Mysterious Disappearance


I was at Vagary’s launch party at The Arena, Clarke Quay the other day.

Many of you must be wondering about my mysterious disappearance from the blogosphere. Sorry sorry, there’s so much to be done this November especially with events, launches, birthday and the most important of all, getting settled into the new drama. It’s been slightly more than a week since I started work, and not everything has been smooth. I haven’t been feeling very well today, so I shall keep this short and sweet.

Some of you asked me what do I play in this drama, gosh… I really don’t know where to start. The key is who she is (rather than what), which is unfortunately not defined by vocation, pedigree or social relationships. The story centres on greed which inevitably leads to a lot of manipulation, crafty set-ups, revenge and death. It is a very emotionally challenging role, and right now I’m focusing a lot more on the inner energy, getting the sequence of events right and basically not trying too hard. I’m really quite excited about it!

In the meantime, let me share some photos from Vagary.


Limited edition, one only in Singapore. It was a present for me on that day!


I like this because it looks has the unique shape of a juke box, candy coloured and very pretty!


My first gold watch!



Utt was hosting the event. 🙂




Okay, time to sleep and pray that my body is resilient enough to fight the virus!

Goodnight lovelies!

148 responses to “Mysterious Disappearance

  1. hello joanne! yea you do sound very busy and tired.. take good care okay!(: rest well too!:D


  2. wah…nice watches there!

    anyway…must take good care n get well soon…

  3. Hihi,

    The 2nd watch’s very nice! I rem u were wearing it @ the Galleria Opening rite… Heh! Anyway, do get well soon and take care alrite! =)


  4. Hi joanne!

    posted earlier to tell you to take good care of yourself and now you are sick! well me too.. sore throat and flu and I think it will get worse tomorrow due to the fact that I had Burger King earlier and now I am still not in bed even thou it’s 1am…

    nice pics from your Vagary event. hope to hear more or share some photos for your new drama kkz… if it’s hard for you to describe then just post pictures… pictures speak a thousand words 🙂

    hope to hear from you soon Joanne, and do take care… see doctor! drink more water and eat more fruits kkz… time for me to sleep too.. been 2 days since I last slept due to hectic work schedule…


  5. Hey Joanne!

    Cheryn helped me got the short message from u when ur filming “mi tu”…..thanks alot for it!it brighten up my day alot!

    supporting u always!

    wei siang!

  6. Get well soon joanne jie-jie, if you’re not feeling well, rest more! (:

  7. take care of your health!!the watches are so nice!!the drama sounds really interesting..


  8. thanks for keeping me in mind… i love red… so those two watches are nice… too me that is… your role sounds exciting yet scary… you look nice in those pictures… but how come so blur? anyways… rmb to drink lotsa water and keep healthy… don’t wanna see you get sick… jia you… you loyal fans will keep voting for you!
    wishing you the best in everything, Nat…

  9. oh ya… wats ur bro name? how’s he luk like? nt tt i’m intrested in him but u tok so much bout him…in an interviews in a mag too…soo… juz curious… pls reply… tks!

  10. hihi Joanne,
    muz be very tired,wat is the upcoming drama u said in your post.Rest well,and get well soon ok.Bye.:)

  11. Heys jo jie!!!!!!!!!

    Do uu still use ur old email address which uu added me in last time? I called for uu plus minus 10 times liao. MUZ WIN!! 🙂 YAY. Muz tell me if uu still use ur old email add okaiee? Love always!!

    Kim :]] CHeers!!

  12. pls do take care of urself.

    and good luck for all ur events and work.

    u r looking great as always!!

  13. Hi Nat,

    Sorry but I don’t wish to disclose details of my family members, that’s why there are no pictures or names mentioned. Hope you understand. 🙂


  14. Yes Kim,

    U can still write to me at that email.


  15. Hi Wei Siang,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and glad it made your day!
    It’s always a pleasure! 🙂


  16. Hi Germaine,

    It’s called 《谜图》;)


  17. the word 谜图 sounds very tongue twisting for me XP “mi3 tu2” would metamorph to “me too” as i says it more and more. XP.

    so sadddd, i always cant pronounce things properly. any solutions?

  18. Hi Joanne

    My name is Curious haha just get to knw that actually u blog loh…..Actually i am quite curious and amazed…
    1.Hmm actually really wanted to know in Media corp is it true that it is complicated and some actor n actress or even the staff inside they go for same sexual relationship????
    2.And for u if ever there is some one that likes u and wanting to try out a relationship with u even if it’s going to be a short one will be accept even if the person is a female???<- This question u can dun reply….

    3.Btw there r rumours on u and Tay bing Hui!!!!!

    4.U were saying u r acting in the new show can i know the english name of the show and most likely when will it be showed in channel8….


  19. hahas, hi joanne…
    the plot of the new show is quite similar to ‘metamorphosis’…izzit?
    anyway…hope you can get well soon!

  20. melissa miss j0anne

    wahz j0anne jiie…l0ng time n0 see lia0z h0r..miss yahs lehx…when free check yahs email alrights..=)) miss yah lots..anyway…plss reply alrights..tata^^


  21. nah… its okay…i geddit…actually i guessed that u will not say… thanks for replying anyways…gd nite! btw, wat’s ur email address?

