Do Women Crave the Limelight more than Men?

Last Sunday morning I went to Barfly at The Cannery, Clarke Quay for Florence Lian’s talkshow. Since it was my first time on a CNA talkshow, I was quite excited, and I ended up on a “shutter-high”. Hee hee…

Oh and by the way, the topic for that episode was “Do women crave the limelight more than men?” What do you think?


(from left to right) Marie, Flo and Me


The producers behind the show…GIRL POWER!


The men who were going to be on the panel already deep in discussion. Look at how excited Phin (extreme right) is?


Joan (our hair and make-up artiste) and us fooling around. NG picture!


Now we’re all in…


Cameras gonna roll, gotto get the host looking pretty pretty!


The lovely Andrea.


And Marie, getting dolled up. 🙂

34 responses to “Do Women Crave the Limelight more than Men?

  1. Joanne,

    A bit hard to answer you question, too xuan. For I am not woman, Haha. For me, I am quite camera shy, so will definitely siam all the mediacorp cameras. I remember in one variety show in AMK hub (something about participating in real-time acting competition, forgot the actual name), I was busily trying to siam the crew from catching me to volunteer as a participant. But I would also like to see how the competitors act too (curious), so still stay there to watch. So for me, I will actually hide away from limelight.

    I think we cannot compare the craving for limelight between gender, I think it is more about the personality of the person involved. Usually, extroverts are usually the ones craving for limelight, because they are better at expressing themselves in action and words. For introverts, there are some who also crave limelight, but because of lack of expression, they will usually get stage-fright.

    One very good example is me. It takes 3 or more presentation experience for me to feel confident of expressing my idea and intent in my project presentation. I remember my first one, I literally got stage fright; can visually feel myself trembling and jittering in my words. Feel free to laugh at me, Hahaha 🙂 for I am laughing at myself too when I recall those days, wondering why I am like that. What is so fearful about the audience loh, there are just people, not monsters that will eat me up. LOL. Anyway, what I am trying to say is: it depends on the character and personality of that person for your question above, I don’t think it has anything to do with gender at all.

    Best Regards,
    Yoke Peng

  2. Hi Joanne,

    When will the show be aired? Wouldn’t want to miss it on TV, thanks! 🙂

  3. maybe it;s due to women naturally being the more social creature? heh. but yes, Yoke Peng is right, craving for limelight between genders definitely cannot be compared. different people different case, yes?

  4. Hee, I find myself a bit too longwinded, like writing a ‘O’ Level essay. Looking at the pictures you took, this err CNA talkshow sounds a bit like the “You Hua Kan Kan Shuo” Ch U talkshow where Quan Yifeng Jie and Guo Liang Ge host. Except the main big difference is that this talkshow is more formal conversing in English i think.

    Joanne, you look v cute in the 5th picture, HeeHee. But the best face performance is still the hair and make-up artise on the left. She scares me though, nearly popped out of my chair.

  5. Joanne, very difficult to answer you eh. Maybe that’s why it’s a CNA talkshow.. lol…

    I been spending close to 20 minutes in front of my pc thinking how to reply and I just got home after my night shift!!! I am so sleepy…

    You do look very pretty at Takashimaya yesterday.. no jokes about it.. I am really star struck by your smile to me.. I hope you remember that.. wanting so much to approach you for a handshake but I am simply gutless.. i also don’t dare to smile at you. Only when you smile at me then did I smile back… you remember? I am so sorry… I really very shy.. hahah.. now thinking back abit wasted nv take your photo.. sigh~

    back to your post.. deep in my heart i do feel that woman craves to be in the limelight more as compared to man. However I don’t really know how to express. Limelight means center of attraction. Woman loves to be notice…

    but then again this debate can goes on for ages just like we used to ask – do we have egg first or chick first? it’s an endless debate 🙂

  6. I think better to put my real name in future.. got hum tump at tagboard for not putting real name -.-

    but i think she’s not serious about it la.. anyway I am Jackson.. hope to see you all!!! you all were so supportive at Takashimaya yesterday. But i feel so old… maybe that’s why i nv join u all shout Joanne!!!! lol but no worries I am also her fan.. Love u Jo!


