Mini Me


This digital imaging is done by Nat, thank you!!

We were bored on the upper deck while the rest were filming in the cabin, so we fooled around with some funny pictures and thought it’d be fun to put them together like that. And since Nat is very Photoshop savvy, he agreed to do it!

Have a good laugh.

Oh and in case you can’t see cos’ it’s too small, that is me, in my wet suit, sticking my tongue at Nat!


63 responses to “Mini Me

  1. Wahahhahaha it’s so cute! I thot my eyes were playing tricks on me when i saw the pic… Lolx! At least it woke me up… Haha!

  2. Wooo…Joanne so cute. Nat must be thinking, hahaha, evil grin, you cannot escape through the palm of my hand, Muahahahaha.

    Joanne you would stick out our tongue and say, “Wait and see…”

    Hahaha I must be daydreaming!

  3. it’s really funny…
    and you look like some genie… haha
    nice picture!

  4. WAH
    he edit it until very nice lei…. i aso wanted to learn….

    yuling here

  5. hoho! im the first to tag? finally!!!! hahas.

  6. hahas. joanne jie. u really can find tym to blog. [; hahas. pro. hahas. finally im like the first few or if not, the first to tag~!!!!!! finally. hoho~ hahas. mind if add me in msn.? [; hahas.

  7. i thought mine is the first. hahas. but atleast the first few. [;

  8. Hey. Just wanna say, seeing at Uncle Freddy’s funeral makes me reassured that there are still more people who actually cares. Anyway, grins, see you around. :]

  9. Yan,

    Genie? Where is the Alladin ‘shen’ Lamp then, or the Magic Ring? 🙂

  10. Nice picture…. lately very down… work related problems not very well solved and came back to haunt me again.. practically been dragging myself to work lately.. but after work is back home watching mobTV and yes it’s Joanne’s sh0w to spur me on.. LOL…

    Jo, very busy lately? never hear from you bout my post.. hope you seen them.. hopefully all is going smoothly for you k.. hope to hear from you 🙂 I am so down 😦

  11. wa u mean u guys were doing this on waters?
    haha 有够无聊的!

  12. wahaha… lol ..

    haha .. joanne so cute!! ..
    omg!! ..

    hey joanne .. btw u reali looks like the fairy tale, thumbelina.. (so small and cute)

    well, to comment .. wow Nat photoshop skills reali damn pro ..

    btw u both quite pei lei? haha
    somehow i just find that u both will be like a cute and playful couple if you both were to be together ..

    well.. maybe he is your mr right 😉 .. haha

  13. haa.. it’s really funny. 😛 i think it’s nicer if u’re like trying to pluck his hair.. haa

  14. haha..the pic is so cute..looks like nat is the giant n u r the jack in the story jack n the beanstalk..hehe..take care =)

  15. hahahah ! so tiny , hey joanne . In your previous post , u said you cried cause of the marriage problem . Ohhhh , u afraid that u can’t find your Mr Right ? Wahhh , you so pretty and a good person , theres a long queue waiting for you . But most important , find the right one lah . You still so young mah , take your time and pick to marry , love will come to you on its own . Don’t worry !

  16. HELLO! =)








    CHEERS! =]






    CHEERS! And stay happy always!

    Kim :]]

  17. awesome!

    so cute.. reminds me of tom and jerry.


  18. 您真漂亮..百货我最近也开始了博客生涯..请您给点意见好吗

  19. Hey Leo,

    No I didn’t cry because of marriage problems, haha, I’m not married yet to have problems! It’s more because I was very moved by their love…and I’m the sort of person who likes the feeling of being in love. I was once very much in love and it’s a sort of feeling that makes me feel I can conquer all, as long as I have this person with me. So ya, seeing them got me thinking and the tears were just a sort of response. Heehee!

    Don’t worry everyone, I’m not super anxious to find Mr Right, cos’ for all I know, like the way it was for Alan and Pris, he’s been right beside me all along. 😉


  20. dAt0uPek,

    It sounds cheesy but try to smile at ur own reflection in the mirror and tell urself to stay positive. Sometimes it’s really hard to pull urself out from depression, but if you don’t, you might get too sucked into it. I always feel that depression is like a drug, once it hits you, it’s much easier to indulge in it than to try to remove urself from it.

