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Quick update

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging, it’s just I’m up to my neck with my work. For a brief update, I’ve finished shooting my ep of “Princesses and The Dude” and I’m not sure my ep is going to air. I will post an update when I do okie?

Last night, I went back to Junyuan Pri for the “Nostalgia Evening” (gals and guys, I had a really good time, you were all very hospitable!), and I had to rush off to attend Bella’s A-List Stylish People party. Had the privilege of judging some ten beautiful and talented women there! By the time I got home, I had a splitting headache that took away my spirit and soul till this morning. *bleah* Now, I’m ok! 🙂

Studio filming is going to start soon, and that means no time to come here at all! 😦 I will be filming outdoors too, so hours start from 7am to 12.30 am continuously on some days. I will probably knock out every night. Sorry sorry, I’ll try to read all your comments and emails ok?

Got to get back to my scripts now, plenty of scenes tomorrow.

Goodnight all!