Backstage at the Awards

These pictures were taken using Gary’s camera. Thanks Gary for putting them on a disc for me!
刚刚才拿到这些我用 Gary 的相机拍的照片。谢谢你哦!想考虑买他的相机,可是现在想暂时挪后这个计划。

13 responses to “Backstage at the Awards

  1. Hi Joanne,

    I am considering to buy a good professional camera as well, can you let me know your friend’s camera model?

  2. so ….nice…..all.of.u… o….^^

  3. yr blog spoilt arh , or something wrong with my eyesight?

  4. sorie my mistake just let u know some pro with yr blog , bye.

  5. Hi Joanne!
    May i know how to join yr fanclub?
    Hope to receive yr reply asap.
    Take care!

  6. Sorry,i just went to the website.
    Unfortunately,i’ll still have to wait until July to join the fanclub.Is there any exceptions that can be made?Thanks.=D
    Have a nice day.

  7. 隔了半年,才刚刚把《小娘惹 》大结局看完 (之前在忙课业嘛),好感动~~~

    不忘了要恭喜你大获奖哦!我们在大马的观众会在这个月底在astro AEC亲眼见证你上台夺奖哦!


  8. such a cute felicia chin! 她太可爱了。

  9. I like your Kitty hair clip.
    wonder if i can get it in SG ;p

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