    Work is only one part of our life, and if this one part is bad, what about the other parts? I’m sure there’s something for you to smile about.

    HUGS. Keep your head up okie?


  21. Cher Eng,

    Sorry I don’t msn le…no time ah…:(

    See u here okie?


  22. heyhey(: thats so cool:X

  23. Yeah, I like the way Alan woos Pris, always behind her back supporting her when she is down with her first relationship problems, like “Shou fu tian shi, the Angel behind the scenes” And I am happy it works out well for Alan, for his patience and his long wait turns out to be blissful.

    But not always the times in reality, that “Shou fu tian shi” will turn out to be happy ever after with the girl of his dreams. It really depends on the chemistry that can spark between them, very very hard to explain. For it is not like doing chemistry in ‘O’ or ‘A’ Levels where you can be sure if you mix the chemicals correctly, you will always get the results you want. Chemistry between relationships is much more, it is a conconction of fate, hard work, and romanticity.

  24. you and nat look so cute!! =))

  25. hahah ! okayokay , when will be your lastest drama be show in TV ? i’m dying to watch . Is your birthday on the 25th of March ?

  26. yeap thanks Joanne… really appreciate your words.. means alot to me 🙂 i’m feeling better already.. just now went with some of my buddies to wash our cars and chit chat and at same time thrashed out my feeling.. felt so much better now..

    and you guess what? I just washed and polished my car and now its RAINING CATS AND DOGS! grrrr…

    take care Jo and thanks for your advice 🙂

    HUGS. I will keep my head up

    l0ve, dAt0u

  27. hahas..nat was really you too!
    whoa now so almost 24 hour use computer..

  28. urm..joanne so what is ur religion(hope its correct;))
    and do you have any siblings?err..i’m just curious..hahas

  29. hey joanne! it was gooood seeing you at vivo yesterday =) now im tagging with my name. hahaha! anyway, hope filming was good yesterday. you made a really gorgeous expectant mother! (and a greedy one too, think bnjs icecream) =D and you’re really photogenic! you look gorgeous in the picture! thanks for walking over for the second shot! (: all the best for your filming!

  30. 孤单小精灵

    haha, this picture is very nice…

  31. Hello!
    ahahahaha! very cute leh!!
    hehee! you and nat seems very close horr?
    lol jkjk
    take cares!

  32. i do photoshop too(: . you should learn , its fun!

  33. joanne jie!!!! first tym see u reply my comment. [; hahas.
    tyty for tt!!! ehm. okay. sure. u r my fan. so im gonna visit for for a loads tym. hahas’

  34. hiix joanne jie jie
    tis pic is well-taken and cute!!!

    [Siging Off]
    [Take Care]

  35. hello joanne , i nw is waiting for my psle exam result !i nw have alot of time to come your wordpress and chat with u ……..finally i can have a gd rest but….my psle making day i have to rush for my Health Education Informal assessment ….. on 24 oct is my actual Health Education exam ….abit scare ………gtg!

  36. hahaha.

  37. cyeokpeng,
    haha…just thought she looks like 1…
    coz genie is also small in size…
    no lamp or magic ring coz this is in a modern time..LOL

  38. Hey joanna, i actually bumped into you and nat last week at the staff canteen =D sorry if i looked shocked when i saw you, it was my first time bumping into you actually plus it was pretty early in the morning so i might be abit blur and trying hard to think who you are =D. But nevertheless, all the best gal ! ChEeRs~!

  39. Hi Joanne,

    I love reading ur blog and look forward to see you in 黄金路 soon. Jiayou! 🙂

  40. HeeHee, eh in modern time, genie should look more like a human-being sized.

    Do ya remember a TV show in ch 8 when it should be named “Wo Ai Xiao Jing ling” or something, where Fiona Xie acts as cute little Genie 🙂 She didn’t use computer graphics to shrink herself down in size, when she acts as cutie Genie in the show. HeeHee, I am crapping. 🙂

  41. must really scold that nat for what he had make fun of you..that nat GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO!!!!

  42. u look so cute,hahaha nice pic

  43. downtown,

    CANNOT SCOLD NAT! I was the one who came up with the idea!


