The man I have a crush on

I tweeted some time ago that the best advice an EP gave me was to go have my heart broken.

She was right.

The same EP also gave me a secret while I was filming a scene with my love interest, a couple of years back. She first asked me which actor would make my heart flutter. I thought very hard and finally Jean Reno’s face came into my mind. It must have been this movie I watched of him and this pixie-faced Japanese actress (I don’t remember the title now) at that time that was still fresh then. I muttered his name shyly, and she nodded in approval, obviously agreeing with my choice of men. I then began to blush and my heart started to beat really fast. She looked at me, smiled and said, now do the scene.

Jean Reno was my all time favourite, until I saw a younger picture of a renowned actor/director. The sight of him makes my heart melt; his eyes sparkle with warmth and his crooked smile so disarming.

Now I wish I was born 79 years ago in California.


The man I would die many times over for.

11 responses to “The man I have a crush on

  1. hahaha so you like ang-moh guys! 😉

  2. It’s true you like ang -moh guys????

  3. so is he still alive??

  4. Hi Joanne,
    I’m glad that you share with us your very secret, you really different from other artiste, I would say.
    the guy you have crush on is like oldies now and thinking back of his young age, you just can’t resist right? He’s still is a actor now? He should see ur blog that you really have a crush on him. But u should meet someone really mean to u so much in future, that’s real love ya.
    Be happy, joanne. Will always support u.. 🙂

  5. Muahahaha~ I heart Jean Reno too!
    He is too cute, can you imagine me looking at him the whole time instead of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

    I hope you’ve seen The Professional. Gary Oldman is another actor whom I heart heart.

    But if I have to name one actor who can make my heart race, it would be Chris Sarandon!!

  6. izzit Jean Reno?
    y i cant search his young’s age pics?

  7. I think the movie you were talking about is ‘Wasabi’.

  8. hmm..the movie u mentioned is wasabi (2001) is it? acted by jean reno and ryoko hirosue if not mistaken.. but the picture you attached is clint eastwood acted in Gran torino (2008)..just a bit confused which guy u had a crush on..

    But i enjoyed both actors, they r charming in a certain way..

  9. Read carefully.

    “Jean Reno was my all time favourite, until I saw a younger picture of a renowned actor/director.”

    That’s two different person in that sentence. =)

  10. He’s 79 years now but if u’re born 79 yrs ago then u will be (ur age) x older than him? =)

  11. i tink the first movie joanne was referring to is the professional right? 😉 the young girl in the movie is natalie portman.

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