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Star Awards 2011

It took me a week to put this post Star Awards entry together because I needed to let the excitement settle and compose an entry that wasn’t emotionally-charged.

This year was exceptional because I’ve had the opportunity to experience a bit of what goes on behind the scenes in preparation for Star Awards. These are things that will never make it to the press, and if anything would probably surface in the form of hear-say, gossip and most likely twisted versions of the truth.

Still, I guess some things are best kept this way. Real or not, it doesn’t matter.

It was also this long and grueling period leading up to the final day, that put allies to the test and allowed me the rare opportunity to discern those with self-serving purposes from those with a true heart. I’ve found friends who don’t ask for anything in return, and would go above and beyond to help me be the best I can on my special night. I’ve gained confidantes who would give me room to grow and willingly offer whatever resources they have for me to utilise, without expectation of remuneration.

I count my blessings for the good people around me, and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

For Show 1, I was in a white Givenchy outfit with Guiseppe Zanotti heels.

Yue Li and I

Pierre Png and I at the post-show reception.

My "date" for the night was Qi Yuwu, who is also my co-star in the upcoming 20-episode police drama C.L.I.F, which debuts end of May.

For Show 2, David Gan booked a suite where we could preen in private.

The maestro himself at work, with Kenneth Lee, my make-up artiste for the night.

Singapore-bred international designer Ashey Isham offered this couture dress from his A/W11 collection for me and I was really flattered and grateful for the opportunity to showcase his collection that has yet to make its debut in this part of the world. If you're interested, you might like to check out the 2011 Fall collection by some of the other international designers like Sarah Burton and Karl Lagerfeld. They all seem to be going for this "dark" theme in the next season.

This is Martin aka Martina Wong.

All done up and heading over to the convention center to meet with the rest.

Here we are gathered right before we got into the cars that will take us to the red carpet.

Post red carpet, pre-opening. Pictured here is Tay Ping Hui and his assistant.

This is Waithong from August Pictures, the man I thanked when I received my Best Info-Ed Programme Host award. He was the one with the vision for the programme, the one who trusted me with this show and the one who constantly reminded me to be natural and not be afraid to speak my mind when I see or feel something there. Without him and his team, the win wouldn't have been possible. Thank you!

This is Qiaojuan from August Pictures. She was the coordinator of the programme.

Nominees of the Best Actress category. (From left) Ruien, Jeanette, Joanne (me) and Liping.

I remembered Mike He (in white) as the "bad boy" in Devil Beside You, and here I am receiving the award of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes from him.

Honestly, I didn't even notice that there was a monitor by the bottom of the stage that showed the timer counting down until much later when all the artistes were gathered on stage and the credits were rolling.

I would like to thank all the people who called in to vote for me. I really appreciate your generosity.

Qi Yuwu, who won Best Actor, was also one of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes. We were making our way to the post-party backstage.

Dai Yang Tian and I at the post party.


当天时间还真紧,所以没什么拍照。这是典礼后和粉丝在门口拍的。谢谢Rina提供的照片,也谢谢你们在又湿又冷的夜晚等我post-show 完毕。

看到你们这么多人对我的鼓励,我真的很感动。不好意思,这么久才在这里跟大家分享我的感受。 坦白说,今年没得奖,打击不是特别大,可能是曾经经历过了,也熬过来了,所以学会看开些。有记者跟我说大家以为我“包赢”,会不会因此而感到失望? 哎呀,比赛怎么会有“包赢”的?当晚也只不过抱着平常心去对待。穿的舒服,有机会坐那么好的位子,观赏颁奖礼都很开心咯!有一句话就在这里跟大家分享:入围是一种鼓励,得奖是给我的奖励,没得奖代表自己还要加倍努力。有目标在眼前,我并不迷失,也没有时间钻牛角尖。

记得曾经有个记者朋友告诉过我,每年红星大奖之后,当晚都会在赶稿,要不然赶不及刊登,所以都希望不会被安排负责这个典礼的新闻。最近关于”红星大奖“ 的新闻比较多,记者每个都蛮拼的。我知道有个报道分析了我没得奖的原因,说我犯下了五大罪,让不少认识我和支持我的朋友满腹的气。我真的很感动,因为你们对我的信任是如此深厚。