Weekend of Celebrations

This weekend was full of celebrations. First it was Vesak Day where I was down at Courts Megastore for a short appearance. Then Sunday was Mother’s Day where I decided to cook for my mom as a way of celebrating. The special dish: Sweet and sour prawns. I didn’t take any photographs because I had to clean up the kitchen and the dish was pretty much finished by my family before I thought of snapping a photo. I ripped the recipe off the here . Quite easy to follow and taste pretty decent!

Had a warm get-together at Courts megastore on Vesak Day.

Had a warm get-together at Courts megastore on Vesak Day.

Introduced IT products and played a game of brand names of Notebooks.

Introduced IT products and played a game of brand names of Notebooks.

The host was so funny, we were downstage doing voice overs for the IT products on stage.

The host was so funny, we were downstage doing voice overs for the models showcasing the IT products on stage.

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4

87 responses to “Weekend of Celebrations

  1. IT brand….

    Support u oways!

  2. Hi Joanne,
    You look great in the picture.Join more event and i will always support you!
    Good luck always! 🙂 Smile apently.

  3. nice pics

  4. I like that top that you are wearing where did you buy that from ?

  5. Hi Joanne,

    The Courts I.T. Fashion show products does interest u rite… You did look at some of those. Hehe~ Me too…

    Anyway… Usually nice and tasty food will be finished up real soon. =)

    Elaine Goh

  6. Hi Joanne…:( had a very weird dream yesterday night…:( seriously BAD ! dreamed about i went up to you intended to take some pix with u and hav a chat wif u but u ignored me and walked away…that was damn sad…:( i seriously have no idea what does that mean..sigh but i know you wouldn’t do that for sure 🙂 hope u’re doing well! take carez!

    vivian. ❤

  7. jessica pang wei wen

    hey Joanne,may i ask you if you have natural double eye lids or are they put on?

  8. Joanne,

    You look so pretty, support u always.

  9. hey joanne (:
    saw you on the televison programme which featured michelle chia’s and shaun chen’s wedding.very nice outfit!!! (: hope the atmosphere there was as sweet as what it appeared to be on tv. i was so touched 😀

  10. Hi Joanne,
    Which brand/wat colour of lipstick r u using for this event? Looks natural & pretty, do u use lipgloss over it?

  11. jessica pang wei wen

    😀 then you must be very pretty lor 😀 !!! i hope to meet you leh do u go shopping over the weekends?which shopping mall do you often go?

  12. Dear Joanne,

    Nice pictures! Have u ever thought of posting your school life pictures on your blog? hope so..curious about your school life =D please post some at least…thanks!


  13. hi, I was there that day too. Saw this queer old man (possibly thrice your age) following you around. lol. Did you pick out the outfit yourself or is it mediacorp’s wardobe? fishnet stockings!

    • I put the outfit together. It wasn’t exactly fishnet stockings..haha, some Japanese brand of stockings..heh heh! Queer man…I didn’t really notice..oops!

  14. Hi Joanne ,
    It was rather concidence that my birthday was on vesak day too .. -_-” <–the face was to myself..
    Happy Vesak Day to you .. ^^
    By : Someone who wrote to you B4

  15. Hi Joanne,

    Snice u looking to buy a DSLR, Canon have a good range of DSLRs EOS 500D just released in the market about 2 weeks ago. Size is just nice for a lady like u not too big and heavy good n comfortable grip.
    EOS XXX D series are specially design to cater for lady consumers. =)
    Canon’s Noise reduction control technology is one of the best n much better then most of other brands, which one of the reason why i personally prefer over others.

    Another one u can consider is Sony Alpha series. Like Alpha 350 or the latest Alpha 700 and Alpha 900. Alot of in-bulit techs etc…

    ps: i not DSLR salesman hahaha… above are all my personal POV and the only 2 brand i would consider. =) As u know i am a Canon user! ;p

  16. Hey joanne!I love the top that you wore to courts mega! Where is it from??

  17. Heyz Joanne,

    The first pic taken is very nice! =)

  18. Hi joanne,
    So nice if I can meet up wif u everytime have ur events in singapore but I’m not living in singapore..never will have that chance..sumtime really think of stay in singapore lol..but i think it’s impossible..u promote IT products har?erm..,joanne,sorry for lastime what i’m trying to ask u…really sorry..not mean it…

  19. Hi Joanne,

    Recently came across your blog page and i see you are very active with it! Congrats on winning Best Actress award 🙂

    Btw, wanted to ask you how you manage to keep in such good shape? do you exercise everyday and maintain a very strict diet e.g. veggies & fruits only? I’m amazed at how celebrities can discipline themselves to get a fab body -_-” You look great in all your photos!!