  22. hey j0anne, how are you feeling? better or worse? Your new drama title 《谜图》gives me the feeling of lost, mysterious and spooky.. hahaha.. maybe what you described your role does seem to blend in with the title of drama..

    regards jacks0n

  23. haha thanks for ur reply…..i did went to the bonia event thing to see u for the first time and started noticing u on miracle and aft that i started enjoying watching “bao bei fu nu bin”!it’s so funny of that show loh.

  24. Hi Joanne,

    Take care, wish you a speedy recovery, and wish to see you on TV soon. Drink lotsa water, fruit juice. I keep it short becos I myself have some problems in life so I am a no better person to encourage you, other fans are.

    Best Regards,
    Yoke Peng

  25. hi.

    how r u?take care of urself.i miss u…..

  26. hey joanne! long time no see and hear. hope everything’s well with you 🙂

    lester (from chron, a million years ago :P)

  27. hi joanne jie jie,

    wat does (迷图) mean??

  28. Ur actings are very good and i look forward to every single episode of the shows that u acted in.u really do have that kind of acting “neng li” which most actresses lack in.keep up the good job!!!

  29. hi joanne jie…… are u nw?…..feel better ma?……..heard that u nt feeling well ah……must take care gd care of urself okay….dont fall sick.remember to drink alot of water and eat more victaminC… will help……bye gtg liao…..Take care —–wendy——–

  30. i like the watch er.. the black one cause got skull ^^ got kou fu to have the watch ^^

  31. Hi Alicia,

    Haha, I have no idea either. It’s just a working title for the show. Something confusing, mind-boggling I reckon.
    Exactly what the show is doing to all of us. Haha..

    There isn’t an English title for it yet, and I don’t know when it’s scheduled to air.


  32. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks! I’m actually feeling worse today, maybe cos’ filming whole day, and didn’t get to rest. Got to go prepare for a talk at Ngee Ann Poly tomorrow. U take care too!


  33. Hey Nat,

    U can write to 🙂

  34. Hey Curious,

    Your questions are beyond my ability to provide you with coherent, thought-provoking answers. 😦 My apologies…


  35. Hey Huiling,

    Watch and u’ll know! 😉


  36. Hi Joanne,like the pictures???Remember to get more sleep and rest well….dun wan to see u sick!!!Wishing u a speedy recovery!!!!

  37. what will the talk @ ngee ann poly tomorrow be about? hehe, i veri curios XP

  38. Hi joanne,why u didnt paste my comment out?

  39. hi fengshui,

    sorry, but i wasn’t very comfortable with ur question.


  40. thanks cheryn,

    they’re lovely! sorry i’m not feeling too good, very groggy…still writing speech! urgh!


  41. Joanne ah….sien to hear u fall sick again….how r u recently? Got anyone tell u jokes to make u happy or not??

  42. well it’s ok recently i have a friend that is working in media corp just concern for my friend loh…And wanted to know how is her work as a Productive assisitant….
    Haha actually i felt rather stupid to ask u the question…..

    Well Yesterday was browsing the net and realised that u r actually on air a year back talking about ur self and ur ex….

    Well i felt u r really some one very brave..Keep it up!!!!!
    Joanne Please Take very good care of ur self as it really makes all of us worry and upset….
    Wish u all the best for ur talk at ngee ann…..

    Take Care Love u

  43. Haha Joanne never knew that ur blog is so popular recently in my group of buddies….

    Hey do Take care of ur self ok i dun wanna see ur moody face.Miss ur jokes and smile loh..Ur sweet smile just brighten people around you…

    Btw our show name in English is “The Truth”…..
    Were pray hard for speedy recovery for u loh…Dun over work your self…. 🙂

    Love n Hugs

  44. heys Joanne, wish you speedy recovery!
    sigh.. might not be able to go for star awards 😦
    bag the awards home! 😀

  45. it problem.

  46. Joanne,

    how did your ngee ann poly speech went? I am sure alot of your fans are there too any photos to share? hee…

    by the way, still feeling groggy anot? Got go and see doctor or what? Monsoon season is coming and weather ain’t so good lately… sun rain sun rain… must take care…

    just to check with u 1 thing, the Vagary watch that you are endorsing now, is the watch more suitable for females or it is ok for both genders to wear? Thanks for advising 🙂

    Regards, jacks0n

    PS: sincerely hope that you get well soon.. when you are sick, whatever you do you will be very uneasy..

  47. hi joanne,

    hope you are doing fine now. must really take good care of your health. =D

    jia you!!!

    woei chyi

  48. dear joanne jie jie,

    when is ur new show be out on tv? I really cannot wait to watch it!!!

  49. joanne peh…u think u who? so great meh?
    i can tell u the truth lah.
    u r ugly, pathetic and possess LOUSY acting.
    u r the lousiest in the 7 princess.
    believe me.
    i hv evidence de.
    go to tht web above. u can find evidence to prove tht not many ppl in s’pore reali likes u.
    and ur acting reali sucks. expressions same everytime. when u talk, also no feelings. stupid sia. like this also call one of 7 princess. think u not qualified lor! dunno wht mediacorp thinking! and some more, u think u compatible wif elvin ng meh? siao de. hold his hand for wht. show everyone ar?
    show off…i tell u lah. elvin will never fall for u de. he onli treat u as a fren, close fren.
    sian lor. stupid person. onli hug on to elvin. ever consider his feelings?
    and….pls do reconsider once more or even more times when u pick up a new show again. cos ur acting makes a nice/gd show a bad & ugly one.
    u r reali lucky to hv a position in mediacorp. but too bad, u will never make it to the ah-jie position. u will forever remain as an ugly duckling and a princess nia!
    even dawn yeoh is beta than u, who do u think u are?
    an idiot.

