My very first…

I do not engage in hedonistic purchases because I do not want to encourage spending beyond one’s means. I do, however, like to explore fashion, mixing and matching to put together a look that isn’t straight off the runway.

I believe this to be a girl’s ultimate accessory. Not the ONLY accessory that’s for sure, but one that will still remain classic for years to come.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the parcel when the Delivery Notice came. The slow and careful opening of the box makes the final discovery a lot sweeter, so I apologise for keeping everyone in suspense for so long. It’s my first Christmas present! Yipeeeeee!!


Even the cat is curious what's in the box.


It's like a surprise awaits...


Yes, it's a bag...but what bag?


Quite obvious now isn't it?




My very first Chanel purse! OMG, it's luxurious!

58 responses to “My very first…

  1. u have a cat? cool! (:
    Finally got to know wad was inside. 😀 i thought it was your leica. haha. (:

  2. Niceeeee! How much and which web? 🙂

  3. yay! i guessed right! a bag! nicee…
    happy la you. 😉

  4. i just did my first purchase too! can’t wait to lay my hands on it this weekend.


  6. fr the shape of the wrap item.. i was guessing dat its a bag. but wat bag bag isit?! so tada! ther it is! a nice one… 😉

    n i didnt knw u got a cat! meow meow meow….

  7. Grinz nice bag but I also love your cat. Post more pics of the kitty ya. By the way, love your Lawyer look in “Your Hand in Mine”

  8. wow..Thas so cute -0-
    Do not misunderstand, just talking about the CAT.. LOL
    well~ that luxurious purse is nice too, but i dont think it fit ur style.
    呵呵,只是个人意见罢了 >.<

  9. Sweeet!!

  10. wow…love this. have always dream of owning one . can you pls tell me where did you get this from, which website? Thanks……

  11. Wow, chanel bag, really luxurious. It must be cost up a lot.. Your relatives or fans give you the bag as gift?

  12. hey joanne!

    your very first is definitely so pretty. =) if it is poosible could you email the details on how you go about placing a bag from overseas? i’m really interested in purchasing but very noob over such a thing!

    thank you! very much appreciated. =)

  13. nice bag.. Thumb up !!
    love your blog… =)

    oh not forget you play a good one in little nyoya !! cheers.. pretty

  14. nice..i love my 2.55 a gray n blue..may i know which site u purchase from?do share with us!

  15. OMG. It’s lovely! I’ ve always love CHANEL. I will own one of that someday. Any details on how to get it online? Is true that an online purchase is cost saving?

  16. ahhhh awesome! chanel ^^ i’d die ten times over for this xDD

  17. good buy! star buy! MUST BUY!

  18. Wow! Gorgeous! Joanne you’ve got a Meow too? =) It’s cute.

  19. where to purchase this from? call up the overseas shop or which website? thankssssssss

  20. Nice looking bag!+
    Have always wanting to get myself 1, can share which website? Afraid to buy online, just in case i get those super AAA quality.


    • Hi Teresa (and to all interested buyers),

      Whichever website you purchase from, it’s important to note the seller’s credibility. I love eBay because sellers can’t get away with selling fake stuff so you can be assured. Also, always look out for their return policy. If you are still afraid, then it’s best to buy first hand.

      Good luck!


  21. i thought most likely a balenciaga person or is great and classic but your style to me abit more rugged kind opinion! =) i like your fashion sense!

    • Hey YW,

      Do u know much about Balenciaga? If u do, please share! I like them too but too many different names and sizes, I have yet to research on them.


      • Hey Joanne

        sorry i’ve actually typed quite alot but because i forgotten to leave my name and email, the post wasn’t been accepted and whole msg was gone. should have made a copy before i click submit.

        anyway i am a noob in balenciaga too, often lurking at forums and looking at other people’s buys only. So far i roughly know how City, Work, Day, etc look like. You may want to browse through to get an idea.

        And also i want to take back my comment with regards that this Chanel bag that you just bought is not suitable for you. Initally i thought is those classic 2.55, but when i took a 2nd look, its actually a jumbo vintage Chanel! suits you alot! if its me and able to afford, i also will prefer a vintage version! 🙂

        thanks for replying to my msg earlier…

  22. Congrats Joanne…You get nomination for Best Actress in Asian Television Award for your role in THE LITTLE NYONYA.
    I hope you will win.

  23. HI joanne, i always love the maxi jumbo XL… might sharing which ebay seller u acutally bought from>> maybe the name of seller…. u are really very stylist i like u!!!!

  24. Thanks for the info, so does this mean that you bought yours from ebay? Hope you can share more info on this.

    Thanks again Joanne…have a great weekend!

  25. hi joanne,

    how much does this bag cost, 4k? haha. why didn’t you get in local stores? 🙂

    • i think this vintage is no longer available in all Chanel boutique,but from what Joanne post it seem very brand new. Wonder is hers is used or brand new,

  26. HI Joanne, care to share which seller from Ebay u bought from?? is it brand new??

    • Hi Chanel fans and those interested,

      It is a vintage bag, so can’t be brand new, and hence answers the question from Fiona about why I didn’t get it from the local stores. I tend to prefer vintage items because they have more character and I like to think it’s more environmentally friendly to reuse a pre-owned item that the previous owner no longer needs/wants. In a way, I want to balance my purchase so that I can still get what I desire without contributing excessively to consumerism.

