Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time reading. My scripts aside, I actually stumbled on 2 new magazines in the market, so out of curiosity, I decided to buy a copy each to take a look.

The first one is a French adapted magazine “L’Officiel” and I was drawn to the pretty picture of the model on the cover! The fashion photography is rather brilliant and the articles are very up-market.

The second one is a local magazine “Smitten” which is all about shopping, so it’s good for those who like to know where to buy dresses, bags, accessories etc.


I’ve also recently started on 2 new books, “Lolita” and “Foods To Fight Cancer”. The coincidental thing is that I actually started reading the latter before I knew I would be involved in the Cancer Charity Show next Sunday. So I guess by some twisted fate, it all came together.

I never walk out of a bookstore without buying a book, which is a very bad habit, because there’s so much I want to read and so little time to do it. I read based on my mood, that’s why sometimes you’ll see me reading all sorts of books on different topics.

Reading fiction is like watching a movie, only it’s my own imagination. And it’s more fun that way!

As for non-fiction titles, they vary, because they can be about religion, or about health or even about stock investing (bleah, which I realise is not my cup of tea for now).

The only finance-economics-related book that I can swallow would be books like “The Undercover Economist”. It’s written in a very conversational way, which makes it easy to read and understand (although some of the real-life examples are very US-based). I was very intrigued by how a lot of pricing decisions, or even our own decisions made are related to economics.

I can’t derive more joy from reading, but for now, I got to go concentrate on my scripts and prepare for an audition tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Although I think chances are quite slim 😦

Oh yes by the way, what’s everybody reading? Feel free to share!


Loves ya all!

58 responses to “Reading

  1. well….i read kinda weird stuff, recently I am into those 四书五经 stuff…read 论语, got few other books waiting for me to “touch” them are 史记 , 千字文 and etc…

    Kinda weird i know, but then i sorta like 论语。。。子曰 …..
    well kids nowaday shd be taught abit of 儒家思想 … though i do not agree to all saying in it.

    go luck to ur audition….am going out for my first paid photo-taking session….haven been touching my camera since i am back from exchange program at HK…hope later things goes well for me too!


  2. oh btw….stock is probably too time consuming for u….(for me too)…but maybe you can take a look at fund investment. is always good to know how to let ur $$ work harder for you 🙂

    if you are interested i can send u some SG online investment link.


  3. HEY hi!(:

    ALL THE BEST for your audition tml! Believe in yourself:D

    I love reading too, plus exams are long over & hols are ALMOST here so it’s a good time to read&read&read. haha.

    I’m currently reading ‘My Story’ by Dave Pelzer, which is a compilation of his 3 volumes altogether. I’m re-reading it now because I remember reading 3 greatttt books when I was younger and I missed them. It’s still very nice now.

    I finished ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ before this, it’s a spectacular book.

    Take care & seeya<3

  4. ALL THE BEST! 😀
    believe in yourself!

  5. hihi Joanne,
    I have only been reading,8 days magazine and i-weekly!!I would cut out photos and collect after reading!!I have a whole bunch of photos in albums,files, and sketch books..I would always buy bothe these magazine every week..haha!!Bye,take care..drink lots of water dun be too stress up kk..Bye!!:)

  6. Hohoho, Joanne, I never know you consider buying books everytime you go to bookstore a Bad Habit, which I think is a Good Habit, that i constantly strive to inculcate. But never succeeded. In this time and age, Sinaporeans are too busy with their careers and other things, to have some quality time on their own quietly reading and learning new knowledge. Even reading fiction also helps us in many ways, first to destress, to take off your mind from mundane routines and the fun of entering into the fantasy settings of the fiction books. It also improves our English too. It brings a lot of joy, agreed. The non-fiction books gives us new knowlwedge on life, and certain skills if we wish to upgrade ourselve o certain aspects of life, like comupter skills, cookery etc.

