong's arm in a moment fear and panic. If you thought it was a fake bite, it wasn't, the director wanted me to do it for real. The marks are testimony to my "vicious attack". Actually, it's also because we had to do many takes.

Poor Yaodong!

eBay Scam

Many people have been curious about my purse purchase from eBay. There’s no better way to find the answers to your questions by doing your own research.  To find out what’s the average price people are paying for similar items, I suggest a search for the item on the completed listings.

Meanwhile I want to share with everyone my experience with a seller on eBay. There was one particular listing for a similar bag at around £700 (S$1608) that was in brand new condition and someone had already bidded on it. I wrote to the seller to enquire about combined shipping. The next day, the listing was gone. I was told by a friend who used to sell on eBay that some sellers are willing to close the deal outside of eBAY because that way they don’t have to pay eBay commission, so I thought this might be it. The bag was sold. Someone got it at a steal.

Several days later, I did another search and found a listing that was exactly the same, under a different seller’s name (both were power sellers with many many stars and ratings). Again I wrote to the seller and this time, he was willing to communicate with me. In the first email he wanted to close the deal immediately but I had some questions regarding the material of the purse. He answered me and even offered to send pictures of other purses available. He claimed that he had previous buyers from Singapore and that he is looking for an agent to sell the pre-owned purses. I wondered where he got his large stock from (since these are expensive purses we are talking about) but instead of answering my question regarding its origin and authenticity, he kept pushing me to close the deal and asked if I was still interested. When I repeated my question again, his response was “I guess you’re not interested anymore. Thank you for your time”. I never found out where he got his products from and if they were authentic.

Sounds like a scammer to me.

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide the seller’s listed name because on both occasions, they were different and once the listings are removed, they are nowhere to be found, even on my watchlist.

So buyers please beware. When something sounds too good to be true, it just might be. You want to follow a particular seller for a while before you commit to buying. It is best to communicate with him/her to find out where the product is from, why the seller is selling it and ask for additional pictures if you like, so you get an idea if the person is sincere or if it’s all just a fraud. Aside from the seller’s ratings, check their other items on sale and completed listings to see if they were legitimate sales.

Good luck!

Something gone bad

Just for laughs. The usual gang up to no good. Oops.

Custom made Sunglasses

I love tortoiseshell frames for its classic look and vintage feel but the ones I found that fit comfortably on my nose bridge cost over $400 (gasp!) while finding a pair of genuine vintage ones that fit might not be easy. So if like me, you are looking for specific type of frame as your sunglasses, you might want to consider getting them “custom-made” instead. From $99 onwards at Queensway (second pic).

1. Choose the frame

2. Choose the lens (colour, tint, with UV protection)

3. Get your custom-made sunglass in 2 days!

Why buy a hunting backpack?

With the help of Pierre Png, I managed to do this little video review of a hunting bag. Been searching Youtube for videos of similar backpacks but couldn’t find any. I didn’t know they exist till I saw it on Pierre, who saw it on Xing Ang, who saw it on Celeste. They probably bought the only ones in Singapore! I don’t know where you can get them, so if anyone does, please share! Meanwhile, enjoy this!

Remote-controlled baby

Saw this piece of news floating around the Internet and thought to myself: What happened to the good old days of baby dolls that blink and make a crying sound when you overturn it?

I mean if you think those were creepy (Child’s Play), what about this?

Wii Babies

This game comes with a baby doll with a slot in its back for the Wii remote, which allows the doll to react “by giggling, gurgling or crying through the Wii remote [speaker].” With Balance Board support, you can also “rock baby to sleep, burp baby, [and] teach baby to walk.” There will be 10 “Baby Mode” games such as “feed baby” and “send baby to sleep,” and 8 “Play Mode” games such as “rattle, catch, clap & balloons.”