Quick update

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging, it’s just I’m up to my neck with my work. For a brief update, I’ve finished shooting my ep of “Princesses and The Dude” and I’m not sure my ep is going to air. I will post an update when I do okie?

Last night, I went back to Junyuan Pri for the “Nostalgia Evening” (gals and guys, I had a really good time, you were all very hospitable!), and I had to rush off to attend Bella’s A-List Stylish People party. Had the privilege of judging some ten beautiful and talented women there! By the time I got home, I had a splitting headache that took away my spirit and soul till this morning. *bleah* Now, I’m ok! 🙂

Studio filming is going to start soon, and that means no time to come here at all! 😦 I will be filming outdoors too, so hours start from 7am to 12.30 am continuously on some days. I will probably knock out every night. Sorry sorry, I’ll try to read all your comments and emails ok?

Got to get back to my scripts now, plenty of scenes tomorrow.

Goodnight all!

66 responses to “Quick update

  1. so fun at the nostalgia evening,u so pretty in real..haha

  2. ohh..u are going to be very busy already…
    so long hours of filming…
    it’ll sure be very tiring…
    we will understand if u are not able to blog as much…
    I will sure miss u lots….
    must jia you ok!
    drink more water when u r outdoor….
    take care=]

  3. Please hor my dear joanne jie jie… pls pls pls remember to drink PLENTY of water… eat healthily…sleep well… we’ll understand if you don’t come…jia you… please take vitamins and fight those germs away…haha… i sound like my mum… BUT… no matter what you do… firstly…do your best so even if you don’t succeed… you will know you’ve tried your hardest… second.. your loyal fans will alwaqys be ther supporting you!!! jia you jia you jia you!!!

  4. oh my joanne ur so busy now with all those staff.haha take good care of ur health wor.dun tired urself wor

  5. Joanne must rest well hor! Jia you in ur filming!!!!!! =)

  6. hi joanne jie~!!!!! try to slp as early as u can.. [=
    u need super loads of energy. hahas. eat and slp well too. andand.. u can read our comments are a later tym.. rest is the most impt thing. [=

  7. joanne jie jie ^_^ jia you

  8. Hi Joanne….

    wow you sound very busy! 7am to 1230am.. thats like working for 17.5 hours! MAD MAD MAD!!!! but good for us cause can catch you on TV.. *evil grin*

    you do take care and rest well… if not your fragile body will break down again! busy week ahead for me too…. jiayou ba!

    regards, jacks0n

  9. hi joanne
    don tired urself out..hv enough rest for the nxt day’s filming..take care =)

  10. Hey Joanne,

    Do take loads of care alrite! Work is no doubt impt, but health is more impt ya! =) And rem to rest more and drink more water, at least that’ll help in preventing headaches from occurring so often… =p

    Lots of luv,

  11. Hi Joanne,

    Dun worry, just blog if you really can find the time. We fans dun wish to see you tire yourself out, because we truly care for you, and not because your blog is nice, and you keep it constantly updated. If need be, we fans can chit chat in Jollity yahoo groups email, so that you do not need to constantly moderate the comments here.

    Take care, drink plenty ya water, sleep well, and work hard, and you will find true meaning in life. I can feel your passion in acting, so continue to work hard ok?

  12. hey joanne,your schedule is so hectic.DO drink lots of water & take care okay. =))

  13. Hi,
    saw ya blog den got to see u went back to junyuan.. So u mean u’re a student from there? I was from there too.. But on 16 nov neva got a chance to go back.. add me in msn ya..

  14. Hi Joanne,

    I am in a state of shock now. Just received a call, one of my close friend had passed away yesterday morning in an accident. Initially when my dad told me this news (my dad and his dad are very good friends), I thought it to be just those normal accident. After hearing more did I realise that it’s an fatal accident and he’s only 24 years old this year. Life is so short and so full of surprises. Just last week, another friend of mine, his dad passed away due to heart failure. 2 weeks 2 lives taken away…

    guys, if you have any closed friends or loved ones, cherish them…

    regards, jacks0n

  15. hi.i will vote for u in the cxhannel 8.the zui xin re xi.ok

  16. wow.. from 7 am to 12.30 am… that is very long

  17. hihi Joanne,
    Waaa,so busy nowadays!!Dun stress yourself too much ok..Will support u always..Remember to find a time to resty even if u are very busy,drink lots of water..Bye:)

  18. wow!!!so u are rlly so busy in real life!And i dun even think u get a wink a nite do u?Cuz ur working hours is rlly long and exhausting but wad can u do?U r a very famous actress and thats how u keep fame coming in rite?i rlly hope that u r in the top 10 of the best female actress and win some awards so good luck to u and congrats on ur becoming of a popular actress!!!

