I wanted to share this piece of good news with everyone, but it seems like many of you knew it already!

I’m really happy and grateful to those who love Chun Chun and daddy! It’s a wonderful gift. 🙂

Recently I’ve been busy preparing for my new drama which starts in early November, and this time the role is very challenging, so I need to spend a bit more time reading the scripts and understanding the character, so it’s not that I’ve forgotten all of you ok?

Lastly, thank you all so much for the kind words, encouragement and support.

Love ya all! *muak*

(19 Oct 2007, 联合早报副刊)


好开心哦!谢谢大家对纯纯和 Daddy 的支持!


75 responses to “礼物

  1. hi joanne,have been reading the newspaper(coz’ very free)
    but never see you lehh..which page issit??
    and..for the star awards..i surely vote for you de;)

  2. COngrats…saw that this morning at xin.sg………..hahah…my god, seems like i am coming here more n more….

    anyway Like Father Like Daughter is really nice, gam ba te for ur next show!

    Back to my proj><

  3. sorri… but next time can if you put up an entry in chinese can you also put in english… cause my com cannot read chinese… u dun hav to if u dun wanna… sorri for the trouble…

  4. Yay!! =]

    I voted for uu so many times liao =] Last nite could not sleep cos we watched news etc. den found out you gort nominated for Best Actress Award! So happy until cannot sleep man! (Me&My another fren!)

    Jiayous =D Gna vote for you more mann! Hehehehe! Jiayouss! Yesterday 6.30pm and 10pm channel 8 news all have your pic and the star awards nominees blah blah. YAY! JIAYOUS!

    Kim :]] Cheers!

  5. Whats does it said ohh ? i don’t quite understand leh ..haha

  6. 哈儸!

  7. wish you luck in everything you do:D don’t opt for panda eyes! do find time to sleep 😀

  8. Hi Joanne!
    gosh! i knew u would make it!
    u are just so great! i wanna be like you when i grow up…too bad i not as pretty as you XP
    congrats to 纯纯和 Daddy!
    but i lost today’s newspaper…so sad, i cant read the article…
    haiz…but i most probbly wouldn’t understand it, cos its in chinese…so chim….
    anyways! cant wait for your new movie!

  9. hey joanne, did you use a scanner or did you simply take a picture of the article? haha, i’m quite curious because there are appears to be some folds (but then a scanner would flatten these things out), so i assumed you took a picture of it (but i always never manage to take pictures of articles properly. hahaa)

  10. Mei Ying Joanne

    Congrats, Joanne! Take care & All the best to u in 《红星大奖》. 🙂

  11. support you! although see some comments from xin.sg not very nice to you, you should win and then let them see your ability.

  12. congrats for being nominated for best actress for the role dai chunchun…jia you !!

  13. Hi Joanne,
    Congrts for being nominated for the best actress.Must jia you and don’t let us down.
    Hui San

  14. hey vern,

    yep, it was camera-taken. 😉

  15. hi ! i just wanna wish you all e best for the Star Awards o7.
    Jiayou ! :b

  16. heyy great photography skills man. haha i assume it was taken with some pro camera you have right.

    btw, care to share what new role you were talking about? sounds interesting. (:

  17. Hihi Joanne,
    Dreamt about u last night!!!Hope u will win an award or more during star awards!!!Bye..

  18. and Joanne,will u be part of the ‘Star Awards Prelude’ if yes tell us k,so we will be able to watch..saw ur pics at the back screen a few times!!!Bye,and take care:)

  19. 孤单小精灵


  20. For viewing of chinese words:

    I doubt Joanne will repeat what she wrote in Chinese to English……..cos I do blog in chinese and my friends too complained about it (but i got overseas friend who can only read chinese > select “Encoding” -> select Unicode (UTF-8) …. if you dun have such encoding, most likely a box will pop up and ask u to download/install such things…normally it will be completed by clicking OK ………or Yes…..hee. (but sometimes u do need to insert your window CD again) ops…hope i nv confuse u …….

    To take a photo of article / books etc instead of scanning:
    All u need to do is ensure there it is bright enough and try to take the picture directly above the article, try not to take it from an angle ^_^

    ok….i sound techie in this post…..ops

  21. ops…i realise that i overwritten some of my own word…to view chinese in IE can try these steps:
    Go to “view” at the menu -> select “Encoding” -> select Unicode (UTF-8)

  22. Well, Vern you are really very sharp and observant. And also great analytical thinking! (If I didn’t read your post, I wouldn’t even notice anything.)

    Anyway, yeah, again Congrats to Joanne 🙂 入围是一种肯定. Dun take to heart what other people say about that actually you shouldn’t win, because you DO win. Anyway, continue to work hard for your coming project, and let us fans see your good acting skills 🙂 again.

