Contact Info |联络方式

(Ms) Carol Har

Attention: Joanne Peh
Artiste Management Division
MediaCorp Studios Pte Ltd
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road
East Wing Building Level 3
Singapore 299939


171 responses to “Contact Info |联络方式

  1. so you don’t have msn???

  2. Ok!i will contact u through those method!besides,i hope joanne can reply me!TQ!

  3. hey joanne, mind linking me? thanks. remember to tag me! haha

  4. HI =D

    I would like to know what is the software that you are using to make comments on every photo.

  5. i see…you seldoom update this blog nowadays

  6. hi,Joanne…
    how r u recently? nice to meet u oh!!!

    • i am a man that is in love with life especially all the simple things that are not material things and that are part of life itself, like watching a sunrise and the sunset, the laughter of children, the feel of sand under your feet and rain drops on your face, the feel of potting soil on your hands and watching the process of a flower being me

  7. hi joanne, looking forward to your show, the 180 episodes show. Jia You..

  8. hi joanne, i’ve sent an email to you last 2 weeks. but you didnt reply me. are you very busy?

  9. congratulation on getting best main lead actress in the star awards… =p

  10. congrats!
    little nonya rocks!

  11. congratulations for being crowned as best actress!i’m a filipina who admires u most on tv.i like the way u smile.keep up the good work!

  12. Hi,
    congrats for winning the Best actress awards. Hope to see ur new drama soon:)

  13. Hello Joanne. Please link me & tag my class blog. Some of my classmates love you so much! 😀

  14. so……hv u msn……o r…… is scret…ahahahha….^^

  15. Do u have msn?

  16. 薇秀姐姐

  17. HI Joanne,
    i have link you! and if u hv free time i hope you can tag me…my family very love you also!

  18. Hi . I Loves Your Little Nyonya Show . It’s great ! I keep watching it over & over again . Super Nice 😀

  19. Hi Joanne,
    i Love ur Little Noyna show. It’s nice!! I watch it 12 times liao!!! I love ur acting-_- ^^Very Good!!

  20. I want to watch more of ur acting hehehaha….

  21. hi joannepeh
    do u know xiaoyang MSN
    i mean daiyangtian msn

  22. hey joanne
    just wanna noe wat is ur next series???
    reali hope dat u will be da main actress…
    u can do it…
    jia you k…

  23. Daniel Cheong

    hello.. i never watch sg drama.. but recently watch your 球爱大战. You really acted by well.. Jia you!!

  24. i wan 2 watch u show sm more when u go shoot again ar i mean aiya something like that la i no gd a my chinese

  25. if can, i love 2 date with u n yangtian that is my wish

  26. Joanne, so can i add you in my hotmail? Then i send you email? If only i have something to ask you?.. 🙂

  27. u didnt get a chance 2 watch ur show le.the 2 day 1,WHN PRINCESS MEET A PRINCE,i nvr watch cause i go church sad sia like vry nice 2 watch le.

  28. hello joanne !! im your idol ! is Constance Goh your cousin ? im her friend .

  29. hi你好joanne jie2 can u pls make a msn so we can chat easier

  30. Nice blog! Keep updating abt your news! 🙂

  31. wa school give me so many homework lo

  32. So I can e-mail you la huhs? Cos I remember that last time your e-mail is being spam or … Maybe I remember wrong. So can I e-mail to you anot?

  33. Hi joanne jie jie,
    you like very busy, anyway jia you!!! ;D

  34. 呵呵
    我会写给你的哦…..ANWAY TAKE CARE

  35. Hi joanne jie jie,
    Does jeannette aw have a blog?


  36. Cheryl to Rachel

    Jeanette have a blog, 🙂 Enjoy viewing. 🙂

  37. Hi Joanne!! You’re the most pretty female artist in mediacorp! haha!

  38. omg!!!!!!
    a nice msg….. joanne i think he must be ur fan for a long time

  39. Hey joanne!
    really love your acting alot! ❤
    and was a nice variety show too!
    love your hosting as well!
    Take care and 加油!

  40. Hi Joanne Jie-Jie!

    So I shall e-mail you in lahs! Hope to see your reply! 🙂

  41. hi joanne peh…. i have been wanted to get closer to you… i just like ur personality… very very natural…. i am sso surprise that you have blog… it’s sooo great to get to know ur blog…. i big fan of u since my school days… always looking forward for the dramas u acted…. especially the NYONYA.. all the best wishes for you… hopefully can get to know you better through ur blog….

    all the best wishes….