    Would love to get some advice from you 🙂 thankssss


    • Hi JJ,

      I won’t torture myself like that, I love my food too much! I don’t diet, but I always try to have a balanced meal, not too big portions at one time. I also don’t snack although it’s tough because I love all those salty chips, so once in a while I indulge. I do try to fit in exercise, been going back to yoga recently, otherwise I used to hit the gym or run. Try skipping, it’s easy and very effective!

      All the best!

      Joanne 🙂

  20. Thanks alot for that Joanne 😀
    I shall try it out and see… hehehe

    Good luck with all your work!

    JJ xo

  21. Ermm…Joanne..were u replying me?! most of them aren’t in digital format…sorry ain’t too sure if u’re actually replying me..haha:D

    • hi denise, yes I am. Oh no..u mean my answers aren’t linked underneath the question u asked? That’s strange.

  22. Hi Joanne,
    Hi,you look so pretty oh! i saw ur picture you at Courts Megastore to introducted the IT products and played a game of brand names of Notebooks! May i know which brand of the Notebook you like? the brand of Vaio are very beautiful…it’s very good also!

  23. hi joanne,

    Is dan brown one of your fave authors? Finished reading nearly all his books few years ago. you mentioned you would like to write post-retirement ;p

    Do you take rice? I’m trying not to, but its very difficult if I’m on the move. ideally i would like to eat veg, salad everyday but i dun think will make it.
    or maybe i’ve never put in much effort into losing weight.

    • Yes I do take rice, bread, noodles. I heard you get very lethargic and depressed when you cut carbo entirely from your diet, so eat in moderation. I read from a book that ideally the portion of our meal should be about as big as the size of our fist. Don’t try to lose weight, try to be healthy! 🙂

      • i m sorie , sorie 4 my ignorance, i didnt know cutting carbo will make lead u to illness like depression.

  24. HEy Joanne,
    it’s me again, hopefully u can blog abt the skincare & tips u have or could recc. I think many gals out there would like to know lo ;p

  25. guess your answer to the ‘eyelids’ question must have been easy for you

  26. RENIE ; TTYNT{♥}

    Hie joanne jie=)
    You look so beautiful on MS wedding day on the camera..may i know did nghui attend the wedding day?Lols..i did see some artistes but i think i did not see her coz i did not see the first part of their wedding..haha..anw,jiayous..


  27. Haha,..sorry was just not too sure abt it!..anyways…nvm if they aren’t in digital format leh..i just wanna see you in school uniforms! =] especially in the VJC uniform…!!! xD haha!


  28. Haha,..sorry was just not too sure abt it!..anyways…nvm if they aren’t in digital format leh..i just wanna see you in school uniforms! =] especially in the VJC uniform…!!! xD haha!


  29. Hi Joanne,

    I like those pictures..and also i like your hair very much..What your hair style call??(If you know)


  30. hi joanneeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. hi joanneeeeeeeeeeeee nice to meet you

  32. i`camr from indonesian

  33. Hello! What a sweet daughter of you. You are damn pretty, Joanne peh! Do you have any sister or brother? Your mom is so lucky to have such a kind, filial and pretty daughter. I will forever surrport you. Next year the STAR AWARDS, i will call you lots of call. 😀

  34. Could you give me your hotmail? Please… BEG YOU! 😦

    • To Jovita… its not nice for you to ask for a celeb’s Hotmail address, most specially Joanne. They all need privacy, no? But you may add her on Facebook if you like 😉

  35. u look gorgeous + chic! :DD i think u caryy off well with the dozens of layered necklances! :O

  36. Joanne,
    May i know whether you are going for the audition for the Year end blockbuster “wo men”?

  37. 抱歉。。


  38. hi Joanne,你的英文很好,如果我遇到有关英文的难题时,是否可以透过你的部落格来请教你呢?再加上我的会考要到了,我又没有参加英文补习班,学校的英文老师也不可靠(真的噢,他令我好失望),所以问你应该会比较直接。请给我答复哦,谢谢!