  50. Hi fans of Joanne,

    I have been not myself lately, so you will see me leaving comments less and less often. Actually, I have finally thought it over of my life, and don’t want to give up in the last hurdle. it will be damn difficult for me to pull through, but I must grip myself past, so that I will grow up mentally able to face challenges in my work life, and not have this habit of giving up and being irresponsible for my life. Anyway, I have invested so much of the money and time into university, and it will be a waste and regret to give up when the end is so near. (next year May) it is like running 10 km run, when you run 9 km, you decide to fall out.

    So, when I am not here doesn’t mean that I don’t support Joanne, but I need to focus on preparing for my exams, after skipping so much lectures (Don’t be like me hor, skipping lectures is not a good habit), I will have to find some way to catch up, one way or another. Haiz, O level and A level exam are finally over, but university exams aren’t, muz persevere.

  51. hi joanne jie!
    sry so long mei gen ni shuo hua!
    i so yr imagin photos for er mi…
    sry forgot the tittle:)
    so how is it goin smooth shootin?
    haha this post hen you yi yi a!
    btw this is my e-mail please e-mail me !

    hope to see u in mediacorp again

  52. Hyes joanne jie!!

    Kkay im ‘Kim :]]’ okaiie?? Hehe. Yeahh. I use wordpress now (:

    I shall email to ur old email address!! Searchingg for songs….. Got anyy gd recommendations mus tell me wor!!~ YAY. Cheers and hope u’re feeling better. Rest more barhh!

    Tomorrow’s de last day of school. Sad sad. But have class partyy! (for our former primary 3 class) YAY. The internet’s loading realli slowly these days…. Wahahaha. 22nd is psle results dae!! OMG! Gahh.

    LOL. Anw, i voted alot of times 4 uu liao. (star awards) must win worrrr!!~ Cant wait to see you again. Having ‘post-seeing joanne jie’ systoms. LOL. Also known as after effects of seeing joanne jie! LOL. Okie shall not disturb uu anyy further (:

    Take cares!!,
    Kim :]] aka Kimberlyy

  53. hey lester!!

    thanks for leaving a message..hope all’s well with u too. 🙂


  54. Dear

    I’m sorry you’re so angsty about the whole 7 princesses label that has been given to us. I wish we weren’t labelled that way too. I once mentioned in an interview when asked how I felt being one of the 7 princesses, that I never thought I qualified. So I guess at least we have one thought in common. But I trust MediaCorp and my management’s plans for me, so I would never doubt their foresight and judgment. I guess that’s where our disparity lies.

    I appreciate the constructive comments you’ve given me with regard to my acting, and I can assure you I’m working very hard to hone my craft. I don’t aim for everyone to love me, because my job is to act, and I don’t want to lose focus on that. Obviously you don’t like me, and I won’t try to contest that. Still, I don’t think it’s very nice to use someone else’s name to make those hurtful remarks that you did. I just hope that someday, I might be able to change your mind with my work. 🙂

    I’m afraid you have some misunderstanding between Elvin and I. There is no need for me to prove anything, and that is just who I am and the way I treat people. If it upsets you, which I can tell you have been, then I’m sorry you’re taking this so hard.

    Do not do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you. I don’t know what your purpose is for writing the comment that you did, but at least I hope you’re happy now that you’ve let out all that angst. 🙂 Don’t be so angry la…makes life a lot more pleasant if you smile and think nice.


  55. Hui Ge,

    Nobody tell me jokes wor…haha…so busy until no time to hear jokes. Hehe!


  56. to ‘’
    after all you said about her… she still so nice to you… and i don’t think it’s an act…please keep all these hurtful remarks to yourself…

  57. hi joanne,

    you yet to tell me your Vagary watches are they bi-sexual? Kinda interested in it to get for my friend. Thanks.

    Regards, jacks0n

  58. Please mind your language ‘’ please show some consideration to those who come to Joanne blog and post comments.U have the right not to like Joanne but u do not have the right to insult her in her blog.Who are you to do that?U are not any one from mediacorp or have a high rank post in mediacorp.Do have your limit,do not go over it.If u don’t like her,don’t ever come her blog.Its not for u to decide whether u like her or not,its the upper hand in mediacorp who have the right to do so.Since mediacorp community likes her so much and goom her greatly,like it or not that is ur subjective opinion.So long as we enjoyed her drama is good enough already.Joanne has been working very hard over the years and is already improving alot,why don’t people give her chance?Only pests like u who don’t dare to identify yourself like a coward only dare to use unknown nams to insult her,this shows that u r the one and only uncivilised and unreasonable person.Just shut ur damn mouth up when no ones here ask u to comment anything about it.

  59. hi jackson

    oops, sorry must have missed out the comment. yes they are! 🙂 but of cos it depends on the colour U choose too.


  60. My goodness!I just finish wrote one big paragraph and submit it and my com lag!!!!!!!!!!!Everything that is written is gone!!!!!!!Crap,i forgot my train of thoughts now.ZzzZzZ

  61. (My post is not uploaded again.. so error I guess.. PART 1)
    Hi Joanne,

    I wonder what are you! After reading comments, you are still so cool and relax.. LOL! Not for me thou.. I feel for you.. in fact my feelings now are angry! puzzled! and my heart beating very fast after reading his comments…
    I guess that’s the problem with Internet nowadays, people can just easily pass off with some nick names and starting hurling abuses to others.. To, whether or not Joanne has anything with Elvin I believed is none of your concern also.. I mean why on earth are you so agitated over Joanne and Elvin?