  19. It’s ok joanne….Jia you!!!
    Hope to c yr new ep series of “Princesses and The Dude”on air…
    DO take gd care of yrself kays…Drink lots of water ..n do rest when u r tired:)
    aLWAYS heRE tO SupPORT yOu!!!:)


  20. awww
    hope u will be healthier 🙂
    haha and i finally met u 🙂
    so how was yr filmin?
    im in usa now
    usin a laptop
    so fun!
    haha goin anywhere for holiday?

    BYEBYE !

  21. Must jiayou jiayou!

    x) wishing u love,joy & peace @ work!

  22. hiess joanne jie jie i post to u my message u nv reply =x *sob* i think u must be busy nvm i forgive u ^^ can u reply me at the other post pls thx err… i still got ne more question er.. can u add me in msn pls minqi_teenage@hotmail.com thx
    from minqi mucks ^^

  23. nvm its ok i understand juz get back 2 ur work n if u hav time read some of the comments n emails

  24. Jing Lin: hies.. joanne! u muz have enuf slp kays…? dun over stress yourself arh… take care! wo yong yuan zhi chi ni!!!!!!!!

    Amanda: hii!!!! U rock gd luck with the starawards i hpe u win the best actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jestellynn: heyheys joanne jiejie:)) We will forever support ya okies:) God bless ya in everything and anything euu do…so bu yao hui xin and smile always..as felicia jie jie says…SMILES APLENTY!!!:)) Best of luck!:)

  25. heh joanne!! i’m also frm JUNYUAN PRIMARY… saw u on that note… but u left sooo quickly!! haha… anyway… gd luck 4 ur STAR AWARDS coming up!

  26. okay… but don’t forget your health! your healthness comes first!

  27. hi joanne jie…… hope u are fine……i dam happy cos i am the first one to comment here. i dam happy today cos felicia jie is coming back to singapore today…….me abit scare for my psle result cos i still left 2 more day…….22 nov i am getting my result…..when i get my result i share with u my gd new……bye take -care ——wendy———-

  28. Dear Datoupek,

    My condolences. Life is full of surprises and unknowns. So I agree with your cherishing your friends and loved ones now. Don’t wait until you regret never ever doing it.

    Take care, I know you are now in a sad mood right now, because I will feel the same too since it is my close friend. Just be sad for a little while, think of all the good things and memories you share with this person, and then continue on with life. If you believe in afterlife, this close friend will not wish his buddy (you) to be too sad for him, and affect your life, and will want him to live his life on to the fullest. Best Luck.

    I just realize that my life problems is insignificant in comparison. At least, I am alive and healthy. I will buck up and not continue to waste my chances in the university next semester.

  29. Hey i’ve heard that people have been using my name to post insulting comments on joanne’s blog!I wanna get this straight!That Amelia is not the chairperson of Felicia’s fc! sigh,i hope you guys can understand!!:/ That person used my name and claim to be me!! I hope this can be posted.thanks so much!

  30. hi joanne really like your acting very much, gambatte ne!!!!

  31. Heya! I had no idea our alma mater even has alumni events!

    Here’s a heads-up. That is, if you still have any idea who I am. 🙂 Would it be appropriate if I label our relationship as “primary school loggerheads”??

    Good to see that you have achieved much in the media industry. Good luck and keep on going!

  32. hi joanne jie jie, do you have friendster? can you give mie?

  33. Hihi Joanne,
    Today get PSLE results so scared cannot get in to gd school!!Wish me luck:) and hope u are well now,drink lots of water!!Bye…:)

  34. hiess joanne jie jie i post to u my message u nv reply =x *sob* i think u must be busy nvm i forgive u ^^ can u reply me at the other post pls thx err… i still got ne more question er.. can u add me in msn pls minqi_teenage@hotmail.com thx
    from minqi mucks ^^

  35. hies jo jie.

