Dress code: Street Chic

The invitation for the Elle Awards stated the dress code to be Street Chic. My first thought was distressed jeans, oversized tee with boots. But this is Elle Awards, so I have in throw in something that merge street style with formality and high fashion. Here’s how the look was put together.


Attending Elle Awards 2009. To see my full look, check out my video in the previous entry "Elle Awards 2009 (Singapore)".


Dress code: Street Chic


I finally decided on this dress by Christopher Kane for Topshop. Lace is typically feminine but this season it's all about being edgy while still looking sexy. I like the fact that it's slightly see-through, and street style is all about taking risks and making bold choices, so I decided to be a little cheeky with my outfit.


Since the dress is slightly see-through, I chose a bling-bling underpants like this one from Topshop to add a little sparkle. It's best to keep it in the same shade, cos' otherwise, it will simply draw attention to your bum!


Why wear plain stockings when lace adds a different texture to the outfit? You can find them at Topshop or ASOS.


Suede adds another layer to the lace and leather typical of street chic. So even though black is the main colour of my look, the different material will not make me blend in from head to toe. From Topshop.


Accessories have to be chunky. In this case, I chose to wear earrings instead of bangles because I am already wearing a huge watch. Earrings by David Gan from Passion Hair Salon.


Thigh-high boots are currently my favourite piece of fashion item because they allow the hemlines to get shorter! These are from Gucci.

35 responses to “Dress code: Street Chic

  1. Hi Joanne,

    You have been wearing Toga dress quite often and no doubt, you looks good on them… Err…. is Toga dress suit for those with wide shoulder? I have been strengthen my workout recently and i realised that my shoulder is wider than before… ermm…. not a manly type ler but maybe i work on the triceps too which causes this effect eventually… So will I look weird on Toga dress?

    • Hi Waiman,

      Seems like this season, toga dresses are the rage! I can’t really answer your question because I haven’t seen your body structure.
      For me, I don’t like to conform to the style supposedly flattering for my body type because that means you restrict your choices and stop taking risks. You never know how perhaps one designer could make a style that you think you can’t carry but would actually look good on you.

      So if you’re asking for my advice, I would say it’s best to try it on and see for yourself. As long as it’s not sitting awkwardly on your body, the rest is about building confidence.

      Good luck and do share with me your experience if you do ok!


  2. I think they look great when thrown together…

  3. i lik your watch and chunky earrings! 😉 may i know where i can get them?

  4. i luv your thigh high boots too! but so sad that i cant wear those cos im of petite size.. =”(

  5. I’m from Malaysia. You are just too cool and sexy

  6. wow wow….excellent choice for the dress code …. i love the high boots … looks great on u. cannot let my wife see this else later she wants to buy ….

  7. i love ur shopping entries! haha. well, juz nice i’m going for a dinner and needed a clutch or small bag urgently. haha. thanks for ur recommendation for studs bag from top shop. loves!

  8. wei wei wei ~~~ finally found your blog ^_^ heart ur tv shows alot !!! but msia hardly can put the latest one on time =( so far beach bikini babes just finished …sigh

  9. wow i love the idea of BLING BLING undies….VERY VERY good idea 😉 really good tips. thanks Joanne!

  10. this is slightly disturbing that whenever I see pictures of you in that dress, I will always know what you’re wearing underneath O.O

    I love the watch ^_^

    • Hey Atelier Gal,

      You should check out Style magazine this month! (p.103) Reporter May Yip did a test drive of a sequined version and wore them out in the streets, AS IT IS! Technically, the label says “shorts”, but I don’t have the guts like she did, to just wear it on its own. So if you really think about it, it’s shorts underneath a dress. Don’t worry, it’s not the only thing I’m wearing. :p


      • Hey Joanne

        I’m aware of its use as the 安全裤. Just that knowing what you wear underneath the dress.. :3
        Haha! I really like the dress, especially the lace on the side, seems to be a coming trend. Did you see Ivanka Trump’s wedding dress with the lace? Really beautiful!

        Shall check out the magazine when I stop by Kino later 😀

      • Hey AtelierGal,

        Noooo, share the picture/url pleassse!