    Oh, and I nearly forget to wish you best of luck in your audition! You can do it! 🙂

    Rgds, Yoke Peng

  7. hehe..of course.i have been reading la..i like so free..
    err..joanne..i flip the newspaper( the one in the previous entry you made) abt like so many times.still cannot find lehs.where issit?
    and issit you will be quite busy these days?hope you can blog more often!
    Love ya,

  8. wat audition? how come YOU needa go for an audition??? anyways.. good luck.. now i’m on this book called – the child called it- borrowed from a very good friend… it’s a very sad story actually… it’s about this boy who is tortured by his mum and who longs to be loved… his father doesn’t care anymore… he is treated like a servant in his house… he is only occasionally fed… it’s based on a true story though…

  9. ohh.. btw, out of all the artises who has blogs… you’re the only one who actually updates frequently… so i pei fu you for that.. you’re so busy yet you still have time for your ever so loyal fans… haha… loveya always.. and good luck in all you do…don’t worry… worry is the senseless process of allowing leftover problems of yesterday to distract you today and clutter up tomorrow’s opportunities… worry also pulls yesterday’s cloud over today’s sunshine… so don’t worry event though you don’t not make it… cause in our hearts, you’re always the best… 🙂

  10. 8 days and i-weekly (;

    im not into books cos i hate books and i wont like books. well, unless you consider magazine’s books den you can say im well into them!


  11. hihi, what audition are you going for?
    Anyway, all the best for your audition.
    Just give your best. Even if you do not suceed, you know that you have already done your best.
    I have not really been reading recently.
    PSLE is over and i relax alot nowadays.
    of cos , i have to treasure the time i have left with my classmates.
    hmm, maybe i will go to the bookstore during the weekends when i am free to buy some books to read. cannot slack too much de..
    okays, buh-byes.mwarks.

    Much love always,
    Jing Wen(:

  12. BTW, talking about “The Undercover Economist” book, Joanne, have you ever taken up an Level 1 Economics module in NTU, or even in high-school levels? Economics is a bit hard to understand, I nearly fail the module, but I passed yeah. Unless you take time to digest it, and grow fond of it. So many wierd concepts which are so different from the Principle of the Laws of Nature, becos it is a science of human interaction and finance.

    Should have, unless you may find reading that book you have said very hard to understand. Economics is not what you can get from reading the books first time! 😉

  13. hey joanne.yep i think it’s really good to read more bt sadly i’ve lost the interest to read since sec1 cos i’ve been too busy with exams and stuff. now i only read Teens magazine and it’s really great! haha.

  14. – the child called it-.. is actually the same story mentioned by adria…by dave pelzer…just that it’s the three books joined into one thick but small book… it’s very interesting.. so far… took 3 days to fininsh reading the first 2 parts.. haha..

  15. hi.. oh.. i found your post abt 19 minutes book.. hahas.. i totally missed it.. anewae.. i haven finish reading my 19 minutes.. but the book turn out reli good, just like you said.. oh.. but my book cover is a boy and girl sitting alongside.. i heard the cover is not like that de.. hahas.. whats your book coverpage? kk.. take good care.. enjoy reading always..

  16. heyyy good luck for your auditions. maybe they’ll be impressed with your recent nomination and decide to cast you? :p hope you get the role so we’d get to see you on tv!

  17. if only i had that gd reading habit of yrs! ):

    &thanks so much for updating so frequently so that i always look forward to yr posts!

    love (:

  18. haha.. i don’t really like to read, unless i’m in the mood for it. jia you for your audition tomorrow Joanne!

  19. wat audition?but i wish you lots of luck and all the best! I’m sure you can do it.

    You should read a child called it by Dave Pelzer.It a good story and it a real life story.


  20. Hi Joanne!
    i read all jodi picoult’s books, currently waiting for the new one!
    anyway, im reading ‘My Best Friends’ Girl’ by dorothy ______
    sorry, i forgot the full name, will tell you next time kayy?
    you read before?
    Cos its really nice!
    go read it!!!
    hahas, (to nat…) i read ‘A Child called It’ too!
    okok, very random…
    I read all the books that other ppl mentioned above XD
    looks like these are the few very popular books and everyone’s reading them!
    heh heh, Good Luck for your auditions!
    cya on tv soon!!
    take cares bye!