    PSLE results sucked. SUCKED ALOT. not alot but TOTALLY SUCKED. it just sucked.

    kim :]]

  36. hey all fans of Joanne.

    Pls note that the person who used Amelia’s name to insult Joanne wasn’t Amelia.

    Hope everyone can stop quarrelling and insulting over here or Felicia’s blog.

    Thanks! 🙂

  37. Finally, I found your blog… hope ur coping well wif your new show. And Im really happy by the fact that u recognised me back last mth after Cancer Charity 🙂
    U mentioned in i-weekly a few mths ago that u used to go to Paya Lebar Methodist Church as a child… I was kinda wondering if ur a free-thinker?
    Anyway, wishing u all the best in Star Awards… hope u can win Top 10 😉
    Oh and THE REAL Amelia is telling the truth… she would never go so low as to insult u. Someone impersonated me before, in Felicia’s tagboard no less

  38. hi joanne…got my PSLE results back…it’s not say VERY fantastic… but managed to get back to SNGS…

  39. hihi Joanne,
    Got my PSLE results,so terrible only got 190 marks!!cries..cried on tat day but i finally passed my maths..!!:)

  40. Joanne must rest well hor!Don’t later sick again,lack of sleep will cause u to fall sick easily.I cannot lack of sleep or else i will get headache! XDDDD Most importantly is to drink more water,eat more fruits and vitamin C! =)

  41. eeee no schools to choose le.

    PSLE results DAMN low can

    all schools cut off point so high -.-



  42. u were gorgeous in the nostalgia

  43. hi joanne…you must be really busy

    do take good care of yourself =)

  44. melissa miss j0anne

    heyy..joanne jiiex..was so busy wif sumthing that i very long never cum here lia0x..yeapps..do drinks lots of water,have plenty of slp and take vitamins C..DON’T WANNA SEE YOU FELLING SICK AGAIN!!!!…MUST take good care of yourself alrights!!!??!!
    gtg…take care..miss ya!!=))


  45. Greeetttting Joanne.

    Was quite disappointed that you are always busy with scripts and thus you have less time with the fans and public.

    You will be too tired and all.

    I wish u all the best for your career. Always stay happy and keep your smile bright! hahaa. Love your smile! Stay happy and rest well whenever possible!

    Jiayou Joanne
    Joyful Joanne! 🙂 😀

  46. hey..lol..someone used my name..dont who the other ‘rachel’ is..hiazz..but cant blame la..so many ‘rachel’s in the world and to all PSLE students: err.(i also p6 student la.)hope you guys is sastified with ur marks.aiyo,if this yr not good then in secondary one then work harder lor..my score is ok la..but most secondary school cut-off point so high..very hard to chose..but 总之there will be a school to accept everyone de..so dont worry..
    oh and joanne like nvr update de..maybe she bz lor..cant blame her..lol..love her man..

  47. Hi hies joanne jie!

    Managed to choose school which can go to lerhh (:
    yeahh i most probably get into same school as myy best fren (:
    good horhs?? >< Hees hees.
    haha. good luck for star awards.
    i voted for you over 20 times lerhh!
    myy mum noe and a little angryy haha.
    aiyarhh, she angry den she go cut of line (hse line) lorhh :S
    if she li hai den she go cut of larhh!! 😀
    heehee. i veryy bad hor?
    Sorry cant go to de flea market cos i’ll be away on holidayy.
    luckilyy i coming back on the 15th so i’ll b in time for star awards!!
    heehee. good hor? 😀
    i persuaded my dad, to go book d flight on the 15th instead of 16th. haha!
    byebye!!~ take cares and hope we’ll meet soon!!

    -kimberlyy aka kim :]]-

  48. joanne u from junyuan pri? i’m a former student too! hiii!

  49. Joanne hope u r doing great! Jia you in your filming hor! =) JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!

  50. Hello dearies!

    Sorry I’ve been missing in action, I’ve been really tied up with studio filming. Because I’ve got plenty of scenes, I’m usually the first to start the day and the last to go, so no time at all. Wish I could come online but mostly I just collapse by the time I reach home. I’ve cleared quite a number of scenes already so hopefully soon my schedule will ease a bit so I’d be able to write a decent entry.