  7. hi joanne jiejie…cool pictures… you look funny in the funny face picture…=) did u recieved the email tt i emailed you ?

  8. Dear Jackson, sorry, I just kidding. Don’t take it to heart. Again sorry. I don’t really mean it.

    But I agree with you that Joanne’s smile is so pretty, so natural, even got dimples. I think we all share the same thought, feel so old, that very paiseh to shout Joanne, like the enthu fans. The fans brushed past me on the left of the stage, when Joanne retreated backstage, smiling to her fans and waving to us all the way. And although one part of me wants to join in, the other part roots me to the ground. Sounds like a bit of devil and angel talking to me to make a decision eh?

    Of course, we should not forget about other mediacorp stars too. It is also worthwhile to see the legendary Pierre, for I always find him very mature-looking, but also cute. I like Pierre for his hard work of trying to learn Mandarin, so much so that he can act in the shows of Ch 8 for u to see. 🙂

    Yeok Peng

  9. I was wondering at that Bonia show, who this female actress/star she is, the one I couldn’t recognize. Dear Joanne Peh is there, pretty Michelle Chia, the host *scratch head* forgot her name, mature-looking Pierre and shuai qi Elvin Ng. The last female star, I wonder who she is.

  10. HeeHee, itching to debate my own views. What I feel about this question, First is depends on personality, as I express earlier. Second is the social structure of the community you live in. For the social structure of the place we live in, somehow shapes the character of the people living in there.

    Give a very “kua zhang” example: In the ancient China times, due to their traditional social structure and brought-up, you will rarely see woman getting into the limelight. This is because ancient views that as that behavoir not becoming of an ancient lady, mostly affected by Confucianism views. On the contrary, Men are always fighting in the limelight, to craft theri career as a well-known hero of the times, or a star scholar contributing to the society by serving as “fu mu guan” throug getting tops in the Imperial Examinations.

    Compared to modern times, Women are viewed to be equals to men, having equal chances of success. Because of this, women are becoming more and more sociable. and the desire for being in the limelight comes about naturally. They feel prideful and confident to be in the center of attraction, for it really boosts their self-esteem, reinstating their status.

    Hahaha, do that get me an A* for the “O” Level essay question? I hope I do, because I only get a B3 last time.

  11. hellooos!
    you looks so pretty!i haven got a chance to see u in you have an email address? 😀
    when is you next show?cant wait to watch your show.
    love you! :]

  12. hello. exam over liao!! haha obviously women crave 4 limelight more than men…in some (or rather, most) cases. They carry all those handbags n put on those pungent perfume… Haha. But some men very 过分 n spraythose disgusting cologne or wear the ”loud” kind of shirts. But not u la. u different from THEM mah. Your pic really cute especially the one with all 3 of u making those funny faces.

  13. Hyes Joanne jie!
    those r nice pics:D
    btw, u are participating in a charity show which debuts on 28th october rite?

  14. Justin (aka Ah wang ge)

    Dear Joanne,

    How’s ur filming? wrapped up liaoz?

    Craving for limelight is not so gender related ba… it’s more like personal lor. I quite enjoy limelight tho, just that i m not that confident for it yet!

    But I must say, women has the ability for catching the cameras attention and got into limelight easier than man. Well, look at urself, dun u think its a waste if u dun go on tv?!

    Of course there are some men who can get immediate attention, either on the positive or negative la. HmM ~ not naming names here. 😛

    Anyway, when is it airing? Update us k?

    Take care.

  15. Yoke Peng,

    Thanks for sharing your views! 🙂
    I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m truly blessed to have silent supporters like you, caring from the bottom of your heart.

    Hope you have a good weekend!


  16. Nikki,

    Yep, I’d be participating in the cancer charity show. Went for the song recording today…tough man!!


  17. u r great man !!!!lol gm

  18. Yoke Peng,

    thanks for your support.. hee.. anyway at the Bonia show the girl that you were referring is Jade Seah.

  19. melissa miss j0anne

    wahx!! j0anne jiie..but it mite be t0ugh bt u still managed to accomplished it!! l0lx…haha..cant wait too see u again…l0lx…and tks f0r sh0wing me ur blurr face at RG its still in my F0NE!!! weee..