  21. GOODLUCK!!! since i have no more exams for the time being….i shall give you all my luck now!!!!!! today i was flipping thru my magazines…i saw you on one of the cover page on seventeen!!:P haha. have lots of rest and do not fall sick!!!!!!:D

  22. melissa miss j0anne

    hmmm.. to nat: that sh0ws n0 matter h0w busy j0anne can be..we fans are always in her heart when she at comp she will try to update and keep us inform of things happening!! hmmmm..

  23. The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is a fantastic read.

    Sad and touching, it gets you on your knees.

  24. I love thriller novels by Jeffrey Archer. Have just finished reading two of his books. One of them is his latest novel called False Impression. Sadly, it was a bit disappointing. He seems to have lost his touch of twists in his latest book.

    Next book I pick up will most likely be his latest collection of short stories, Cat O’Nine Tales:'Nine_Tales . Hopefully the twists in them do not disappoint. 🙂

  25. hey joanne!

    good luck for your audition tomorrow. stay cool and keep calm. there’s no point going through the scripts over and over again. just do your best and reeeee-lax (;

    stay positive and always maintain a smile 🙂 im sure you can do it! give it your best shot! you’d always have my support. wheehuu ❤


  26. joanne, i’ve been reading different type of books
    but it depends weather i’ve time to read it or not
    well, among all those artises you’re the only one
    who updates frequently even though you’re too busy
    so i shall stop it here

    jia ying =)

  27. Hi Joanne,

    what audition are you going for? Care to share? Hope all goes well for you!!

    I actually don’t really read till recently when I stumble upon a book which is something like “why woman cry and man lie..” title is somewhere along that line which the 2 authors (which are husband and wife) sharing their knowledge and experience on relationship between men and women. So far half way through and it’s quite interesting. Shall go and check the actual title of the book again and post here… I left the book in my car and forgotten the actual title :p

    I personally feel reading is good as it really need us to think, imagine which in turn make us use our brains! haha.. and furthermore I think that constant reading also really make us maintain or if not improve our language usage.. if we never really read, I think our language depth will be confine to our daily conversation with the “la.. lor.. lei..” in short singlish!

    I ought to spend more time on reading.. maybe to kick start shall follow you read the 2 books that you posted here.. hopefully I understand the authors!

    Joanne, hope you enjoy reading your new scripts.. cause only when you will only be happy if you enjoy in what you do and the result will always be good! If it gets too dry or boring, hope you can see it in another angle and hopefully it will be better for you..

    looking forward to hearing from you again..

    l0ve, jacks0n!

  28. Joanne!!!!! hehehes!!!! Wow that cute little pig!!!!! LOLS! Thanks for putting that picture up! XD Anyway hope u enjoy ur day man! Today,i accompany my friend and went to pat mok,Julian and others event and do manicure LOL all money earn is for charity,first time i am doing it man,kena caught by all the crew and got to go for it hahas!I will be going on tv again LOL!Manicure is so nice please!XD $50 for one la,artiste Julian help me do abit for the sake of filming LOL.Anyway enjoy urself man Joanne! Rocks on! =) I think i still earn la,50% manicure,with ard 200 vouchers related and stuff and the lucky draw i won a champagne!XD

  29. Wish u the best of luck for your audition!
    Must share the good news after that…haha

    btw…i’m reading LBD The Great Escape by Grace Dent recently…
    actually i bought this book years ago…
    and then thrown aside=X
    only recently i dug it out and started reading it…haha
    anyway…this book is about these 3 teenage girls’ and their school and lifestyle…more of a adventurous story…

    and i’m glad i started reading again after so many years…haha

  30. Hi Joanne! CONGRATS for being nominated for Best Actress ya! i wasnt surprised when i saw your name there coz u really acted very well in BBFNB n i expected it since then! anyway, congrats again!
    I believe u will win! All the best!! =)
    Jia you!
    And Jia you for the Cancer charity show too! =)
    Gd luck for your audition tmr =)
    Yea, reading is really a gd habit, esp dat u still spend some of your time to do so despite your busy schedule! =)
    Alritey, take care n stay happy! remem to drink lots of water! =)

  31. hello Joanne I advice you to buy this book title “The Secret”.This book not bad.All about life.Take Care.