  42. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, Do u have any upcoming Drama or

  43. So can I e-mail you by sending an e-mail to ? If can, pls reply. 🙂 Thanks!

  44. great idea! but the problem is,is she taking any shoot if yes then she mayb no time see coz she so long nvr write any msg lo,so mayb she bez taking shoot,so must wait untill she write some msg first lo then u try 1more time,or u can do it anytime if u like but if she nvr reply mean bez,that means that will test ur luck,so jyjy

  45. hey!!
    u don’t have msn??
    how about friendster??

  46. Joanne Pehh <3333

    When can u online on facebook ?!?!?!?
    i have been waiting for yearss !!

  47. 你好啊~

  48. okay. i will contact u thru

  49. Hello Joanne Jiejie.
    You are 1 of my idol 😀
    I love the show “A life of Hope”
    You acted very good. And very sad 😦

    Is it hard to be a actress in Singapore? 🙂
    Coz when i grow up, after graduating in USA, i am planning to come back to Singapore to be a actress 🙂 heehee. Hope you can reply me back! x3

  50. 你好, 我叫 Chu Yen , 我 love your blog!

  51. 第124集-安平陪怡婷到空旷的公园放风筝,不料在怡婷脚痛时遇上倾盘大雨,安平只好背着怡婷赶回家。怡婷得悉安平十分关心她的健康,心里感动。 第125集-春华把房子卖掉筹得巨款,替多丽与曼娜提前解约,因为她已把多丽当着是自己的未来媳妇,多丽和安平都很感动。

    Guess what show is this,hahas1

  52. Hi Joanna,

    It’s yr first time to write down this!I have been reading yr blog,facebook and etc…It’s not bad. You act very well…in Little Nyona. You loves to go outdoor activites abt interview.You are very busy with work in yr filming…


  53. Hi Joanne, do u have gmail? Is it mostly u use yahoo mail 🙂

    Cheers: Debbie 🙂

  54. hi joanne,

  55. halo!!请问你有玩facebook的吗???

  56. 我好喜欢你哦白薇秀姐姐。你演戏真的是很好看。我一家人都很喜欢你。 希望你的事业能够顺利。希望你越来越美, 越来越红哦!! 我们会在你身边支持你的。你一定要加油哦!永远支持你的粉丝,
    zolene chan<3

  57. i like watching your show

  58. 请问你是什么宗教的?

  59. hi…i love n admire u alot..
    big fan of yrs 2..

  60. hi joanne
    i will mail something to you soon!

  61. Hello Joanne,

    I am looking forward to see your long series
    drama. It’s the most popular here. I am Vy, Sopheavy LEV, from Cambodia.
    I also send to your gmail. Hope you will check it.

  62. “I do not engage in direct chat…”

    Euphemism for “private video chat”?? Hahahaha….

  63. Hi Joanne,

    I am not very sure this is the right place to send you my sincere thanks for directing my inquiries about Mediacorp drama series to the right channel.

    I received a reply from Adelene Koh today which has offered me much pleasure in following up with the merchandising distributors listed and wow, a long list of enchanting movies/drama series. 🙂

    Once again, many thanks and you are a real Angel. 🙂

  64. Hi Joanne,

    Is there any chance I can see you in person in this life?
    You are very beautiful.

  65. i had sent u an email i really hope u can dive me a call as i have something to ask u

  66. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Incidentally, I have just received an email from Her World magazine subscription officer, Elynn Koh. She gave me ample information on how to subscribe on-line. I thought Sg $344 for 12 issues are a bit costly, don’t you think? How much is a copy in Singapore? Just curious.

    Well, I might just try out the October issue first before I decide on whether or not to take up annual subscription.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. Much appreciated. 🙂

  67. hi, joanne…
    i truly admire on you beauty look!
    hope to hear more on your sharing about cosmetic & skincare you use…

  68. Totally second that Pierre is a gentlemen – he helps whenever he could without asking for any returns.

    Its been months since i last seen him, totally anticipating for that 180 episodes to come. 😀

  69. Hi Joanne,

    I like the Toga dress that you wore to Chris/Fann’s wedding. Understood that you baught it in KL. Can you tell me which boutique in KL please?


  70. Hi Joanne,

    Guess what, a pleasant surprise awaiting me at my front door step this morning and that was October issue Her World magazine sent by one of my colleagues who is having her vacation in Singapore. I am truly ecstatic!