    To many of us, we feel that Joanne is great, she has definetly improved leaps and bounds over the years in her acting right from the first drama that she has acted in (which I believed is Jiu Cheng Gao) till the recently concluded Like Father Like Daughter.. It’s really not very nice of you to comment on whether she deserves a place in Mediacorp. I feel unjust for Joanne thus my posting here..

  62. (PART 2)

    Many things are beyond our control, I believed Joanne after reading your post too.. She has been great.. at least this is what I feel.. your uncall for remarks are very damaging and I strongly believed that alot of Joanne’s fans will feel this way too…
    Joanne, I just feel like saying something for you that’s all.. I feel unjust for you thus my outburst… I simply can’t understand why are there people who are so childish.. 🙂

    Regards, jacks0n

  63. To

    you may have sourced on the Internet for results, polls on the popularity of various actresses. I believed that the result you posted not necessary means that Joanne is not well liked. How about this poll? I certainly do not wish to start a competition here but what you’ve posted is really hurting.

  64. Joanne,

    how are you feeling now? Better or still groggy? Don’t take the nasty comments too hard… I hope all the best for you and get well soon… Feeling sick still need to read these kind of comments really spoil your day I guess.. cheer up 🙂

    Regards, jacks0n


    these 2 lines:

    should be pasted in the Internet browser together and you can see the poll results.


  66. To Joanne,

    thanks for the reply regarding the Vagary watches.. need to make a trip down to see them.. wonder what’s the damage like? hahaha..


  67. oh gosh!!!. joanne jie.. are u all right? im shocked to hear tt u r not feeling well.
    must drink loads of water ah.. and. im looking forward to ur new show!!! [= tc joanne jie.

  68. hey joanne, i applaude you for being so magnanimous regarding the backlash by

    really impressed by how forgiving you are. just remember that even though ONE LOUSY PERSON critics you, there are still plenty of others who still ardently support you. so jia you, and ignore the spammer’s comment.

    take care!

  69. Hey Jackson,

    I think it’s within $100-$300. 🙂 Thanks for ur support, I hope u find something u like! 🙂

    Oh and I’m feeling better already. Hee..

    And don’t worry, I’m used to negative comments, when I first started out, it was painful, but now I’m used to it already loh! Always treat them positively, cos’ there’s something for me to learn from everyone. 🙂 I really appreciate your defence!


  70. J0annE,

    ok, price looks reasonable for it’s design. Shall make a trip down after the ASEAN Summit to purchase it 🙂

    yah, I guess that’s what you got to be like if you are an artiste
    i guess… seems like we can’t please everyone no matter who we are.. but no matter how positive we take it, I still believe that certain part of our heart we will still feel hurt, at least that’s how I always felt when I hear bad remarks..

    hope all goes well for you.. feeling better then drink more water lor don’t fall sick again… festive season is coming and it will not be nice if you are sick during this period.. lol.. anyway, it’s always not nice when you are sick la.. *crap* going out for supper.. take care and will support you.. no worries..

    love, jacks0n

  71. hi!
    glad that you are feeling much better now!
    hahas, but sadly i hav sorethroat now and i lost my voice… :s
    btw, wad is ur role in the ”mi tu” drama?

  72. To Elvin….

    Hmm although i dun knw u but i can tell u a logic that is in life no one is perfect.Be it Joanne or even Zoe Tay or even Fann wong…If u are a gentle man i felt that u should just apologies for wat u have typed..Well it is good that u left comments for joanne to learn but not this way…Ever one has there strong and weak points.Just imagine if u r Joanne how would u feel??? No one has the right to Judge anyone not even Media Corp higher range people as long as Joanne is conscience of what she is doing and have tried hard i think results will be out one day…So i Kindly Do adjust ur mood and attitude towards people.Coz u sounded so Jealous loh…
    Any way personally Joanne you r doing very well!!! Keep it out…. If u need a listerning ears we r here for u….

    Take care ok…

  73. Hi Joanne,

    I am back any way its ok…Ur reply actually i dun really understand but any way dun take things too hard ok…
    I asked u those question because i have a friend that recently working in Media corp and wanted to know how is her…That’s all..
    Regards my second question that i asked u is because i think she has been starting to like u and really wanted to know u more…And if u r not in or considering it i will just ask her to forget about it and continue to support u as a friend in ur blog…
    by the way how is ur sickness? And ur talk in ngee Ann poly? Had Fun there???

  74. hello miss peh! hope you are feeling better now and I love the watches! hahaha they are so pretty!! =) Take care and God bless =)

  75. hi again u are one of the most beautiful 7 beatuy in mediacorp ^^ can u add me in msn or could u give me any ways to contact u hope i will meet u someday^^ hope-ing ……..