  32. hi joanne jie jie,

    i also love reading story books but most of the time in my daily life, i read horror stories like MR MIDNIGHT… atually i also love all those kind of investigators story books.. it was like someone got killed then the investigators will try to find out who killed him and why he was killed…

    i also like magazines but my mum do not allow me to buy cos she say its a waste of money so sometimes, i am feeling sad not to have any magazines at home to read..

    oh ya, i would like to congrats you for being nominated for the BEST ACTRESS AWARD.. CONGRATUATION!

    and also, JIAYOU for your cancer charity show.. joanne jie jie, JIAYOU! JIAYOU! JIAYOU! wish you good luck for everything..

    with lots of love,

  33. if your audition shi bai.. don’t worry because the outcome in anything doesn’t matter… just as long as you did your best.. which i think you did.. haha…

  34. ohem… you see, the type of bks is easy to see if you understand me… i love geronimo stilton. its way hilarious. so anyways, good luck on “developing” your reading habits! btw, i got 2 classmates called clarissa and joy too. joy is a nice girl while clarissa is worse than i thought. she’s way talkative. i became her nemesis since the FIRST day i came 2 school. i mean first day. i didn’t know what the school was like. yes, millions hate her. joy is this term’s monitor. she’ll be going to Americe after end of year exams. then she’ll come back next august!

    supports 4 u!


  35. Geronimo Stilton’s* America*

  36. ops….just remembered..on top of those chinese books, recently i just finished “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. hhee….

  37. I’m reading a book called “Nature’s Curiosity Shop”. It’s very interesting, although it was published in 1995.
    Out of curiosity, what is your new drama about, and who will co-star?
    Good luck for your audition! What audition, BTW?

  38. hie miss joanne…um noting much to sae hope you have fun reading and learning LOL

  39. +-+miko kagome+-+

    I wasn’t about to leave a comment here until I saw “Oh yes by the way, what’s everybody reading? Feel free to share!”. How can I miss the chance of sharing books I really love to read? I am totally hooked on the UGLIES “trilogy”(it consists of UGLIES,PRETTIES and SPECIALS) by Scott Westerfeld. Why the use of an inverted commas? That’s because its not really a trilogy after the release of the fourth book named EXTRAS on 2 October 2007. Anyway, this is a science fiction series that is set in a future world in which everyone who reach the age of 16 must receive an operation to turn them into Pretties(incredibly beautiful people). So the story is basically about the fact that many people are having cosmetic surgery and is something that we can relate to, along with lots of action packed scenes and some romance. But as for EXTRAS, the main character is changed(Aya Fuse.) but set in the same world in which to continue as to what happen after SPECIALS. EXTRAS is set in Japan and it speaks about fame. Meaning of people who wants to get famous and there’s a rank to monitor your fame. By getting famous, you can have more access to things.(Maybe something you can relate to? After all you are a star….) You can read a review of it at and also more information on this “trilogy” at .

    Well, I am more of romance kind of girl so this “trilogy” something really different for me and something I can totally relate to.

    Hmm~~today’s the day of the audition…wonder how it goes? Hope that all is well!

    I really love the show 《宝贝父女兵》. Congratulations for being nominated!

    Sorry for being so long winded!

    +-+miko kagome+-+

  40. Hi Joanne~ (:

    I love to read as well ever since I was a kid x) I love those kind of mystery stories like Nancy drew and those v simple but nice detective stories when I was young. The reason is because it is easier to understand when it is simple. And because of the mysterious content there which made me want to continue reading on so it is best to keep the context simple but descriptive!=D

    I love to be involved in an imaginative world as well when I am reading storybooks. The continueous reading automatically brings me into series of imagination as I follow the story so it is even better than watching tv at times=) This is how I think that stories are meant for us to be involved into the character’s part as well=) hehe. But it has been a long time since I ever touched on them because of busy schedule on touching on college notes. lol.

    All the best in ur acting and audition as well! If you want to do well, you must have faith in yourself first which is v important! Take care and will always visit your blog=) You have acted well in bao bei fu nu bing. Hope u get another different character to act soon too!=)


  41. Many congrats to your Best Actress nomination, Joanne! I shall see u again soon… 🙂

  42. hi joanne!