    Congrats to the PSLE students who did well!! For those of u who didn’t, don’t despair, it is definitely not the end of the world ok?

    In the meantime, thanks to all those who’ve been calling for me the past weeks. I really appreciate and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for spending the time, effort and money. *HUGS & KISSES*

    I will be away in KL end of the week for work. Till then, I hope to share my thoughts with all of you very soon!

    Lots of Love,

  51. Joanne, 加油!

  52. HELLO JO!

    finally see u again! hw long will you be away to KL? you are so
    busy… do take care and drink lots of water… hmm think bring along eye droplets will be good! hope to hear from you soon.. think you should be sound asleep by now after a long day! first to go last to leave.. hardworking!

    regards jacks0n

  53. WOW! Good!!! waiting for ur new entry!! XD All the best and enjoy!

  54. melissa miss j0anne

    j0anne jiie..n0 w0rries we understand..but do remember at the same time must driinks lots of water and have ample rest yeahs.work is imp0rtant but health is also VERY imp0rtant..hmm..don’t wanna see y0u faling siick yea…hmmm..havent been seeing u since the fashi0n sh0w till n0w…h0pe everything is going smoothly ferh you..keke^^ miss yahs..and take care of urself yeahs…anyway i’m leaving for hawaii and america this fri..till the 13th dec..so will try to come online as will be bringing along my lapt0p..hehe…k lahs..gtg n0w..take care yeahx!!


  55. Hies jo jie!

    I’ll be in KL at the end of the week!!!!!!!!!! Haha, i’ll be flying off on saturdayy. PLS DONT EVER TELL ME YOU’LL BE BACK ON SATURDAY. I’ll faint. Or kill myselff.

    I’ll be in KL for 5-6 days then i’ll fly off to thailand if im not wrong. 😀 Let’s hope i’ll see you there!!!!!!!!! Muz tell me where you’re going wor!!~ Hehe.

    Good luck with work. Hope you’re okayy take care and stay healthy!

    Kim :]]

  56. KL is fun!!! went there earlier this year and shopped till I dropped at Petaling Street 🙂 food is good and stuffs are cheap and good… hee… if you are bored at KL can make a short trip getaway to Genting 🙂

    regards jacks0n

  57. take care yeas. dun overwork yourself :X

    hope everything goes smoothly and YOU better have enuf rest horhh. LMAO.

    till then, wishing you all the best in your career and take care of your health wurr! xD

    hope to see you this sunday! :DD

    best wishes,
    ahGOU. (;

  58. Hi Melissa,

    Enjoy your Hawaii America trip 🙂

  59. Hi!! U have MSN???

  60. hi im one of ur fans! 🙂

  61. hihi Joanne,
    My aunt saw u comin back frm KL in the aeroplane with Michelle Chia.She is the air hostess in the plane.She wanted to go talk to u but u were busy talking to someone!!When will u have a gathering,i really want to meet u??:)

  62. Hey heys!

    In malaysia now. Com is lagging very pathetically -.- (:
    good luck!! ><


  63. Joanne you from Junyuan? @O@
    me too! but i studied @ the original one
    known as 加東俊源華文小學- 李光耀阿公
    was a student there , but then he –
    closed – down – my- school -_-”

    take care!

  64. hi Joanne! my name is hilda n i m frm jyps too…nxt yr p6 liao…scared my psle results v bad…haiz!must work hard!

    Merry X’mas!

  65. d3viil xiiao derr love joanne

    love eu lots.. and alway support eu man… LOVES… take care… Bye:)

  66. d3viil xiiao derr love joanne

    Jia you… Wo Da Ying Ni, Wo Hui Yong Yuan Zhi Ci Ni Weii Siiew… Aii NIi Yii Beii Zii… Wo Pei Ni Zhou Da Zui Hou Zhe Shi Wo Dui Ni De Cheng Nuo… AIi NIi… LOVE… Thiis is just the word ” SUPPORT AnD LoVeS”… PROMIISEEE ❤

    from: XiIaO DeRr…

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