  39. To Tanat;Who don’t know its privacy? LOLS! Yeah. I know i can add her in facebook.

  40. halo joanne~ you’re still look perfect in front the camera.想握你的手是十或十一月会播对吗?昨天joshua洪赐健在jb jusco tebrau一个活动台上说的.

  41. 我的请求会带麻烦给你吗?我真的希望能有个新加坡英文老师,你们的英文,太棒了!请给我答复。谢谢!

  42. Hello! I came here to leave you comment. But nothing to write. Why you didn’t post? Can you reply me when you have reatten it. Thanks!:D

  43. heartlodestar

    heyy joanne, will ya be at the roadshow @ plaza sing?

  44. =)天天开心k-k♥

    heyys joanne!
    do u want any pics from the courts event? i got alot. ^^

  45. Hi Joanne,
    On that SM wedding, ur clothing very nice & cool! Keke i thought u will wear a dress.. Did u take many pics at there? I only manage to see your upper part while in the magazine hee. Did u close up for 1 pic of your clothing?
    Cheers** =D

  46. 想问你一下,although, though, even though, even if, despite and in spite of 怎样区别?i am a bit confused about this..

  47. hey joanne, thanks for the recipe. And here’s one that is incredibly sweet, heavenly, delicious website. look out for the rose cascade cake.


  48. Hi Joanne ,
    Where did you get this chat box ?
    It’s nice .. And I wanna have it in my blog too !!

  49. Hi , Joanne
    Gonna off computer now ..
    Hope You will tell mie where you got this chat box from as soon as possible ..
    Good Night .

  50. hi joanne, how r u ? Times r bad , pay r cut , work load still the same. Property now not doing very good.

  51. Hi Joanne,

    I would like to ask for your opinion.
    I sometimes tends to dream about being a singer, or in the singing industry. But i have no music background, neither do i know how to play the instrument. Do you think its realistic for me to make such a dream?


  52. Hi Joanne, its a pity hee nvm lucky u got took pics from the wedding, then i manage to see ur sunny face Yeah!
    Cheer Up** ^o^

  53. Wow, you can actually can cook.
    I mean, celebrities usually “da bao” food
    and eat. It saves their time and even gives them more time for acting. Just dial 62-35-35-35 and tadaa! food!

  54. You looks natural in the photo. Very nice. 😀

  55. Hi Joanne,
    Wordpress can change the url name (ajollyaffair.wordpress.com) to ur own name url (joannepeh.com) ?


  56. Hi Joanne, Congrats to you during the Star Awards 2009. Wish you a belated Happy Birthday and may ur wishs comes true. Stay pretty and all the best to you. Hope u have more good shows coming up. Jiayou!!! Best Regards.
    Cheers!! =)

  57. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you for telling miie but I will just have to look for one on my own ..
    Hope you stay healthy all the time ..
    I wanna ask you a question ..
    When does ‘当公主遇上王子’ start ?

    Best Regards ,

  58. Hi Joanne ,
    I guess I’ll just have to find one on my own lerhs ..^^ BTW , Thank you for telling mie where you got this comment box or chat box ..
    Hope you will stay healthy .. I would want to ask you a question .. When does ‘ 当公主遇上王子’ starts ? .. (curious & wanna watch )
    Best Regards to euu ,

  59. Joanne , will you be updating the Turf Club gala dinner which started on 15th May?

    Felicia (yes, it is Felicia Chin) said you will be posting about Turf Club Gala dinner..

  60. hi joanne, how’s yr weekend ? I hope is good, i sleep throughout the day. Did u watch any movie recently? Nowadays when i see the queue at the ticket office, i just drop the idea of seeing a movie @ threatre , unless special case. I would rather wait 4 its vcd which is cheaper.

  61. Joanne, why you never post? Could you reply me. You didn’t seem to reply me. :*(

  62. u look gr8 in dat photo! i will support u always!;)

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