  76. To Elvin:

    I Think in this world no one is perfect.Proberly one day u will find a perfect person that could suit ur style.Any back to the comment that u have sent joanne i think for all her friends her will bash u up if they ever see u..Coz i felt that no one has the right to judge a person not even the highest range person in Media Corp…As long joanne knows what she is doing and she is feeling conscience.I think as a gentle man u should apologies what ever u typed.Seeing things by surface doesnt mean anything.Who u think u R?Ask ur self this question before u ask Joanne!!!
    Well i tell u Joanne is everyones Sweet she tries to give her understanding and time out when she is avalible repling ur weird and funny comment…
    i felt that u r very very Childish to type that comment coz u did not even think twice and act u r too emotional….
    Before u comment ask ur self r u really that great and r u that fantastic/ perfect to judge on Joanne’s acting.
    Maybe she wasnt good in the past but at the least she tried double hard and gave in effort to improve..So How about u have u tried to be in her shoe’s reaching media corp early in the morning reach home already so exhausted and still take effort to reply us….Be gladful and treasure peole around u….

  77. LOL joanne never thank me.XD That day i speak to u,i was thinking how come ur voice so weird one,nowonder la cheryn say u sick.Must rest well hor.Don’t del my comments leh Joanne!!!! XD

  78. Wah, nowadays watches cost like $100-$300? I think it is one reason why I don’t ever wear watches, depending only on handphone for time. So xpensive, and also an xtra reason for robbery and theft.

    Yah, I agree with Datoupek. Whatever hurtful comments is better kept to yourself. By saying out loud on someone’s blog, it is disrespectfulness and wilfulness. It just goes to show no maturity in thought. Joanne Peh is just a normal person trying her best to nich her career by working hard to act, and I think she has done nothing to offend you. So why hurl abuse when you don’t know her well enough to judge?

    A irritated Yoke Peng

  79. Anyway, what is “Jiu Cheng Gao” that Sean refer to as her 1st drama? Gosh, I think I seem to have missed it. Maybe got watch but somehow forgot, or never watch, I so blur…

  80. Hi Joanne,

    I just realize I forgot to ask how are you? Hope you are recovering well from the cold virus, or flu virus (heck I treat these two as the same illness, same groggy feeling), and be happy always.

    BTW, I got problem supporting you :(, my handphone seems not to be able to call 1900-112-3033, it just goes tutu, no answer. Wierd, maybe have to call M1 service line of my service provider to find out why, but no time, because I got university exams nearing, I have to focus on studying. Haiz. Maybe try to use my home phone…So don’t feel bad or offended, okie? 🙂 No matter what, I still support you. 🙂

  81. Hi Joanne,

    Saw both u & TPH filming at Ghim Moh a few days back and tot both of u look great, esp u, in your white attire.

    Wanted to shout “Chun Chun u rox” but was too shy…

    U take care!

  82. way to go Sean!

    no matter who you are, you are not allow to hurl nasty remarks at anyone… Joanne maybe forgiving to you but we still feel for her.. certainly hoped that you can repent and reflect your actions… it’s really shocking to see such an act here..

  83. you handled it quite well…to bad comment………but dun think those are really constructive though.

    still in school…now…3am…=.=

    back to proj

  84. this trying to attract attention here.SO lame.Please go back and study more,dun waste your time here and left nasty comments of people.You will gain bad karma in your next life.Trust me.

  85. melissa miss j0anne

    yeapps..i agree with sean..u can have the rights n0t t0 like j0anne but u DON’T HAVE THE RIGHTS TO INSULT HER!! ( F0R ELVIN.NG)

  86. melissa miss j0anne

    hie j0anne jie.h0pe ur feelin better n0w? u have to pull urself kkz…we will supp0rt u all the way dde ehhx..don’t think to0 much okays..hmm..anyway have u received my email?
    do reply me msg kkz…miss yahs^^


  87. to,

    i really agree with nat. if you really dont like someone, you alos dont need to say such hurtful words rite? and you’re also making all of joanne fans upset too. wat if people dislike you and they say such hurtful words to you! how would you be feeling now? actor and actress are all humans and they hv their feeling too. so pls think first before saying such hurtful words. and people relationship you also want to care so much for wat? just handle ur own personal affairs larh!

  88. hi joanne jie jie,

    i’ve finally 替你出一口气。dont you feel that, that said things which was too much? btw, i’ve got a good news here. i will be filming a commercial at kfc tomorrow. wish me good luck okie? heehee thx:)

  89. To
    Your words are very hurtful do u noe tat,pls be more considerate ok!!Joanne still speaks nicely to u after u said so many bad things about her!!Keep all of tat words to yourself and Joanne is pretty not ugly!!:(Hope u would understand..

  90. hihi Joanne,
    hope u are feeling better dun stress yourself up k..get more rest if possible and drink lots of water..bye take care:)

  91. to “”


  92. joanne… why you never tell us ’bout your filming of the princesses and the dude… why never say?or post pics? when does it show?i only recently learned that you already 拍 that episode from bryan wong’s blog… fun or not?

  93. hi there, dun take “”‘s comments personally.. be yourself, keep smiling..

  94. ” way to go Sean!

    no matter who you are, you are not allow to hurl nasty remarks at anyone… Joanne maybe forgiving to you but we still feel for her.. certainly hoped that you can repent and reflect your actions… it’s really shocking to see such an act here.. ”

    Huh? what u mean? are u talking about me???

  95. Joanne yay u got into top 10 again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Number 1 ranking!!!!!!!!! =))))))))))))))))

  96. ELLO joanne~!!!
    i have a fren in sch who looks lik u!!!

  97. yo joanne, im sick too. =( been vomiting on and off and having tummy ache too, feeling so weak n restless. hurr. hope u’re feeling better by now. im feeling much better already when i am typing this. the weather been sucky lah. =( get well soon k. lets fight the sickness together!!

    miss u lots. =)

  98. To Joanne Peh supporters,

    I think ah, this is trying to get attention only. As long we dun bother about this post , this person will eventually go away bothering others.