  20. Dear Joanne,

    Mmm, I don’t understand what you mean when you say you know where I am coming from, care to explain?

    For me, I understand you are still a relatively new actress, but your sincere drive to work hard to improve your acting is very commendable.:) What I can say is continue to Jia You hor. Life is full of learning, whatever you strive to become. Nobody can ever be perfect, but what we can hope for is to strive for excellence, and put our best effort in doing the things we want to do. Don’t worry if you meet with any setbacks in the course of pursuing your dreams: for it is with these many little barrier rocks that we grow and learn from it. Wierd that it is easy to advise others, but when it applies to myself, it is another thing… I keep making the same mistakes I learn from failure, don’t be like me hor.

    Haha, I quit being so longwinded. Now I can multi-tasking between typing this post and watching Taiwan variety show. The show is very funny, Haha and I laugh while typing. Imagine telling your dear pet dog to balance something on its forehead, when all the others are trying to distract the dog. Not easy leh, but one dog owner does it! In 2 minutes 40 something seconds! If you do have a pet dog in the future, see if you can train your dog to reach the state of “ZEN”. Hahaha 🙂
    Yoke Peng

  21. Hihi, Datoupek,

    do you know the name of the pretty host then? I remember she acts in some ch8 TV serials before going to host shows.

  22. may i noe what shows you’ll be participating in future… could u pls include date and time… thnks joanne.. ur no.1 fan,

  23. hi joanne! congrats on getting into top20! =)
    1900 112 30 33 right?
    will vote for ya! hope others do too =)

  24. when is it being aired?

  25. wow. most of the ppl left long comments. [; hahas. guess im a bit late to see ur posts. just want to call u to tc agn. [= and oh btw.. i dun really like to take pics wid frens. hahas.
    cos i dun look nice from a small dist. when the camera is near me, i think it a little more acceptable. [= hahas.
    but, u do look nice be it afar or near. hahas

  26. sad..nvr reply my comment. 😦

  27. yoz…..joanne jie u roxx i luv ur acting!!!!!!!!!

  28. 白薇绣你好,我是来自中国《天津》的,很高兴能看到你的BLOG。
    《黄金路》拍完了吗? 拍的还顺利吗?
    祝:健康平安 事业顺利 找到自己的幸福

  29. hello joanne! this is my first time posting comments for ya=) and im growing to really like u! hahaha.

    here to ask you to continue to jy and i really love ur shows!
    esp. ai te bie de ni and bao bei fu nui bing.

    they’re so nice!

    is ur nxt show path of gold? look forward to see it, and looking forward to ur nxt post!

    JIAYOU ;D take care.

  30. hi joanne!!
    saw you at takasimya on friday!
    heehee…you so pretty…
    i am the little girl in blue and grey uniform…
    rmb me?
    i dun tink u did…cos i didnt do anything special…
    like jump around on the stage shouting ‘JOANNE!’
    lol…hahas, so lame…
    but i squeezed past michelle, heehee, cos i was waiting for my mummy’s car while you, elvin, jessica, and michelle were waiting for ur white van
    i rmb ur no. plate was smthing smthing 8228
    such a nice number 😀
    you very talkative leh…you almost the only one talking…
    heehee, jkjk, thats a compliment
    lol 😀
    and you were still talking when getting into the van
    talkative joanne
    you were really pretty in that dress!
    not really a dress la XD
    wa…first time see you in person
    so honoured
    i wanted to ask mummy to stalk the van…
    but i didnt la, i very nice de, i respect ur privacy
    btw, jiayou kayy?
    buh byes!!

  31. Hey cyeokpeng, the name of the host is Belinda Lee… =)

  32. Arrh correct, now I remember. Belinda. Thanks Delphine!

  33. melissa miss j0anne

    heheheeh…congratulati0ns j0anne jiie f0r getting int0 the t0p 20…we will sup0rt u all the way!!

  34. haha .. it is an interesting title for your post ..
    well .. but i shall say that gals are borned to be more vain… that why when going out … women take more time than men to get ready (dolled up, setting hair) purpose of all is just to be in their best so they loved to be in the limelight …

    but i think some men can b oso quite vain too .. haha .. so i will say that it is an equal battle of both sexes .. 😀

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