  44. hello Melvin 🙂


  45. Hihi Joanne
    alamak,miss the chance in tokin to u again,..cries…
    my class mate father saw u and Li Nanxing at Orchard,near Singtel something,fliming A path Of Gold!!!He said u are pretty and tall when he saw u yesterday,ahhh wan to see u bit cannot..hope to hve a gathering soon so i will be able to see u in person.Awaiting for tat day to arrive..hehee!!smile everyday!!hot weather these days drinks lots of water bye.. 🙂

  46. hi joanne jie jie… thanks 4 replying my emails… sent you an email liao… hope you recieved it..=)

  47. Hyes Joanne jie!

    PSLE is finally finally over =x Now waiting 4 results… All those gd sch the aggregate all so high! =x AHHH! 247 plus you know? I mean if you want to go to a gd school! Hahah! Pls post soon =] Miss ya! LOLs…

    Kim :]]

  48. hi! joanne, I would like to be your friend. Sms me @ 94671012 or email me at the above email address. from jane

  49. Hey all,

    Today super long and tiring day, so no entry for the time being!
    Sorry sorry…Got to wake up early tomorrow for another long day…haha!

    For those who’re going to be there at taka, see ya all!

    Good night,

  50. good night! rest well eh! loves =))

  51. Hi Joanne,

    Don’t worry, Joanne 🙂 There is no need to do your blog entry every day. It is very ‘shiong’, even for me as a university student. For you, you are an artise, and your schedules are very tight and busy, so just take your time. Make sure you have sufficent rest, recharge yourself so that you can concentrate better on your filming, and make even better shows for us fans to watch. can see that your acting has improved over the years. Keep it up 🙂 The fans will surely support my words, and wait patiently for your future blog entires. 🙂

  52. hi joanne ..

    no worry ..

    rest well.. slp early =)

    good nitez =)

  53. dun neeed to update when u not free. [; hahas. the best is u take care of ur health. hahas.

  54. melissa miss j0anne

    j0anne jiie..i just love ur smiles ah..cant wait to see u later at bonia!! d0ts!1

  55. hiix joanne jie jie,

    take care of urself wor! dun tired urself!!

    [Sigin Off]
    [Take Care]

  56. where are you now joanne peh doing movie now.
    how are you ?
    can I meet you?

  57. “hi my name is wong zhi jie!

  58. Hyes Joanne jie!

    Sorrie i cant go to Taka today =( Mum dun allow…… SOrreh and hope ur catwalk/parade goes well! Mus be very pretty ba… Send me some pics kkays? MUS MUS! And pls reply my emails ba….. =( HEHEHE! =D Miss you!

    Kim :]]

  59. yo joanne ! I had been reading through all your posts from February . All posts are so nice to read , i regretted that i did not search for your blog earlier oh . TOday , i bought ‘ 8 days’ . Theres something do with the Star Awards . A lot of female actress’ pictures was posted there with numbers . Of course including u with number 10 ! Then theres a little piece of paper , i did not really read it clearly but if we send that paper to some address stated . Isit counted as a vote ?

  60. hello joanne jie how are u? i nt so feeling well having asthma. Finally I do my health education finish le can have a gd rest……..I gt one weeks of time to play because is marking day ……..But on 24 oct is my Health Education Exam but after the exam finish i can rest has much as i can …… the same time i am wating for my psle result ………i abit scare .Joanne I am very happy that u are in the to 20 ………Joanne jia you! hope u can win this year .Best of luck and cheer ……….Joanne jie god bless u 4 ever……..take care youself too joanne drink more water ……love and hugs ——.Wendy Lim Wen Hui———-

  61. Just curious isit Nat ur bf? Should consider him as u bf since he treat u so good and i believe both of u very match with each other as well.

  62. melissa miss j0anne

    wah wil..u can g0 int0r da extend to ask j0anne t0 c0nsider nat..hahahahaha….hmmmmmm…j0anne jiiie….m0re n m0re fans lerx ah…d0 takkaiire alrights…..will upp0rt y0u all the way i can get tic t0 see u on start awards day…hehe fr0m cheryn..haha…

    miss yahx l0tx..

    pls reply after reading tks tks..keke^^ if u have da time la!! and remmebr reply me email kkk…

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