    Do we believe in Joanne n support her? YES!!! 😀

    To Joanne herself,

    So sad ah….i got new updates u know…i think i go d/l NJStar n type it out n post here so u can get to read n share with others too.


  99. erm..joanne peh u got go to the nostalgia evening.??at junyuan pri sch?

  100. take care 🙂 be happy!
    and you’re blessed with so many nice watches 🙂

  101. hi Joanne,
    jia you! Fight the Virus! No matter now or in the future!

  102. hi joanne jie!
    sry so long mei gen ni shuo hua!
    i so yr imagin photos for er mi…
    sry forgot the tittle:)
    so how is it goin smooth shootin?
    haha this post hen you yi yi a!
    btw this is my e-mail please e-mail me !

    hope to see u in mediacorp again

    pls reply

  103. joanne… you should welcome whatever life throws at you with open arm…positive or negative… that way… you WILL succeed… jia you… don’t be disheartned by ‘’ comments… he/she only wants to smash your confidence… you still have lotsa ppl supporting you… including me 🙂 jia you!!!

  104. hey joanne! it’s me. just wanna tell u how lucky u r 2 have a limited edition that there’s only one in singapore. the second watch is soooo nice! so anyway, do u mind if i copy your photos?

  105. & anyway joanne, hope you get well soon! have more rest and drink more water!

  106. to

    mister annoying person, just what is ur problem? don’t think just because i’m 9 yr old you can already make fun of my favourite actress! even if her acting really sux, can u beat her? i bet u can’t! because she doesn’t suck at all! it’s either one! you have got no brains or you’re just jealous of her! watch what u say! even if you don’t like her, don’t start a commotion! besides, you r then the idiot. you know why? cos you only know what word. and that’s idiot, FREAK! i may be very young, but i have fought many people that r much older than me! not many people may like joanne. the whole world likes her! r you telling me that? if that’s true that you’re telling me that, i’m glad. who agrees? you worse than some abusing person! cut off ur finger when you have the chance! you meanmeanmeanmean person!

  107. joanne peh, don’t mind him! maybe really not everyone likes you. but u still have us! i’ll support u even if it kills me! pretend that freak was just breaking wind! i mean what does he know about such a cool person like u? no matter what happends 2 you, even if you’re voted the worst actress, you’re still de coolest! hope you don’t mind my vulgars! sry 2 u! not cos they say you’re the worst actress. but on the inside,you’re the best!

    supports only 4 JOANNE,

    Yi Ling!!!!!!

  108. and mind your words, mister piggy wiggy! (2!)

  109. oh! and i wish u a speedy recovery, joanne!

  110. hello joanne! it’s been long time since i last tagged your blog 🙂

    yes you gotta get well soon ok! do not overwork urself.. health comes first ok!!

    wow.. glad to hear that you are going to be filming for a new show! *excited* there’s gonna be you again! yay. ;D

    i really admire you, for remaining so calm and not be taken aback by these hurtful comments. do not take them into heart ok! do always remember that there are always your faithful supporters that will be there for you always 🙂 we will.. ^^ i think you are improving in every show that you acted in and it’s really pleasing to see that.

    takecare joanne 🙂 looking forward to your next post and ur shows! hoping you’ll reply my msg!


  111. btw im quite new to your blog since i’ve only read it for a month or two! but i love it!

    rock on.

  112. joanne,
    i can’t stop laughing when i read’s comment! lol. i can’t believe there are people that childish to bash here when obviously your fans will defend for you. he tried so hard to criticize you but in the end his plan backfires. lol.

    i’m not sure what he’s trying to do but if he’s trying to attract attention i think he has ASS-Attention Seeking Syndrome.

    so, to joanne’s fans, i think we should stop responding to his comment. if joanne is worth supporting, that childish comment will not change our perception. we will still continue supporting joanne!

    and finally to, stop being so childish! grow up! get a life!


  113. hihi Joanne,
    u will be apperain on the 5th ep of The princesses and the dude right???:)

  114. you look gorgeous in red at the citta bella show just now. i saw you wearing the black watch, it looks really very nice. it’s great to see you. ^_^

  115. t0 y0ke peng,

    a 100-300 bucks watch sometimes also got problem… that day I just spoilt my Adidas Watch which cost me 200 bucks! 1 of the roman numeric digit on the watch came off after I banged the watch against a chair… sounds very clumsy right? and to think that impact managed to cause the number to drop off.
    thinking of sending it to the repair shop to have it stick back… heart so pain now..

    Joanne, busy filming? take care k.. don’t know what to tell you also.. and I think everyday you see so many comments also eyes blur.. buy some eye droplets 🙂

    anyway guys I will be away for sometime.. will read this blog definitely when I get back… busy week ahead of me from 18th nov till 22nd nov… all take care pls… Joanne tooo….

    regards, jacks0n

  116. I getting veri irritated liao lorhhs!!!!!!

    Keep your bloody comments to yourself larhh. You wanna insult go insult yourself larhh. Do you like it if we all insult u? No right! Den stop ur hurling ur hurtful comments at jo jie gettit?! TOOT. You better scram off if you dun wanna get into trouble with us.