      A new jumbo size Chanel in the local stores cost about $5K upwards, so that’s a lot of money that at this point in time, I’m not ready to spend. I got mine for less than that amount that’s for sure. I’m sorry I will not reveal who I bought it from. That information is private and in this case irrelevant as most sellers of pre-owned items are individuals and may or may not have multiple similar items for sale. If you’re looking at getting your own pre-owned items on eBAY, the only advice I can give and reiterate once more is to check out the seller’s ratings, and always communicate with the seller first before bidding. I’m a last-minute bidder because if the item is still listed by then, it means the seller is sincere and fair. If a seller is willing to negotiate with you over email, remember, he/she is also probably negotiating with many other bidders, so don’t think the deal is sealed. eBAY does not allow deals to take place outside of eBAY so you might want to be careful with that.

      Good luck with the search!


      • I’m with you on this, “I like to think it’s more environmentally friendly to reuse a pre-owned item that the previous owner no longer needs/wants.” Great advice on the part advocating not spending beyond one’s means.

  27. hi joanne, just bought the dec elle, glad tt u have found yr love one, i oso waiting for someone who could holds my heart, noe tt that u have been single for quite some time, in the other hand i oso have been single for nearly 10 yrs, i noe i m ugly, 😛 btw whoever u r with infuture u have my bless!

  28. Love your bag, is this a Jumbo XL or Jumbo?? I totally agree the idea of pre-owned as the price is pretty high n beyond my budget.
    Thanks for your generous sharing on your bag!! U just another fashion icon to me!!

  29. wow wow…lovely bag ! very luxury looking!

  30. Hi Joanne, nice bag! And, may I know which digital camera are you using?

  31. Nice chanel bag ! But I’m sure the one replying back as “JoannePeh” is her PA right?

  32. Hey Joanne,

    Just to let you know, You can actually collect your item (even if you receive the delivery advice that day) on the same day after 2pm! (:

    They actually DO allow! (:

    • Hi Dawn,

      Probably depending on the mode of shipping. The one that came specifically gave me an earliest time possible for collection.


  33. nice n classic bag!!!! a lust for every woman but a splurge that is worth it!!!!

  34. omg i want that bag T_T

  35. Hi, i bought this vintage jumbo at S$1800 in Japan last year. IS really a good find, ebay is abit too ex.

  36. hey joanne! i have the exact same vintage 2.55 jumbo in lambskin as u! i bot it in a SG 2nd hand shop tho. Yours is in a very good condition! better than mine (and i thot mine was in a v good condition when i got it already). mine’s 10 years old, how abt yours?

    it really is my grail bag, wanted it for ages and when i finally saw it in a 2nd hand shop just HAD to have it. =)

    • How much u get it?? From eBay price seems 23k onward n the condition not as good as Joanne.
      Wonder wat is the price range she pay at least we hav an indication

  37. Hey Its a very class and nice bag!

  38. Omg, the chanel 2.55 is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous! 😀

  39. Hey Joanne

    I surfed the net and saw yr post when I was contemplating to buy the very same bag from ebay. And now I finally got it! Its luxurious just that the hologram no. faded due to wear and tear.. but was assured that its authentic and 15 years in age.. still looks well kept..
    Have you got the number and card as well?
    Now Im thinking how to maintain it cos I have absolutely no idea! Any tips?

    • Dear NC/CN,

      Yes it comes with authenticity card and sticker. I won’t buy otherwise cos’ claims might be bogus.
      But I heard a bag guru tell me that you can tell a real Chanel from a fake from the way it’s made.

      I can’t advise cos’ I’m new to this too.


  40. Hey Joanne

    I just bought the same bag as yours from ebay! My first too!! However, the bag did not come with the authenticity card as the owner lost it. Did yours include the card and sticker? And do you have any idea how to maintain the bag as Im totally clueless.. any tips?

  41. Hi Joanne,

    Im looking for vintage chanel too. But Im not sure how much should I pay for a vintage jumbo. Can u give me the range of price u paid for yours? $1500-$2000?

  42. Hey Joanne,

    are you able to advise on whether how to tell a real chanel bag from a fake one with the serial no? I really like your bag and seen one or two on ebay very rare but the chanel logo seems smaller than that of yours?

  43. Hi Joanne

    Love your bag,:) i own a vintage CHANEL flap backpack as well, you are rite, has much more character than a brand new one and it’s a painful price;)

    By the way, this might sounds totally off topic, but i do have a lot of vintage apparel in my shop, —which are sourced from all around the world, will be honoured if you were to take a look to see if any thing fancies you or maybe even a feedback on what makes you tick:)

    Have a great week !!


  44. hi joanne

    i came across a same bag on another website and i dont know how to make sure its the real thing!

    but it looks like yours and ive been admiring it for the longest ever, care to help me out?

    my email is there! (:

  45. Hi Joanne
    Is this lambkin prone to scratches?

    • hi joanna,

      yea. i would really like to know because i’m contemplating between the Caviar or Lambskin. or does anyone knows which is better? thank you!

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