  11. Hihi Joanne, where u get the Christopher dress from?? Dont think SIngapore topshop have thAT

  12. SlavesOfFashion

    Hi babe,

    You’ve gt great style… Really love the black toga dress.. where did u get it from n may I know how much it costs? Is it still available now? Also, wanted to check with u… yr prior post on Elle SG, love the make up done by Agnes on u…. Does she provide her make-up services if Iwant to do it for a Dinner & Dance function? Where can i find her? Thnks doll!

  13. U will look great in tis outfit!

    Support u oways!

  14. u mean u get it from Topshop SIngapore? bcos i am stying in M’sia

  15. melissa miss joanne

    hey joanne jiie..
    i like ur outfit..and ur always looking very good…still very pretty yeahyeah ((((:
    anyway where to buy high-thingh boots?? how high is the heels roughly?? erm…anyway hope u remember who am i yah? its been a LONG TIME since i last saw u…anyway my exams in 3 weeks..im not exactly coping well wif the stress..anyway good tips or advise how to de-stress??
    anyway im coming back to sg on 25th nov(tentatively)
    Looking forward to ur reply…take care!!


  16. first time listen 2 your ‘love story’..the 2nd Taylor Swift.. a nice song from u..hope u hav your own album one day..^^

  17. Hi joanne,
    saw last nites episode of yr hand in mine. Was worried u’d fall down running up & down the stairs in stockings! Gosh it’s like so slippery?!? Haha liked the look on yr face when u realised yr torn stockings! 😉

    • Thanks Carren for watching. We had to literally rip it cos it just wouldn’t run!
      I hate stockings that run, ewww…

      • Hi joanne,
        stockings aren’t exactly the ‘in’ thing now rite? I mean those sheer nude colored ones. I used to wear them daily when I worked in e service industry. Noticed it’s patterned or opaque pantyhose now. Eh but I not bold enough to try them :o) Wat bout u? Yr opinion.

      • Hi Carren,

        By now you should know I don’t really care much for what’s in. Haha! I just wear what I like. Besides, style isn’t always about wearing the “in” thing. Panty hoses are actually very sexy to me, because there’s more to it than meets the eye if you know what I mean. There’s something teasing about stockings that I don’t think is appropriate to discuss here just in case there are young impressionable readers. I don’t want their parents to come after me!

        Bold, opaque ones really depends on the occasion. You also need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Stick thin models who wear funky coloured leggings are unrealistic portrays of “style”. They only serve as a huge blow to a lot of normal-sized women, because any holographic pattern on the legs just doesn’t really flatter.

        Having said that, if you’re confident enough to pull it off, heck what I say and do it. Style is about confidence. Trial and error la, you’ve got nothing to lose!


      • Hi Joanne,
        Haha! Well said gal! thks for the great advice. Ur indeed a fashion guru in my opinion! Maybe I’ll go buy some this wkend 😉 I agree stockings & pantyhose are more den Wat meets e eye. I personally think they’re sexy. I luv those ultra sheer ones. In fact I luv pairing it wif open toe strappy stilettos.  Ppl say it’s a fashion disaster but I think it’s ok if u pick those ‘transparent toe’ or ‘nude toe’ types. Dats one trick I learnt when I was working at a hotel here. In fact those I wore were sheer to waist cos I had to wear a cheongsam. Oops no prizes for guessing where I worked! Heehee 😮
        anyway thks again for e tips! Maybe I’ll do a lady gaga? Kiddin kiddin! Heehee…


  18. Well i’m a fan of yours ,and i was so envy that you can be so pretty , slim & good in acting . well pardon me asking you how to be slim & fit ? As i am going to make a new shirt for cousin big event . i need to get my figure back ): like how to get rid of fats on my tummy & butt ? .. jIAYOUS for your furture show (: WIll be there to support you 😀

  19. Hello Joanne Jie Jie!
    I am Serene.I really like uor acting.
    U are very pretty.

  20. Hi, may I know where your huge watch is from?
    Thanks! 🙂

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