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Mysterious Disappearance


I was at Vagary’s launch party at The Arena, Clarke Quay the other day.

Many of you must be wondering about my mysterious disappearance from the blogosphere. Sorry sorry, there’s so much to be done this November especially with events, launches, birthday and the most important of all, getting settled into the new drama. It’s been slightly more than a week since I started work, and not everything has been smooth. I haven’t been feeling very well today, so I shall keep this short and sweet.

Some of you asked me what do I play in this drama, gosh… I really don’t know where to start. The key is who she is (rather than what), which is unfortunately not defined by vocation, pedigree or social relationships. The story centres on greed which inevitably leads to a lot of manipulation, crafty set-ups, revenge and death. It is a very emotionally challenging role, and right now I’m focusing a lot more on the inner energy, getting the sequence of events right and basically not trying too hard. I’m really quite excited about it!

In the meantime, let me share some photos from Vagary.


Limited edition, one only in Singapore. It was a present for me on that day!


I like this because it looks has the unique shape of a juke box, candy coloured and very pretty!


My first gold watch!



Utt was hosting the event. 🙂




Okay, time to sleep and pray that my body is resilient enough to fight the virus!

Goodnight lovelies!

Do Women Crave the Limelight more than Men?

Last Sunday morning I went to Barfly at The Cannery, Clarke Quay for Florence Lian’s talkshow. Since it was my first time on a CNA talkshow, I was quite excited, and I ended up on a “shutter-high”. Hee hee…

Oh and by the way, the topic for that episode was “Do women crave the limelight more than men?” What do you think?


(from left to right) Marie, Flo and Me


The producers behind the show…GIRL POWER!


The men who were going to be on the panel already deep in discussion. Look at how excited Phin (extreme right) is?


Joan (our hair and make-up artiste) and us fooling around. NG picture!


Now we’re all in…


Cameras gonna roll, gotto get the host looking pretty pretty!


The lovely Andrea.


And Marie, getting dolled up. 🙂