Unusually Hyper

The thing about me is, I’m unusually hyper when I’m tired. It’s my way of overcompensating for fatigue.

Yesterday, I was filming in an office for the long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. I don’t know if it was being cooped up in an office on a rainy day, freezing and hungry that got me derilious, or just simply the company I was with. I was very tickled by the slightest thing. Especially so when we discovered that there was a stall selling goreng pisang (fried banana) at 3 different prices. And so, here was what we did after lunch while waiting for the bus to come pick us up.

16 responses to “Unusually Hyper

  1. agree with u….sometimes when i am tired, i try to beat the tireness and not to waste the precious time by stayng awake and do own stuff thou i am so sleepy.

    btw, nice banana video….u like fried nangka?

  2. this is really quite funny as in “entertainment that fills your time” funny! 😉

  3. Look likes you are getting prettier these days. My nephew saw you at Suntec Carrefour about 6 weeks ago (I think) and he told me that you are very pretty. Well, both my nephew and niece are working at the same Millenia Tower except at different level and different company. My nephew would frequently go to Carrefour, good chance to meet celebrities there.

  4. u oso like goreng pisang arh??

  5. Hehehe… I do watch your drama series and am loving them..

    Oh btw.. It’s pisang goreng… not goreng pisang.. Kekeke.. 😉

  6. hmm.. i feel it really a stu+++ video.. waste of time..

  7. Fired banana is nice
    I like it so much!

    Support u oways!

  8. hey joanne..is pisang goreng la not goreng pisang..your grammar is wrong..(hope u dont mind i m correcting your small mistake here)..^^

  9. Ya ahlost is right. Corret Malay.
    I like that too~~

  10. OMG… so cute… Haha
    I thought the most expensive one will be the nicest…
    Finally end up to be the tasteless one… LOL

  11. Hello pweeetty!
    We call it pisang goreng(noun), goreng pisang(verb) means frying banana. I made this mistake since i was very young and thats why i can remember it until now. T__T

    Very confusing rightttt. T____T

  12. techinically speaking, yes. But according to wikipedia, it can be known as ‘goreng pisang’ as well. Didn’t know this. Been taught as ‘pisang goreng’ all along. So, Joanne’s not wrong either =)

  13. in grammar of malay language..it is known as Hukum DM(D in malay is diterangkan means is described by and M is menerangkan means describe)..like chili sauce..in malay language..it is known as sos chili..the word must b inverted..(sory..i dont really know how to explain..but this is the law..i take SPM tis year..so must master all of tis..huh..)

  14. sory..technical problem..is sos cili..not sos chili..^^

  15. 你好!我可以跟你做朋友嗎?

  16. is pisang goreng, not goreng pisang…pisang goreng mean fried banana;goreng pisang is mean frying banana…^^most of the people make this mistake

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