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Of Toys and War

Missed a couple of entries. Sorry about that. Been having quite a bit of fun lately, although hours are long. Thinking on the bright side, I’ve got about another 2 more weeks to go before the show wraps. Time really flies!

My soft spot for big huggable soft toys

My first time having body paint on my face. I think I look like a warrior!!

Meaning of Joanne

Hmm…how true??

Anyhow Whack!

Today after work, I went to a music school to learn how to play the drum set for my new drama. Actually, the scene required me to vent my frustration, so anyhow whack also can. *heehee* It’s my first time playing the drum set cos’ I had some trouble coordinating the foot and hand work! So clumsy!!

Still, I had fun! And it reminded me of those days when I used to take piano lessons at a music school. If only I have time…I would like to pick up classical piano again.

Long Day

Xiaoman got promoted!!!
No lah, I wasn’t busy saving lives today. *heehee*
It’s how we have to dress in order to visit someone in the ICU. Part of my new drama.
Honestly, I can’t imagine how doctors put on the mask and talk to patients, nurses, family members, fellow colleagues, because I kept choking on my own breath! And I don’t like the smell of rubber gloves on my hands…ewww…

Some of you commented that I looked bothered at the roadshow today. Thank you for your concern, ok, I confess, I was very tired. My day started at 5am this morning and I only slept at about 1am. Then at the hospital, it was a typical crying scene. So if I didn’t look my best, it’s due purely to fatigue. Nonetheless, it was good to see everyone and my apologies if I didn’t manage to sign for and shake hands with everyone, cos’ the venue was too congested and I was quite disoriented. Hope we’ll get another chance to some other time.

Now time to sleep. Another long day tomorrow.

P.S. A big hug to all who came for me today! Love ya!


2 weeks ago i was filming at Toy’s’rus at Vivocity and saw this adorable battery-operated piggy. When you turn it on, it will walk towards you, stop, wiggle its nose and snort.
It makes me smile because it’s sooooo cute!!!

Exercise is good

Went to shoot for iWeekly today.
It’s a small feature featuring some exercises you can do. I’m not sure which issue it’ll be coming out. Heard it’s probably in 2 weeks time.

Having a good stretch…

I Miss Tokyo!

In Harajuku, Tokyo last October

I Want New Template!

I know I know, my blog is very standard and boring…
Sorry sorry, I really want to find some nice template and give this blog a new look so you all won’t get sick of reading me write. :p

But right now I’m really too preoccupied with filming my new drama, and I really need all the concentration, cos’ this time round got to make sure there’s some improvement in my acting.


Getting Started

Finally, the blog is up, but there’s only one entry! *oops* Sorry, I have been busy filming my new drama so I didn’t have time to update any decent entries. I’m hoping to post more pictures, otherwise it’d be so boring to read me write and write and write…•heehee•

Nowadays, I take most pictures with my phone and because I’m using a 5-year-old Mac iBook (which doesn’t have Bluetooth function), I can’t transfer the pictures over. I have been looking for this adapter thing but I think they’re phasing it out cos’ all the new Apple computers have them inbuilt. 😦 I don’t really want to spend money buying a new computer, but mine is seriously getting outdated. No Bluetooth, no DVD-burner plus my battery is dead (it drains out in like 10 minutes).

Aiyo, maybe it’s time to change..hmm…

I’m actually not a very IT person…all the technical configurations and what-not are so confusing, that’s why I don’t keep up with the latest, newest, fastest gadgets. But cannot be 井底蛙 so better start hoping and learning!