    To jo jie:

    Hope you’re better now and just ignore SOME HURTFUL ppl. They are just the lousy bunch in life and believe me – he’ll never suceed with this type of attitude. Congrats for getting number one for star awards prelude ranking this wk (: Vote for worx!!~ Hope you win and cant wait to see you agn!!~

    Kimberlyy aka kim :]]

  117. SOrri its not ‘vote for worx!!~’ but ‘vote MORE worx!!~’

    Dun wanna make a fool of myself here!! 😛

    Kimberlyy aka kim :]]

  118. junie is right! let’s just pretend that is now in hell!pretend he wasn’t around! pretend he didn’t exist! just continue supporting joanne and if we do, she might be voted the most popular star or even better, will be so jealous that he dies!

    so btw, 2, the real Elvin Ng isn’t so bad mouthed-like u. i think u should ashamed of yourself. i dunno any actress or actors get some rude fans like… i don’t know…… YOU!! if want attention, just go give yourself some attention. i mean…………., DUH!

  119. hi joanne jie…….thank for your reply………me today nt feeling well having stomach ache….by the way today i have family BBQ gathering .I End up can’t go cos I nt feeling well my mum call me to stay at home and rest……by the way how was your talk at ngee ann poly?…..I am looking forward to ur next post and ur shw ……mean while take care urself dont overwork .urself…….wish u all the best for ur staraward……..Take care ——wendy——–

  120. Hey lovelies,

    Haha, thanks so much for all your defence, I think it’s alright! Don’t worry, I’m not affected by such comments. It’s a bane of the Internet because people can hide behind the computer say whatever they want with complete disregard for other people’s feelings, but oh well, nothing is perfect right? 🙂

    To the person who left a series of highly vulgar comments, sorry can’t approve them because the uncivilised language used is highly inappropriate for readership here. I would gladly welcome, and share with all Jolliteers, constructive criticisms if you do have any.

    Yet I must say, in some perverse way, I am actually flattered that you actually devote your time to use different computers, visit my blog, so as to hurl abusive insults. Wow, u sure have a lot of angst.

    Don’t let it overwhelm you ya! Maybe you should spend more time visiting the blogs of the artistes you actually like. Don’t breed so much hatred, not good for health!


  121. the one who insulted joanne purpose seek for her attention here….joanne you fell into his trap already that this kind of people shouldn’t be getting concerned replies at all…don’t waste your breath…people are not happy that the insulter just leave a stupid message here and go away…to the insulter you are just making a fool of yourself…see before your big mouth talks…your message is the odd one out of so many greetings here…you think you are what…tell you truthfully, a lot of people are anti Dawn yeoh from popular MCS forum in MCS included…you not happy come and spam rubbish here….get a life…ixxit…you asked for it….

  122. sorry joanne, if my message really hurt people…

    from your fan with love

    Tang Li Jun

  123. Hihi, Joanne

    Wow, how do you know the pranksters use different compters to hurl abusive insults? You know how to check their IPaddress lol? Anyway, I feel contented that you can take such things in your stride and not get deeply and emotionally upset by it. For me, if I encounter such things, I will actually ignore them. Only people who are close to me, I will be emotionally affected, if I get negative comments. Sometimes, I know that friends and family want to point out your weaknesses, so that you will be more aware of yourself, and change, but even though, I will still be sad, because I treasure the friendship and such comments make me feel somewhat “inferior”.

  124. don’t worry, joanne! but next time, you’ve also gotta stand up 4 yourself!

  125. Dear Datoupek,

    Mmm, expensive things doesn’t equal robustness, that is the hard fact of things on the market. Say PC for example, $2000+ PC works as fine as a $3000+ PC, maybe performance wise slightly better, more RAM, powerful video card etc. But in the end functionality wise is still the same. For laptop, maybe aesthetic appearance and light weight may make it cost more. But it doesn’t equal robustness. All laptops will spoil in some way or another if you accidentally drop it hard onto the floor. When you read this commemt, dun ever try it to experiment the truth of this fact, or you may end up paying for repair fees. HeeHee 🙂

  126. Ya Ya !!! Joanne jie jie euu r rite !!!! eu spend more time visting the blogs of the artistes eu actually <3. DON’T spend yr insulting ppl tt eu hate!!
    YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!! & also use yr own name not other ppl name lah!! very lame leh!!!!!!!!! :/

    feel sorry 4 eu joanne jie jie !! just don care bout tt stupid person!! hope u will win this year ‘best actress award’!! gd luck , all d best 😛 😀

  127. also like joanne jie jie say ‘Don’t breed so much hatred, not good for health!’
    really not gd 4 yr health!!

  128. haha!

    thanks for dropping by at junyuan (:

    really <33 youu like siao!

    hope to see you again soon!

  129. joanne jie!
    i think u are real gd person in handling life!
    even recieving so many negative comments
    u still can be so optimistic..
    i think its a gift 🙂
    hope u will be able to handle work life as well aas yr personal life!


    jillian 😀

  130. of course we’re angry. anyway, what is angst? i THINK i know la. cos it sounds something like angry. so that’s y i put of course we’re angry. dat freak is then d idiot. cos he only know one word and no wonder he called you that word. that word is only knows is idiot. so that’s why he’s the idiot! what i said on the other posts was true u know. your english is so good. the beginning of th year, i scored 1/5 4 1 of my worksheets. haha! my friend got 0.