    As an audience, the key to a good actress or actor is for them to see the chemistries between the different characters. I do like and am able to feel the strong chemistry between father and daughter Chun Chun, Chun Chun and his Prince Charming (yeah the look of loving in Chun Chun’s eyes when she thinks of her Prince, disappointment too when her Prince does not reciprocate the love, when in fact the Prince dream princess is actually her in full make-up etc etc), not to forget Chun Chun with her good friends in “宝贝父弩兵”) Let us fans again feel 感受 the new chemistries in your new show! Jia You!
    Yoke Peng

  23. yeah! grats for being nominated for best actress~! woo.. way to go!

  24. wow… CONGRATS!! hahax.. long time no leave a comment here! how are you? do takecare!

  25. Attn All Joanne Fans,

    Our Joanne is in the TOP 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Please call & vote for her, let her get into Top 10 this yrs. Joanne really all you support. Her nos is 1900 112 30 33.




  26. haha… CONGRATS JOANNE!

    told u liao, u sure get Best Actress 1… now nominated is only 1st stage, 2nd stage will be knocking on your door soon..

    hint* and the Best Actress goes to……………….

    I rem u told me that u have a long way compared to those veterans, well.. u are walkin the same journey as those veterans now! excited bo? i’m like soooooOOOoooo hapi for u… almost had to make appt wif the broken leg specialist wen i heard the news lo.. ahah..
    i will definitely vote for u 1…

    hopfully my prediction bout Like Father Like Daughter part 2 for next yr will come true too.. hehex..

    take carez of urself and sleep early 2nite ya.. 🙂

  27. joanne!! where r uuuuuu

  28. Hi Joanne
    Congrats. Hope you will bring home best actress award. Congrats to your good friend “Ah Lian” on best new comer and best supporting actress nominations. Hope she will bring home the award. Happy for GePing too. Hope he will bring home the best actor award.

    I enjoyed watching Like Father Like Daughter. All of you acted well. If GePing and “Ah Lian” has blog, please let me know. Thanks:)

  29. congrats joanne being nominated for Best Actress category too. Hope so much that you will be able to win the Top 10 Actress and the Best Actress…. I will still vote for you in the Top 10 Actress… Best Actress we can’t vote right? If cann0t then I shall pray hard f0r you and d0 whatever is possible.. 😀

    your new show requires you to spend more time I believed now you mentioned le all of us will understand.. I am certain this will bring your career and performance to another higher level..

    Alright I shall go to bed.. just came home after night shift… as usual haven bath and haven eat came in here to see your new post and comments 🙂

    supp0rt y0u, jacks0n!

  30. melissa miss j0anne

    j0anne jiie u won so happy man!! hmmmm..all da best yesh..anywya did u receuve the pics??

  31. yoz joanne, congrats!!

  32. thanks ET for the explanation. i try to do that too, but always end up having a shadow of the camera in the way.

    and thanks Yoke Peng for the compliment! 😀 though i would say that it’s curiousity more so than having an analytical mind. haha.

  33. joanne wan shui

  34. i prefer you long hair instead of fake hair

  35. I noe this comes abit late but all the same, juz wanna congratulate u on being nominated for the Best Actress award! =)

  36. Hey Melissa,

    Nope, didn’t receive the pics.
    Try sending again? Or double check the email address.


  37. ^^ hoho.. u’re online eh!..

  38. vern,

    ensure you are not standing in the way of the light source^^

  39. hey joanne.

    decided to drop by while working on my latest proposal.

    its really double happiness, i would say. u got into the best actress nomination list ❤ and i got promoted! whooohooo 😀

    well, i must say our hard work has indeed paid off. after all those countless sleeps we had and pain we gone through, it really is time that heaven reward us. hahas.

    seeing you having so many endless supporters out there, i really admire you and here’s wishing you all the best in you career. lets work together to produce better results in the future. once again, CONGRATULATIONS! (:

    Your fellowmate,

  40. hello joanne!

    i must seem a new face to you here right. yes, i just recently drop by your old blog which eventually relinked me here. blame me for being so outdated 😛

    anyways, grats for being nominated top 10 and best actress. just recently read the news on xin.sg.. guess i really am outdated huh. the endless works the office’s giving has stole the precious time i had on the computer back then.. sighs

    btw, how do we become a member of the fan club? missed your post a few days back and hadnt find time to read it over. please reply soon!

    till then, all the best! will be looking forward to the 16th december where i will be at the star awards for the 2nd time! cheers!

    ❤ lisabelle leanne

  41. lol…………………

  42. HaHa..Wish u can receive the best actress award! G00d Luck^^

  43. Congratulate!!!I love your show very much!especially (like father like daughter)!!!

  44. Hi!!!!!!you are my idol do you know?I like your hair in the show {like father like daughter}!!!!!!

  45. 哈咯!恭喜你噢。。希望你能进入十大。。

  46. 恭喜“纯纯”和“老爸”喽~~这部戏看了好几遍:)

  47. melissa miss j0anne

    oh ok j0anne jiie..will try sending it aqain bax..keke anyway congratulate once aqain on winning the best actress award haha…wan shui!! when i send le..then will let you know aqain,ok?

    miss y0u j0anne jiie.

