Style and Me

Catch me at The Heeren Shops at 2.30 pm, tomorrow

(25 July, Saturday) for the Style event.


Have you bought your copy of Style yet?

I really appreciate the team for choosing me for their August cover, because we all know that August is the month of Singapore’s birthday and as Singaporean, I hope to do my country proud, in some small way or another. The editor’s note was perhaps the most comforting to read because it was genuinely forthright. Melissa did a write-up of me that I’ve never read of myself before in any other publication, so it is really a huge compliment. Thank you, and thank you to the styling/hair/make-up/photography departments, for making me look, (if I may borrow what Felicia Chin said to me yesterday at the make-up unit), “vogue”.


Don't you just love shoes? And the Birkin? I do!

Don't you just love shoes? And the Birkin? I do!

David's always such a sweetheart!

David's always such a sweetheart!


I love the rabbit ears!


Evidently, I am still loving the "playboy" look...


Has David given up on me because I move so much? Nah, he's just done with me! Hee hee...


I have to thank the intern for taking all these pictures for me. You were very professional (cos' all the pictures looked good!), haha!

27 responses to “Style and Me

  1. nice photography!! i like the 2nd pic which is taken from the mac book screne.. hehehe… hehe.. u having holidays now isit?

  2. Hi Joanne,

    yes, I’ve bought it & I am touched when reading it.
    I pray to God to bless u & help u to fulfil your dream and may your dream come true.

    I want to go there (Heeren) but I don’t know how as I’m not S’porean & not live in S’pore, but I wish to meet you for the 1st time, will you tell me the complete address of that place ? Thks.

  3. Oops…. I’ve asked my friend & it’s not difficult to go there. I’m so excited…I can not wait to meet u soon…

  4. Yes, I bought this copy of Style last week and like all the pictures. But a specially for your watch is so nice! : )

    Support you always! : )

  5. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i tink u look pretty inside every photo of the album.

  6. Hello(:
    You look pretty in those pictures !
    But i think you dun look very nice with short hair..
    I prefer to see you in long hair..
    Anyway,i think your skin colour had got darker..
    But i will still support you..
    So good luck & take care of yourself !
    Hope to see the next drama acted by you..

  7. Wow Nice!

  8. Hi, i like yr last pic, very pretty. Btw, how much is style per copy? Cos i don read it. I read her world.

  9. Dear joanne, heard from news that you are quite busy going oversea and filming drama. You must take care of yrself. Don get too tired. Must take good care=) Jia you. Will suppirt yiu always .^_ ^.

  10. joanne! may i ask abt ur skin regime? u’ve got nice complexion!

  11. Hi Joanne!
    You look fabulous in these photos. You look cute with the rabbit ears. I like the style cover! 😀

  12. Dear Jovita,

    I’m afraid i don’t have an available photograph to send you. Sorry about that! I did not approve ur message because u’ve provided ur address.
    Hope u understand.


  13. I lOVE that rabbit ears!!!And u looks gd in the photograph!!!

  14. Cute in tat playboy dress!!

    Support u oways!

  15. Oh no….I did not visit the Heeren shop to see my Baaaaiii WEEEEEEiiiii QQQQQQ!

    Sob! Sob!

    Never mind , I will see you another time, Joanne.

  16. Hi Joanne, great to see you yesterday at the Style event… U were georgeous. I have uploaded some nice pics on my Facebook and your Fan’s Page, hope U like it =D

    See ya soon again. =)

  17. Hi Joanne,

    the editor’s note on u was indeed genuinely forthright and well-written. I’ve always thot u would be a gd candidate for the Eric Khoo movie but your name had never been mentioned. Really hope u will get the role:)

    An aside…the chinese tabloids really love to make news out of the articles you write. The latest being the one on the 180-episode drama. Though i am a comms graduate too and understand how they have to find a news angle, it is still irritating to read the way they skew your views:p

  18. hi dear joanne..
    ya looks so pretty & sexy in those pic!
    luv ur make up style as well..
    take care..

  19. Little bunny… so cute! Haha! I like the one of you in the leather jacket:) But which one is your fav? 🙂

  20. To Joanne Peh

    It’s ok. Hehe.. (: Maybe next time will have chance to see you on some event. Then will take with you. (:

    Yours Sincerely,

  21. Dear Joanne Jie Jie,
    How have u been? Last Saturday afternoon, I was so excited to u at Heeren. U looked so gorgeous. This is my first seeing u. I am glad to take photo with u. I am worried I don’t have chance to take picture with u. Hope to see u:) If there is event, pls keep us info. I might be going to Australia or New York to further my studies. Not confirm yet or stay in Singapore:)

    Cheers: Debbie Wee

    • Hi Debbie,

      It was good to see u too, glad u had fun. Studying overseas is a great experience, well do keep me informed what you decide. 🙂


      • Dear Joanne,
        Of course I enjoyed the events. last Saturday, I am really sorry. I was in the hurry to watch movie with my parents.I missed the contest:) my parents are worried I cannot cope with my studies. In Singapore, I feel stressful.I am studying multimedia. well I am planning to become photographer:)

      • Dear Joanne, I still haven’t decide yet. But someone will arrange for me. Anyway,I am doing fine here. Actually I am not suppose to tell anyone. Last Friday, I could not make because I have something on. Lat Friday, How was your event ?
        Hope to hear from u soon 🙂
        Take Care Joanne Peh~
        Best Regards: Debbie

  22. Sharon Tulasidas

    Hey Joanne,
    Thanks for this lovely posting and advertising Style! 🙂 It was a real pleasure shooting you!
    Sharon T

    • Hey Sharon,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂
      Love working with you too, hope it’s a sell-out this month! Haha!

      🙂 Joanne

  23. i have got no idea what to wear whenever i go out and i am not rich.i am 15 yrs old and i am ugly.what should i do?

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