De-Clutter Day 1 – Train Cases/Pouches

My new year resolution this year was to reduce wastage and buy only what I need. I know it’s sort of overdue to be talking about new year resolutions now, but I guess I was finally overcome by the guilt of hoarding.

So I decided to de-clutter. In fact, I thought about drawing a mind-map on just how and what to de-clutter. I figured I’m not going to be spending every single day de-cluttering, so with the map, I’d get some sort of a guide as to what needs to be done when I have the time for it. Sounds awfully like procrastination again, but I assure you it’s not. Apparently, my hands got the better of my mind, and I was de-cluttering before the mind-map materialised.

Although I don’t get overly sentimental on every possession, I still keep things because “I’d probably use that at some point in time”. But of course, I never did.

Now here’s my solution: If I see something while I’m de-cluttering that I’ve decided to keep from the previous session, and have not used since then, it goes without contention.

I like to de-clutter because the physical act of throwing things out is therapeutic as most people would agree. I also think it’s a good way to learn about yourself, such as what your likes are, how your tastes have changed, needs evolved and know what not to buy in the future.

So while I was de-cluttering the most commonly used section (guess guess!) of my room today, I discovered my penchant for make-up pouches/bags/train cases etc.

What am I to do with them?

Some of these were bought from Japan, some of them are given free with purchase.

This is one of my favourite. I bought this while I was filming "Jolly Good Time"a couple of years ago with Dasmond Koh and Michelle Chia. It was 3 for $10 and great bargain!

Not only does it have a mini mirror inside, the lining is red velvet, and the magnetic clasp ensures that your cosmetics doesn't fall out. I love Oriental pieces!

The hard structure also means whatever you keep inside is protected!

7 responses to “De-Clutter Day 1 – Train Cases/Pouches

  1. I use the same way to de-clutter too – and it’s been helpful! Threw out a lot more things this year than the previous years simply because I decided to throw out everything that I’ve not used since the last de-clutter session.

    Such a therapeutic session to throw out bags and bags of things you’ll probably never need, and even if you need you’ll probably forget that you had it in the first place :p

  2. I am in the process of de-cluttering myself (well my room) after watching the american series “Hoarders” (you haven’t seen a horror movie till you watch that reality TV series) and its always good to know even TV stars hoard 🙂 Why not offer to auction off your unwanted items on Ebay or offer them to children from charities? It would prolong the use of the items and do heaps of good for others. You can donate books at the National Library as they are currently have a book exchange. Hope you’re feeling more ‘freed’ after your de-cluttering exercise.

  3. You can give some to me….hehe

  4. I am a hoarder and my mum always complains i am a garang guni. I usually ‘get rid’ of my stuff thru auction sites. My philosophy is, if i have not looked for the item in the last one year, i probably dun need it….but..well, i guess you know how things can turn out. Just when it’s sold or given away, you realised that you need to use it. HAH! So now, i keep at least 2 years…

    Now, i am forced to de-clutter as i am moving house in the next couple of months and the thought of carrying tons of stuff down 4 flights of stairs (i stay in one of the old tiong bahru walk up flat) is daunting. Painful to the point..don’t need another round of jellied legs and aching arms.

  5. Hold A Garage Sale!

  6. Hi Joanne,

    You can donate stuff you do not want but are in good condition to the Salvation Army. Or just sell them during some flea market? 🙂

    My room is forever cluttered too. Things come in faster than they can go!

  7. Really love the make up pouch right in the middle of the first photo. You should consider selling them! Mail me if you’re selling it (:

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