Love in a Cab — Rolling…Pre-Action

What happens in between takes?

On this set, lots of fun and laughter!

Xing Ang and I as high school sweethearts.

Some of you might recognise Jones Shi, a local singer who is currently developing his music career in Taiwan.

Auntie Rose and I

Julian and Auntie Rose

Kae is so adorable I'm absolutely in love with him! He was supposed to teach me how to play Cluedo on his iPod Touch but he ended up taking over the entire game.

We have an audience...some of them eventually went up the structure and watched us from behind the grills.

Another audience seating...

They have made themselves very comfortable.

Director with his cast


If you missed this heart-warming telemovie, you can now catch Love in a Cab on xinmsn!

10 responses to “Love in a Cab — Rolling…Pre-Action

  1. Amazing show! I just watch it 30 minutes ago! 🙂

  2. Omg~ Kae’s so cute ! (: Haha, ur god son ? (;

  3. i was watching sheng siong show to see if i win 100 times or 1000 times so i keep forgetting to watch


    i think they should change the timeslot, i don’t think art can compete with $$$

    watched it on xinmsn, its a “me-too” movie

    pretty hard to make an original movie nowaday, always similar with some others because there are so many out there

    i still like those telemovies many many years ago on channel 8, about ghost and fighting one but now this series only about love, sian

    when u r old, ghost and fighting is more interesting

  4. Hi Joanne,

    This is the 3rd time i’m watching Love in a Cab. I’m absolutely smitten with the show. Its simple yet brings out so many different textures of love and life. I get different messages every single time i watch it.

    Do you happen to know if i would be able to buy a DVD for keeps? I dread the day i log onto xinmsn and not be able to watch the telemovie anymore! THANKS! 🙂

  5. ! I really love this movie, it got me laughing and emotional in this movie. Thumbs up for this production (Y)

  6. No doubt it sounds more appealing to catch Love in a Cab, than a cold, or a mosquito… In any case, “catchy” pictures in this post, once again. Your blog is an ever-tranquil oasis to quench one’s thirst in a too densely populated virtual desert.

  7. You seem have a lot fun.. 😀

  8. I like the clothes you wore in the show! Can I know which shop are they from? 🙂

  9. I sacrificed soccer to watch “Love in a cab” because of that enticing face of Joanne Peh, a name I recently bother to remember although for years I’d seen her pictures, several times on tv,buses,internet. Must see how she acts!
    Originally committing a few minutes but ended up watching the full length. JP definitely stole the show but the casts,the settings etc made this telemovie
    refreshing and the actings comparably better than the usual local productions.
    However,my wife lamented about me not watching “the little nonya” while I sighed on her easy acceptance of low grade entertainments on 8 + U, well perhaps she doesn’t had much choices!

  10. I like this show! great storyline, of course, great cast toO! 🙂

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