    Got to go to work now. Will keep you posted with my verdict. 🙂

  71. Joanne!Jiayou for the upcoming shows!
    Do take care of your health!:D

  72. HI!~JOanne!~~
    i’m so happy when i knwn this website!
    i like you so much!
    *hope you will healthy !*
    hope you will add me!!!!

  73. JOAnne PEH:

    你好吗??? 最近都在忙什么丫?你越变越美了哦!有什么保养的秘诀吗?可以教我吗?O(∩_∩)O~

    Take care ooo!!! ^^

  74. Thanks for making an effort to connect with your fans through facebook and twitter. It’s really nice of you. (:

  75. u sure is happy to have so many fans…^^
    i love your acting. Looking forward for more!

  76. Hi Joanne,
    When will you new show start?

  77. HELLO! I’m a fan of u !

  78. Hahaha !!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GO MY BLOG 🙂

  79. NIGEL want hello joanne peh jiejie

  80. Ok, i have added you . Joanne Jiejie ((:
    Accept my add soon, please (:

  81. Dear Joanne,

    May I have a little heartfelt request? Is it possible for your publicist to organize you a short visit to either an orphanage or hospital to visit the underprivileged and sick children just before Xmas? This no doubt will lift their spirits up to see their iconic idol.

    With thanks in advance. 🙂

    Shirley Moran.

  82. Joanne , Can you follow my twitter ? Thanks =)

  83. hey Joanne! just wondering which japanese website did you get your chanel bag from?

  84. hey Joanne,
    I’m erin from malaysia.I’ve made a picture for u. I hope u can see it.Where can i sent it to u? Anyway, i love u! take care.

    p/s: sorry for my bad english! 🙂

  85. Hi Joanne,

    I have just received news that you and Pierre Ng have been nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor for the upcoming Asian Film Fest.

    Congratulations and I sincerely pray that you both will scoop the accolades on that night. 🙂

  86. i have a friend who looks like you.
    you’re prettier of course. looking forward to your new drama. (=

  87. Hi Joanne Jiejie,

    I have received a news that you and Pierre Ng have been nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor for the upcoming Asian Film Fest.

    Congratulations !!
    Hope to see you on others new shows ((:
    Muacks !:D

  88. your acting is very real and original =)
    love it. especially in the little nyonya series.

  89. hi joanne jie jie,i love your acting very much especially in little nyonya..i even bought the disc and watch it everyday after school ,ur fans always

  90. new show on channel 8, wonder what is like to work with with calvin soh and act as his sister role

  91. Hi, Joanne.

    All the best in your career. You’re a really awesome actress! May God bless you all the time.

    p/s: May I know what camera do you use? U have great pics on your blog!

  92. Hello! I really like your blog and you have great writing skills! Your blog posts helped me learn new interesting stuff and its really useful!
    Moreover you are a great actress!
    All the best to you too!

  93. Hi! joanne,
    I’ve only started reading your blog recently and kinda like it. Love those fashion posts! Continue with them:) You’re a really awesome actress!:)

  94. 薇秀,很高兴能来到妳的部落格留言:)

  95. 你好,首次来拜访!



  96. Hi , joanne i really like your acting !

  97. Hello Joanne =D seriously a bigbig fan of urs =D! mind tagging me thanks alot =D

    Always support you !!!!

  98. i am a personal wellness coah. may i tell you more details about 21st Healthy breakfast

  99. I like your show. You can contact me at

  100. saw you the other guess you were busy.anyway it is interesting on how you reply and read through each message.not an easy job yeah..well woulnt wanna say too much here otherwise everone will be reading my comment.see you arouund babes..

  101. You are a great actress. (:
    May 2010 be a nice year for you.
    Takecare & all the best.

  102. Hello Joanne Jiejie,
    Cant wait for tomorrow’s carlsberg show tomorrow. 😀 Iam looking forward to every show of yours. Your my best & great fan. Jiayous in everyshow you act, do your best! I will always support you! (:

    With Loves,
    LI QIN.

  103. Hello Joanne Jiejie,
    watching the show now. 😀 So funny! Hiphop lion dance. 😛 The way you dance so cute, hehe. Oh yeah, you play the drum so cool. xD One day teach me yeah? Haha, joking! Oh btw, whats your height? You look very tall. 😀 Hope you reply me asap! 😀
    Love youuuus.

    With love,
    LI QIN.

