Can’t bear

Frankly, I can’t bear to read news or see pictures of Jimmy, because they are a stark reminder of what is no longer there.

His life. One that touched many people.

19 responses to “Can’t bear

  1. Joanne, life is unpredictable and fragile. We will never know whats gonna happen next. So stay happy everyday. =) I am so glad that i am able to breathe every morning. Dun think too much. hee.

  2. lols. *cries* haha

  3. Do cheer up =]

  4. hihi joanne,
    dun be too sad

  5. :(. i find his acting very funny.

  6. There are no words to express the sorrow and sympathy. But we know that he is in God’s care now and is finally pain-free and happy with his Creator.

  7. People come and go; I guess it’s time for you to let go and move on. He might not be around anymore, but I’m sure he lives in you and people who care about him. 🙂 My deepest condolences.

  8. 套句歌词给你。

  9. i lov u forever jyjy

  10. I may not be your number one fan, but right now I feel for you. I didn’t realise you would be affected so much. Please be strong, for everybody who loves you…

  11. cheer up.. though i know its not easy at this point of time. but it has happened 😦 try to get over things yea?
    ~memories to be kept~

  12. Joanne, u same me, also don’t to see, heard & read all abt MC King things..
    All i want to to tell MC king was in my blog, I know that he can heard & see wat I post.. Friend u take care too..

    MC King, want to tell us 1 thing, 朋友请好好珍惜身边重要的人。。。不要等到身边的人离开后,才来难过,珍惜。。已经太迟了。

    So, let us treasure all our friend around us.. Hope to see u on my bdae. Cos I need some1 to hug, 因为我要倒下去了。我没有力去坚强了。

  13. hai, Joanne, cheeR up… he’s gone to a better place… today I just received a sad news too.. my good friend’s wife rushed to SGH after feeling very unwell.. she’s 2 months pregnant already..

    doctor did a scan, realised that the baby did not has any heart beat already and have to abort it… my friend n his wife was stun, very very sad… when i heard of this, my heart sunk in… sigh….

    may god bless them..including Jimmy

  14. Yah true, me too feeling some sense of loss. We will all miss him. This also reminds us to cherish the ones we love around us, friends, family and relatives. Don’t wait until something before we regret never spending enough time with him/her. It may not be always death apart, but maybe he/she suddenly decide to emigrate etc.

    God Bless,
    Yoke Peng

  15. hi Joanne,

    i noe wat u mean, wen u look at his pictures or old shows of him, it somewhat feels some kind of emptyness and you will start thinking like his no longer ard and what was goin thru his mind wen he was doin a certain scene.

    i still cant accept the fact tat his dead, i haf this feelin tat his still ard, kinda eerie.. btw, i think his veri last show is in maggie and me as a ghost.. ironic.. they r airing the episode next tues for those tat wans to catch his last performance.

    do cheer up joanne.. dun dwell on it, it’s not gud to dwell on such things, u might haf nightmares..tke it easy ok? 🙂

  16. every death ard us act as a reminder for us to treasure what we already had.

    we must 惜福!


    smile k.

    with love. hugs!

    bad weather, add on to the sadness. brr.. cold

  17. When there’s a change, we can never be sure if it’s for the better or worse.

    Since we can almost always interpret each occurrence in both ways, lets assume he’s gone to a better place.

  18. Dear Joanne..

    some rhymes to cheer you up

    The skies are not as blue, when you’re not with me
    The stars, they never seem to shine as bright
    And the hours crack like days across the ages
    And a year or two pass by with every night.
    It makes me know if i should ever leave this world before you do
    When you follow you must promise, cross your heart and promise to

    Find me…look hard, and dont stop, I’ll be waiting ’till then
    Dont sleep, and dont eat ’till I’m back, back in your arms again
    I dont wanna have to spend all my forever without you.
    Just knowing that your out there somewhere too.
    So darlin…please I’m begging you on bended knee…
    Find me…

    I’ve tried to tell this world how much i love you.
    But they dont understand how deep it goes.
    And i can’t even find the words to tell you
    So I’m the only one who really knows.
    And though we have our times together, I am always wanting more
    So if we get separated wont you do just like before and

    Find me…look hard and dont stop, I’ll be waiting ’till then
    Dont sleep, and dont eat ’till I’m back, back in your arms again
    Through a hundred million faces you will see me shinning through.
    ‘Cause I’ll glow when you come close , I always do.
    So please im begging you on bended knee.. Find me

    Written by David Gates


  19. Hai Joanne…
    don’t be too sad
    well i heard about the news too
    i was like shock for a few minutes
    he has gone to a better place
    don’t be so sad
    Mc King will be in our heart forever!!!!

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