  48. thanks for putting it in english.. sorry if it caused too much trouble…THANKS!muacks…

  49. Joanne! =) Jia you in whatever u do! Best actress wors! XD Beat all the veterans ah? XD hahas!

  50. Hihi Joanne,
    Do u prefer long hair or short hair,i tink both looks nice on u!!heehee:) Bye,and take care!!

  51. and there is another girl name ‘Germaine’,?? dunnoe who is she!!

  52. 恭喜呀,薇秀姐,入围“最佳女主角”奖项。

  53. hey joanne. congrats on the 2 nominations for star awards. ure really fantastic! woo (:

    may i ask how you transferred yr previous blog posts (the ones in ajollyaffair.blogspot.com) to this wordpress blog? so that i can appear under ur archives.. pls help!

    thanks many many 🙂

    supporting u always! cheers (;

  54. Dear Joanne jie,

    YAY. Its all over the new =] Haahahaha! LOLS. Jiayou jiayou jiayous! YAY!

    Kim :]]

  55. sorry not new , its NEWS. LOL!

  56. melissa miss j0anne

    hmmmm..j0anne jiie..is the email ajollyaffair@yahoo.com.sg?

  57. hi joanne jie jie,

    hope to see your new show soon… oh ya, todae just came back from my councillor camp… the camp was really tough and tiring.. btw, what’s the title of the show which was coming up on nov?


  58. Hi Joanne,

    do u still remember me, the contestant for the BRANDS gameshow?
    thanks for everything on that day..=) it was fun but i was feeling real nervous! haha…

    Congrats you, being nominated for Top 10 and Best Actress..
    hope to see u on stage receiving awards! and..
    Wish you all the BEST!
    Good Luck!


  59. haloz joanne !~

    congrats been nominated…

    jia you !! all the best !! hope u win it ~~

  60. BBFNB remind me of stephen chow

  61. Dear Joanne,

    Congrats to you!! 🙂
    It was quite unexpected for me really, because I have been too preoccupied working to think about what might come out of it. I guess that’s why it’s a really wonderful present.

    Yes, let’s jiayou!



  62. Hi Leanne,

    You can click on a “Fan Club” page and you’ll find details on the banner on how to join the fanclub. Alternatively, you can also click on the Yahoo Groups link at the side, and send your details to Meiling to ask for an invitation.

    Thank you so much for your support!


  63. Teresa,

    我已经电邮美玲 了1
    再让你知道 ok?


  64. 陈Dear 勇乐
    Thank you!

  65. Dear Joy,

    There’s an import function under My Dashboard that facilitates the transfer. Try searching for it?


  66. Dear Melissa,

    Yes that’s right 🙂

  67. Dear Alicia,

    I’m not sure yet though cos’ there have been a few changes. Once we’re more settled in, I’d let u know okie?

  68. Wei Qiang!!!!

    Of course I remember you! We had a good chance of winning, but your opponent too strong! Heehee…:)

    Thanks for ur support! U have my toll number! 😉


  69. whooots (;

    have i done something or what? i asked the boss for 4 days leave and he readily agreed man! wheeehuu!

    lady luck has started knocking on my door! wonder when she will start stepping into the house. by then, i’ll be like, over the moon! maybe even the universe!

    i guess you’re right. once we persevere, the outcome would indeed be so so so so so so so so great! well, of course i know this isnt time to be slackening now although lady’s luck on my side. maybe just one day, i’ll be CEO. wooohooo! (am i thinking too much?)


    Joanne Lim xD

  70. 薇秀姐姐你好!


    真佩服你。每天忙忙碌碌的,却还能抽出时间来blog, 一句怨言也没有。



    Probably the most youngest fan,
    jeanna_ling@hotmail.com 😀

  71. haha. i’ve found it! yay.

    thanks joanne 🙂

  72. 嗨Teresa,




    谢谢! 🙂


  73. melissa miss j0anne

    hmmmmm…j0anne jiiiee…s0 did y0u receive the pix?h0pe y0u did.!
    hmmmmm…h0pe to see you real so0n yeahx..and take care…and JIAYOUS (((:

    love you!


  74. HI!! nice to meet!! i wish u good luck in ur new drama!! and i hope u can be into the top ten!! and i also heard that u always fall sick, so u really have to take care of urself!!ok!
    take care!!

  75. Hey Joanne,

    Even my older sister who doesnt watch tv loved that show so much you know.
    that show was really funny and great.
    Anyw, keep on rocking.
    Take care!



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