    ‘my story’ and ‘the child called it’ seems interesting to read about. i’d just finish reading ‘can you keep a secret?’ by sophie kinsella. find it rather dissapointing but still a good read. after exams i’ll start reading the shopalic series given to me as a birthday present. lol. but i wish to read all jodi picoult’s book ever since you mentioned and everyone discussed about her books here. and also my best friend’s girl by dorothy koomson mentioned by huiling. the synopsis really attracts me to read the book!


  43. Like you,i love reading too but sometimes just don’t have the time! And the smell of books in a bookstore never fails to tempt me to buy a book or two! 😆

    I just got “a spot of bother” by Mark Haddon, so this is my current read!

    To relax,i love to read chick lit but i also do like some heavy reading once in a while to learn something out of the books. Mitch Albom writes great books that make your mind tick and Sophie Kinsella writes great chick lit! You can try reading their books when u have the time! ;D

  44. Hihi, how did ur audition go?

  45. Hi Joanne !
    You may want to read this book called ..
    ” The Five People You Meet In Heaven ”
    Its a nice book ..
    And its written by Mitch Albom .
    Stay hAppy & smile always (:

  46. hi . i am a great fan of yours and i hope to see y0u winning the top ten female awards . jiayou .
    ps . i am rereadin the harry potter series (:

  47. I’m reading the magazine-project smitten as well!
    it’s debut was the Oct issue & i’m already a subscriber~

    I love books by Mitch Albom & Nicholas Sparks
    becos their stories are great and it never fails to inspire me… well i do agree that there are soo many books that we want to read but yet there’s just so lil time for it!
    nevertheless, reading is good so no matter how busy,
    we can still always find time to read because there’s 24hours a day for us afterall. (:

  48. hello joanne jie, how are u this few days ? me very happy finally finished all my exam ,but both of my hand very pain because i had injection yesterday at school….i love to read all kind of english book example Animorphs the story is very gd……and Guid Blyton ,Mr Midnight the author is Jame lee ………i love reading his book because all the story is nice and intresting……… and i also like to read magzine and comics i love to read doramone and disney princess and i not stupid …….for magzine i love to read 8 day and i weekly and disney princess ……….sian 2moro i still have chinese dance…….friday i still have IT training…..bye gtg…take care!

  49. hello joannejie,today my mood nt so gd ..someone keep faking me.what shall i do?

  50. hi joanne

    im currently reading yann martel’s ‘life of pi’. d book’s been out for quite won the man booker prize 2002. lots of self-imagination to be used..

    congrats on ur nomination n all d best for d star awards

    ade (“,)

  51. heys Joanne, found a book to read.. i have to read it ( no choice). its my literature book next yr! — Whale rider. 😀

  52. I dont quite like to read but normally i like imaginary stuffs as it is easier to understand. Some times i will pick up some of the text book i have to read and this are the only fiction books that i normally read.:D

  53. hi, the audition is the one jesseca got it from raintree right. Wat a waste i never like her she is such a fake! I think she stole quite a few role from you ya. jia you Joanne.

  54. d3viil xiiao derr love joanne

    heyy joanne… jiayou… the truth siiak.. i wan the fake have bo ??? haha.. lols.. take care… lot of love and misses… Muakk…

  55. Hi Joanne,

    guess this comment is kinda late…been reading ur past entries and i just got to comment when i read that u were reading lolita. I read it and simply loved the book and nabokov’s writing…simply hilarious. I’ve also read the picture of dorian gray…like it too. Recommend to the lighthouse by virginia woolf (the writing’s not easy to understand, had to read the book twice but it is a gd reflection of life) and books by muriel spark like the prime of ms jean brodie and loitering with intent. for non-fiction, can tru nasim nicholas taleb’s fooled by randomness and black swan, worth a read.

  56. i guess this comment is super late…been reading through your past entries..i also cant step out of a book stall without buying a book…that’s why my mum’s been scolding me about buying books…anyways have you try reading books by Nicholas Sparks?? heard his books are really good…currently reading The Last Song by him…

    • Hi Martha,

      I share the same predicament as you. When I was a child, my mom also never encouraged me to buy books hence, we use the library a lot. 🙂


      • haha…thanks for the reply…i never go to the library unless i’m going to study with my friends…all the books that i read are bought…

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