Tea at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It was a privilege to be invited to the Minister’s office for tea. I know it sounds almost like there’s a double-entendre , because back in school, “You are going to have tea with the principal” usually means you’re in trouble for either misbehaving or failing of exams. But no, I wasn’t in any trouble, and there was not only tea served in pretty delicate china, there were curry puffs too.

I learnt from somewhere that when you serve tea to the English, you ask if they would like lemon or milk. I guess in Singapore, it would be “Kosong”, “O” or “Tarik”?

I’m more of a coffee drinker but if I were to have tea, I like mine with milk. The “Tarik” kind. Not that I’m complaining though, just that I come to realise that there are myths surrounding politicians like there are surrounding celebrities. And perhaps in many ways we are similar.


I guess that’ll take another tea session to find out.


Personal secretary to Minister. I hope I didn't get this wrong. Otherwise, please leave me a comment and I will make the amendments. Oops.


Minister and I


The hospitable staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

31 responses to “Tea at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. cool, i feel like going changi airport later.

  2. why were u invited?

    • I think Joanne was invited because she is successful artiste, and good multi-tasker (she juggles very well in her studies and part time acting durng her university days) .

      During filming , she find time to interact with you online, right?
      She won both Best Actress and Top Ten awards,right?

      This attracted George Yeo to her and she was invited to have tea session with him so that she can air her views on various issues.

      To Joanne, of cos, politicians and artistes are similar because they are public figures.

      Politicians have to cope with intrigues, backstabbing when they move up to career successes, when they make mistakes, the medias will publicise their actions.

      Same thing for artistes.

  3. Wow..
    You are so lucky and should be honoured..
    Anyway,it’s very “thoughtful” of you to update your blog so often cos normally actresses dun have the time to update so often..=D
    Do take cares & do update soon!

  4. HI!i saw you at the heeren yesterday!
    waaa!i love your smile! :):)

  5. How many coffees did u drink for one day?
    Also I like to drink Kopi and Mocha! : )

  6. hello Joanne, dunno if u still remember me.. acted with u in last epi of Happily Ever After as your son. haha.. see u on screen more often =)

    • Hi blackfusion,

      I remember a good-looking dude acting as my son! To be honest, I have no image of the face in mind, but yes, I do remember.
      Hope all’s well with you and if you’ve got FB, message me from there. 🙂


  7. Congrats on adding this to your memories. 20 years from now, you’ll be looking back being proud of the invitation

  8. u were stunning last sat, in terms of looks and personality. 🙂

  9. Hi Joanne,

    All the way from Kuala Lumpur, would lik to say… Glad to be connected to you thru the WWW and your role in little nyonya rocks…. Keep it going!!!

    Best Regards

  10. Hey Joanne,

    I saw from Paul Chan’s blog mentioned that you will be playing a bad & old mother role in “Your hand in mine”……. Tough role? Hmm…. What will you look like in this role? Anyway, hope you will shine on this role and may Best Actress 2010 be with once again………Quoted frm Paul’s entry, ” Best actress will be always given difficult role”…………….

  11. cool I love ur new wallpaper! or e banner at e top. or whatever its called. lol.

  12. hi joanne. do you’ve probelms posting in blog?

  13. Dear Joanne,

    I think PS stands for Permanent Secretary. 🙂


  14. hey joanne,
    i love the new banner at the top too!
    its so so nice (:
    hope everything’s fine for you so far.
    are you still drilling on your culinary skills these days like you used to? (:


    • Hi Shasha,

      Thank you! Well, I haven’t been inspired lately, haha, dealing with some other things. I do hope to share some recipes after the programme airs 🙂


  15. Hi Joanne,

    How’s days?? Hope everything is nice and easy.. Btw, i heard Bonia will be launching their new outlet in KL somewhere end of this year..Will you be coming down??


    • Hi Sean,

      I’m not sure though..but I may be down in KL for a promo sooner than u think. More details will be up by next week! 🙂


  16. Hi Joanne, I am glad that u have a chance to see MINISTER FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS MR.GEORGE YEO. I haven’t see MINISTER FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS Mr.GEORGE YEO. I have seen President SR Nathan , Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong & DR VIVIAN BALAKRISHNAN. Last time DR VIVIAN BALAKRISHNAN work in eye centre.Nice Picture:) By the way, this picture was taken at Minister’s office? I heard istana is opened to public only for National Day:) I might be going to istana to take a look:)
    Take Care!

  17. Dear Joanne,

    Not sure if you saw my previous comment, but just in case PS for Minister reads your blog, I would advise that you to correct your entry…cos PS stands for Permanent Secretary and not Personal Secretary. 🙂

    Just trying to help. Cheers.

    • K,

      Yes, PS stand for Permanent Secretary , it also mean Personal Secretary.

      Permanent Secretary is the most senior civil servant who is responisible for the day to day running of the government ministry.
      (He is same as CEO of company.)

      ( Current Permanent Secretary Of Foreign Ministry is the man.)

      The woman with Joanne is the Personal Assistant to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

  18. Cool, kindly update so i can be there to show some support!!!


  19. Let me guess:

    I come to realise that there are myths surrounding politicians like there are surrounding celebrities.

    They look goody-two-shoes?

  20. Hello Joanne Peh!!

    Your banner is very pretty and nice! I like the photos. You’re very pretty… (: I love it!!!! Hehe!!! 😀 Jiayou for your career. I love your acting. Waiting for ‘Your Hands in Mind’ to show in channel 8!! Can’t wait anymore! 🙂



  21. Love,

    Hehe accidentally put two… 🙂

  22. Hi Joanne..
    I saw the commercial of you on jetstar…
    Hao YANG GUANG ohz!!

    Will they arrange trip to countries for you?[flying jetstar]

  23. Hey Joanne.
    Do remember to update the details if you’re coming KL for the promo,alright?Thanks!

  24. OMG…….
    U r lucky to have such a chance!

    Support u oways!

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