  104. I was wondering how come some of the posts you posted in english & some in chinese?=D

  105. hi joanne,last time i had sent a new year card to u through ur e-mail…
    did u recieve it?
    i also have enjoy ur new n nice drama’ur hand in my mind’at malaysia here…

  106. Hi Joanne,

    Had recently taken notice of your acting and see lots of improvement, congratulations. Well, actually was hoping that you will find love locally (maybe the next F&C, will be you and ??). You are a nice girl and more suitable to have local BF. Believe there is someone rite and waiting for you.

  107. i love u on your hand in mine.


  108. is it you love Dr Yeah or you divorce him?

    pls reply

  109. Hi Joanne jie,

    Please fill us in on your next project / drama. What will you be working next after YHIM ? Yearning for your performance on drama or movie, as your acting had deffinately highten.

  110. Hi Joanne,
    How are you.
    Me from Thailand

  111. Joanne! ^^ You won for the most favourite female actress yeah? Haha, i was jumping up & down when i heard you name. I was soo soo happy! You’re always be my best IDOL! ^^ Hehe. Love ya always, ♥

  112. hi.My sister nane is jOANNE LUI

  113. you arealways my best idol!

  114. Million congrats Joanne Jie,

    2 awards thats awesome. Both of the outfit you pick for the awards ceremony were divne gorgeous. Hope to see more of your show.


  115. Hi, i like you very much ( as a idol) ….Your acting skill is very very good. Hope you do well in everything ..continue to 加油. And i want to tell you the date of my birthday is same as you if i not wrong .

  116. hi joanne wish i can hav a real chat wif u 😀
    u can my blog 2 no me 😀 leave a message before u leave!
    hope we can be frens :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  117. hope u c my message! 🙂

  118. hey how are you.

  119. Hi joanne how are you doing recently take care of yourself ok i like to say to that i couldn’t go medicorp to support you because falling sick so what will latest new drama name can you tell me please and once congrats to won mediacorp darie awards and best female awards i very happy for you me and bf will always suports you ok that’s hope reply me asap thnks
    yours biggest fan

  120. Hi Joanne !!
    I really like you very very much .
    You looks so pretty
    How i wish can chat/talk to you 😀
    I LOVE YOU ❤

  121. Btw , i hope you can reply me ASAP 😀
    I really like you very much , you know 😀
    HAiz ! i wish can talk to you ):

  122. Hi joanpeh!!!How are u?Please reply me.

  123. Hi Joanne,

    How are you???
    can you give me your e-mail?
    I want to e-mail you.

  124. hi! i love your acting so much. It is you are the 1 who makes me think that if i grow up i would like to become an actor so that can be u like that. i love to watch the litle nyonya u are acting. why u can act so well? got any yhing special that u did not tell out or not? can tell me?



  126. u are really sexy and soo nice. good at acting if when i grow up i wish i would be u like that nice and prety.

  127. Hi Joanne, i e-mailed you few days ago and haven’t receive your reply yet. Are you busy this few days? If you’re busy then nvm. No hurry on the reply:)


  128. how do you manage to maintain your figure?? you are awesome 🙂 jiayou.

  129. John Bloodworth

    Wow, best celebrity blog! Congratulations.

  130. Hey Joanne. I’m just random here. Nice blog you have. i’m a fan of yours too! love your acting and singing. However do mediacorp have any vacancy for actress? When i grow up, i want to be a actress, and have a own band. This is awesome. If i have a chance, please email me. ty. i will be looking forward to it. My 3 other friends also want to join mediacorp. please keep my informed!!
    I lovw korea btw! L0l

  131. Your industry requires considerable amount of energy and will to sustain. I believe, at present, you are near your maximum potential, and if you slow on personal development, things might get a little unpleasant.

    Pick up some books that Arnold Mindell had written over Amazon. You might find them useful.

  132. the shows that you have acted in are quite nice……………….my family enjoys watching your tv shows…………………………….

  133. Dearest Joanne,
    I love your acting and your personality. I’m one of your BIGGEST FAN!!! How I wished I can have your autograph….

  134. Hi Joanne,
    You did a good job in your career and blog. I love the way you write and express yourself. Seldom celebrity will do that. Hahaha.. oops..
    I don’t really like to read blogs as i’m pretty busy too but i was attracted to your writing when i happen to see your blog add. Keep it up, you will have my support from now!!!

    Can i ask u a question about travelling since you travelled alot?

    Do you have any nice place for relaxing to introduce to me? I can’t seem to find one nice place to relax during my freetime or weekend!! I love travels alot, don’t really want to waste my precious time at home sleeping. Hahahaha..

