If anyone told you that clogs are so runway this season that you must get it, I’d say save the money. They look so uncomfortable and the huge chunk of heel at the back just doesn’t look sexy.

And because most of us normal folk are not trained to walk on runways with stockinged feet in clogs (see Chanel),  chances of dragging the footwear along because of the absence of a back strap would be quite high. That means you might put people off with your less than discreet arrival, and potentially looking (and sounding) very “un-lady-like”.

However, if you are able to master the art of taking small, purposeful steps in clogs, then I can imagine how this particular footwear could package you as a demure-lady-like-daughter-in-law-material.

I think the allure of this outfit lies in the stockings. They actually complement the clogs with the prints resembling the ribbons of a ballet shoes.

This ensemble on the other hand conveys a kind of simplicity that is agricultural and unpretentious.

Still, not everyone can afford Chanel clogs, so if you think that somehow this footwear works for your wardrobe and you would like to own a pair, here’re some possibilities:

ASOS Leather Studded Clog. £85. The shoe is pretty but I'm not sure if anyone can really walk in these.

Steve Madden clogs. US$79.95. These look more functional and I like the chain across the front. It makes the clog look more street-style, and best paired with denim skirt or shorts. Thing with clogs is, you have to show off the legs. Wearing them with pants or jeans just wouldn't flatter.


8 responses to “Hmm…Clogs?

  1. I will agree on the cloggy discomfort here, as I wear the real Dutch clogs in the summer (my rubber boots are worn only in the autumn and winter in the garden here) while working in my garden here in The Netherlands (just like a peasant)… It is uncomfortable and harsh for your soles and back, but I need those to stand firm on the soft pit soil. It is good for practical use but not for the beauty.
    No no to wearing them ladies, these are fads, not classic or chic at all.

  2. I don’t fancy the clogs but I am attracted to the dresses & accessories that the models are wearing. woooh.. lovely necklace for the 1st one..

  3. I have never seen clogs like this before. Has anyone tried putting wheels in the soles? It would turn the catwalk into a cake walk!

  4. Clogs are absolutely adorable…the only pair of clogs I own are the fuzzy ones I bought from the clog factory in the Netherlands…it’s pink and fuzzy!!!(perfect for home wear) haha
    Yea, and I totally agree on the discomfort!! Imagine the clog slipping from your foot while walking up the stairs…that might injure a little toddler behind you >_< haha…is there such thing as slingback clogs?

  5. u mean u ended filming yr hands in mine?

  6. Oh man! i really my clogs!!! I cannot wait to wear them. Sundresses, shorts and skinny’s here i come!

  7. Ps. i forgot to add. to stop your feet slippin about hairspray in the shoes before you wear them out!!!! no excuse now – hahaha

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