No bling for Award Dinner

The Nuffnang Awards was over 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t had time to sort out the pictures and edit the video of the night.

It was an eye-opening experience for me, because somehow it felt like all the coolest people were gathered at one place. What would normally be a stiff sit-down dinner became a lot of fun as people tweeted throughout the dinner, updating results and laughing at funny videos and light-hearted speeches. Instead of the usual formal, hundred-thousand-dollar-or-more garb on guests attending a dinner like that, everyone was fashionable in the comfort of their own style. There was no massive bling bling, just many SLRs and compact cameras sitting on table tops.

No, wait, I take it back, there was bling bling alright, except that it was very pink:


LOL. The girl's got talent and patience to do this by herself. Xiaxue's a genius!


Our appetiser. I can't remember what it's called. Quite tasty.


Second dish. I think it's some vegetable broth, gosh I can't remember the name. Anyone who does, please tell me!


Main course was chicken. I'm brandishing my favourite ring!


Dessert. I was quite full from the adrenalin by the time dessert was served.


Our dinner favour -- candy! It is cola-flavoured I think. Very yummy and creative too because it says "I LOVE BLOGGING" on the red one and "NN Blog Awards" on the green one! The funny logo on the blue ones is the Nuffnang logo which u will see on the trophy later.


Nominees from Malaysia for BEST ENTERTAINMENT BLOG.


Cruz Teng and partner. Cruz was nominated for BEST CELEBRITY BLOG with me!


KENNY SIA...holding our table number.


Wendy and boyfriend Mike. Allan's the host for the awards.


Eeli and I.

To find out the list of nominees and winners, click on the banner on my sidebar.

I will be posting more pictures of the night’s happenings later!

14 responses to “No bling for Award Dinner

  1. Wow…..delicious food!
    Support u oways!

  2. Congrates!!!!! You deserve it!! Enjoy reading your blog so much…

  3. You look very good in blue.
    Anyway, many girls always wonder what food do celebs eat, what exercise regimes you follow? Food especially! Or, do you have any secret formula to good skin and hair?

    What products do u recommend to use? Write more about these stuff. I’m very interested 🙂

  4. Joanne.

    Those two guys from your the Most Influential blog are not from Philippinesla… they are from Malaysia…

    Anyway, great blog… but those fashion u presented are for thin ppl, not suitable for fat ppl like me… so, i only can watch with lonely heart…. cannot apply on myself…

  5. hey, those aren’t nominees for most influential blog from the Philippines, the one on the left is nazwan from and the right one is from =)

  6. Hi Joanne,

    Please look at my post, there’s menu and the names are on it..

    Once agn, congrats to you being best celebrity blog award!


  7. Wendy is ang moh or chinese I am confused because of her blonde hair

  8. wow…nice food and grand event …. like ur blue dress….

  9. Congrats !!! Came through from Paul CHan’s blog that Joanne is cast as female lead in upcoming Chinese New Year Movie together with Dai Yang Tian……… Yay!!!!

  10. Hi,
    where did you get your black blazer from? 🙂

  11. Hi! 1st time visiting here! =) Nice blog and congrats for winning the NN award! You look so pretty that night! ^^

    p/s: my mum’re so love seeing you in ‘The Little Nyonya’ drama series…lol~ Nice one! 😉

  12. vegetable consomme, perhaps.

  13. Hey Joanne,

    I was wondering what model/brand your watch is when you wore it for the nuffnang awards? (: It is so amazingly gorgeous!

    Thankyouuuu so much for yourhelp! (:

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