    Hope i can hear from you. Cheers~~

    Anyway, since i’m here i would like to wish everyone here including you a Happy Happy Hari Raya Puasa!!


  135. hello joanne jie jie u are my idol forever and i hate people who compare u and jenette aw

  136. Hi Joanne!
    I’m 14 this year and aspire to join mediacorp when i’m older.
    You’re truly a great actress and also an inspiration to us, younger generations.

  137. Hi,Joanna your acting is super good keep it up

  138. Hi Joanne ! I Am A Big Fan Of Yours I Am Looking Forward To Watch ‘Love In A Cab’

  139. Hello Joanne jie! Sry, I know kinda mushy, but idk how to call u. Call u jie as for basic respect. I will Email u if i’ve got any ques. But, do you know if RuiEn got gmail or wadsoever msn? Both of u are my idol! (:

  140. hi joanne, do you know jeanette aw ou xuan ? oh ya by the way my grandmother likes your white teeth she says that its so nice not like mine not so nice

  141. HI , I am a great fan of you . I had been watching your shows . You did a great job at Da Shi Jie . And i am looking forward for your new drama 乐在双城 😀
    Hope you can reply 😀

  142. Hi Joanne,

    Ohmigosh, I am a big fan of 乐在双城, and I think that you and zhang yaodong work so well together. You guys are the funniest couple! By the way, I heard from my personal trainer that you frequently visit the same gym as I do! If I may ask, is it the True Fitness branch in Great World City? I really want to meet you! 🙂

  143. Hi,joanne can you give me your contact number.And I like your Huang Yu Zhu at little nyonya.

  144. Hi Joanne…i ♥ to read ur blof updates…can update more…photos pls…♥

  145. Hello!!:)
    Can I ask you something? How did you manage to join mediacorp as an actress? And also? What to do if I want to be an actress or a calefare? teehee:) I love your shows, they are great!!

  146. Hi! 🙂
    i am watching the drama “A song to remember”,and i feel a need to comment something about it…IT IS PERFECT!!!The setting uses only items that is from the 30s and it really brings out the feel of it. As though the drama is really shot back in the 30s,recent dramas like little nyonya tend to use props that belongs to the modern and is very obvious and it bugs me. The chong sam is really glamorous.i like the storyline,because it focus on the life of both poor and rich and not just a household that is fighting over inheritance or taking revenge etc.

    i do hope there will more drama like this one and/or something similar ro “Stepping out”(1999 drama).How abt getting the scriptwriters to write something that suit the family or the dramas that is beneficial for the youngster?i do believe youngster these days do no appreciate what they have now!HAHA!!

  147. You seem very busy with work and stuff, GANBATTE!! 😀 My sis love you in ‘A song to remember’ by the way.

    It felt a little weird to me cause it’s so different a character than the ones you usually portray but it’s still very refreshing 🙂 Great job! plus i read an 8 days cover about you from weeks ago and i really love your positivity 🙂

  148. You have so many fans 🙂

  149. Hi Joanne I’m lyhour from Cambodia.

  150. Hi Joanne :),I Am Gina (:

    I Love You And Your Acting Very Much And Don’t Give Up Jiayou U Can Do It Want I Will Be Here To Support You 🙂

  151. Hi Joanne😊,I Am Your Fans Gina😄,And I Love Your Singing,Your Show And Your Acting Very Much Cuz It Was Too Awesome Rdy And I Will Be Forever Here Continue To Supporting You Jiayou Joanne Gogogo U Can Do It Want And I Love You Joanne Muack Muack Muack😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  152. Joanne,since your first drama at “jiu ceng gao”,you look so young and I like your act at “huo xia qu”with Elvin ng,your role is a kidney patient zhu xiao fei,your image was healthy and natural ,it was attract me to follow your drama,I specially like your act at c.l.i.f 123,the policewoman liao xingyi,很帅气很潇洒,很符合警察形象, and your sweet nyonya look in little nyonya and 唐山到南洋, special love your smile and your laugh,sweet and natural,and your makeup always light ,that”s why i like Joanne peh加油,努力诠释多方面角色,last,a best wishes to u and qiyuwu,永远幸福,永浴爱河,恩恩爱爱, Joanne,加油,always support you

  153. Hi my dearest Joanne! 最近应该很忙吧? 记得多休息啊! 期待你的新戏☆ 加油!! 永远支持你!! LOVE♡

  154. Hi Joanne jie jie,
    I love yours act in Mind games. Admiring you since that drama.
    your sincerity,

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