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Love in a Cab — Rolling…Pre-Action

What happens in between takes?

On this set, lots of fun and laughter!

Xing Ang and I as high school sweethearts.

Some of you might recognise Jones Shi, a local singer who is currently developing his music career in Taiwan.

Auntie Rose and I

Julian and Auntie Rose

Kae is so adorable I'm absolutely in love with him! He was supposed to teach me how to play Cluedo on his iPod Touch but he ended up taking over the entire game.

We have an audience...some of them eventually went up the structure and watched us from behind the grills.

Another audience seating...

They have made themselves very comfortable.

Director with his cast


If you missed this heart-warming telemovie, you can now catch Love in a Cab on xinmsn!

Love in a Cab — Love out of a Cab

Director Han is such a humourous and easy-going person to work with, that I decided to do a series of pictures to show just how much I love him!

Love in a Cab — Looking Good

I’ve heard many people comment about how beautiful the lighting is in the telemovie. The following pictures will give you an idea the set-up required.

You will see these big white boards consistently in the rest of the pictures. I was told they are called "butterfly". I have no idea how the name came about but I love them, because they are so flattering!!

The "cookie" in the foreground cuts up the light so there's more texture to the way the scene is lit.

In broad daylight, it can get really bright!

The set-up in the taxi, without the lighting equipment yet! Ling Hooi (right) is the Director of Photography for this telemovie.

Director Han's storyboard

Love in A Cab — Joanne the Artist

Showing off my artistic talents…hahaha!

Ok, I don’t think I got the England flag right!

Love in A Cab – Remember this scene?

Remember this scene?

What you do not see outside of your television screen that goes into producing a beautiful shot.

Make-up artiste Doreen doing last minute touch-up

The final moment

Love in A Cab – Funny Director

Thank you all for tuning in to Love in a Cab on Channel U last night.

It was a lot of fun shooting this and as you will see in the upcoming behind-the scene pictures I will be posting.

Alternatively you can also check out our facebook page.

Pay attention to packet of coffee dangling from Director Han Yew Kwang's fingers...

Current Projects






希望大家有兴趣的话,可以 follow me on Twitter (@JoannePeh).

Since “Your Hand in Mine”, many of you have not seen me on television much. That is because I am still in the midst of filming.

A couple of months back, I started filming “An Activist Journey“, where I travelled to an Asian country each time, to learn about a specific social issue and what some people are doing about them.

Currently, I am left with two more countries and I believe the trailer and official website for this programme will be out soon.

In between my trips, I am filming a telemovie, “Love in a Cab”. Julian Hee stars in this feature film with me as we crossed paths over a 10-year period.

I have a lot of fun on set with an extremely young and dynamic crew, but because I don’t have  time to upload the photos, I’m not able to share much with you on my blog. However, you can follow me on Twitter (@JoannePeh) if you’d like to be updated on what I’m up to.

Stay tuned!

Picture taken on set