  131. 2,

    the thought of u just makes me angry, dude. i just have so many things 2 say 2 u. u c! joanne doesn’t even bother about your childish act. but hello? this isn’t a childish act. this is a ULTIMATELY babilish act! please grow up. joanne has no time 4 ur boring nonsense. if you’re no longer a child, i really wonder what kind of education you’ve been put through, to actually produce such a social imbecile and have no social morale. this is an actress, you know. and if u hate her, do u have 2 do all this? cos pretend you’re her. do u think u will like it? i think not. cos we’re all living things and we ALL have feelings. even animals do, right? and besides, no matter what u say, it won’t affect ANY OF US. we’re her fans. we won’t allow somebody to “trepass” and then spout nonsense. it won’t hurt us. cos she’s our we like her, her style and her acting! a millions hurtful words u say, a million times we will defend her more! please don’t give her such humiliation and please leave her alone. she’s innocent and i believe that she haven’t done anything 2 u. so please, mister hu-eva, get a life!!!

  132. oi you suck!!! how can you say joannepeh sucks leh?? i really feel like say the “F” word to you hor!!

  133. Hey Jackson,

    If you don’t see your comment posted, it’s not because your computer got problem la, it’s because I haven’t approved it. Cos’ if you send too many of the same comments in, they become viewed as spam and goes straight to the spam folder. Don’t worry okie?

    Anyway, I’m really tired now, everyday is long, and very emotionally charged, so I’m gonna sleep.

    Hope everyone’s doing well and keeping fit!


  134. joanne, did u know that crys is actually crystal? she’s my friend and classmate, u no.

  135. i almost got shocked when i saw your ad smacked right above centrepoint! congrats for being vagary’s promoter and continue striving hard for upcoming dramas! don’t get demoralised just because of some negative comments given by people who anti you.
    sleep well and don’t try to overwork so much!

  136. Joanne Jia you all of us know u can / will make it…Award is waiting for u!!! Seems like that elvin case is not over yet anyway it doesnt matter loh Just be who u r can already…. Any way try to do some stretching as and when ur shoulder and back is aching… I know my massaging sucks were improve de loh…
    I Go study my script for tomorrow liao…. Take Care ok 🙂

  137. hi joanne,

    my busy week finally over. Yesterday worked from 730am to this morning 3am. Then rested awhile and worked from 8am to
    12pm… so tired and groggy whilst driving back home and my driving manner is like snake along the expressway.. luckily I got back home safely.. 😡

    regarding the post, I also thought if it’s because you’ve yet to approve that’s why not reflected.. for my normal cause, once I submit my post, it will state awaiting moderation or something like that, however the recent submission, they did not reflect this remark and so I thought it did not went in lor… apologies.. didn’t mean to spam 😦

    rest more if you can afford to.. long working hours and emotionally charged surroundings can drained you out mentally and I believed that’s much worse than tiring physically… and plus if you are in foul mood, that will be even worse.. drink more herbal tea 🙂

    l0ve, jacks0n

  138. A sms i got from a buddy today, with a meaningful message.


  139. Thanks for sharing DatouPek.

    This message 点醒了我. I am in a state of meeting plenty of setbacks now, trying to reconcile them and one of the main reasons is my bad habits and poor discipline. If NUS should give me one last chance, I will definitely treasure this chance, because I know I must begin to love myself first, before having the ability to care for my loved ones around me. To love myself, I must graduate even though delayed for so long, since it is my dream to work in the either programming or research line. Without the degree, I wil find myself far from my goals. I also realize if I dun love myself by going back to my old “wanton” ways, I find I give a lot of anguish and worry of my loved ones, since they sincerely hope I will succeed, and worry for my mental health. Wish me success, I hope I can mature and learn from my mistakes, instead of repeating them again and again.

  140. cyeokpeng,

    hope all will be well for you… strive for the best, only then will u have no regrets whatever it turns out to be… i believe you can do it 🙂

    regards jacks0n

  141. i love the vagary series. like to get one for my girlfriend. where are the possible outlets?

  142. is vagary unisex?

  143. busy busy j0anne! missing u!

    rgds jacks0n

  144. Dear DatouPek,

    Thank you for your nice and encouraging words. Though I never met you in person, through the interactions here with you, I know you are quite a nice person. If I should get an engineering degree at the end of next year, and get a decent job, I will remember your kind words, and meet up with you in person to give you a treat, my treat of course. 🙂

    Right now, I am trying to stay away from my bad habits, including online gaming (cough cough DOTA), spending on hobbies (cough cough Magic the Gathering trading cards game) etc. Waste of money I feel if I don’t even earn an income. I actually will feel guilty after spending, because it is not my hard-earned money. Instead, I am trying to find a part-time job in the Food and service line to train myself to become a better person. At least, I will feel more confident interacting with all sorts of people (customers, supervisor, colleagues etc.) so that my communication skills will not worsen when I graduate.

    See how, experiment with this new lifestyle while studying may hope to get rid of my lazy bad habit. Anyway, Life is full of experiments, as one of my friends told me, as long as it is positive attitude, why not try it?

  145. Tim, yes vagary is unisex

  146. cyeokpeng,

    your new lifestyle sounds interesting and seems that you are squeezing in more stuffs into your available time and that should do you good I suppose. At least now you discover things that you ought to change and you’ve made radical changes to my opinion 🙂

    cheers jacks0n

  147. hi joanne ..

    just to comment ..btw the watch which has a shape of the juke box looks good on you ..

    when i was at Orchard on my way home, I saw the VAGARY advertisement that feature you.. well, you look great in it that it catches my attention.. =)

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