MC King

I worked with the man twice, during <凡间新鲜人> and <宝贝父女兵>. I remember him as a generous man, full of laughter and wit. Once when we were filming in studio, he made a huge pot of Taiwanese-style mee sua for everyone because it was a Sunday and most stalls in the canteen were closed.

By now, most of you would have heard about MC King’s death. I was gripped with disbelief and shock when I first learnt about it in the midst filming today. My heart is heavy with tears and all I can do is hope that he is at a better place right now.

May peace and freedom be with him.

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  1. how did he die?

  2. breathing difficulty and then reached hospital failure to rescue and died.

  3. 节哀顺便。

  4. haihs. so sad ]:

    stay positive yeahs? im sure he doesnt want to see everyone like this (;

  5. Everybody will have to pass thru this stage may be i should say we should feel happy for him for not suffering much and went with peace.People comes and go i believe MC also dun want us to be too upset over his death…
    Sweet memories are meant to be kept and locked up…
    Cheer up… Joanne 🙂

  6. Joanne, I same as u.. When I reached those sms from jteam ppl, I shocked, while I service customer. I even try called Mc King own hp. His bro told me that he had passed away. I asked him, is it he bluff me? He said No. I dun believe, cos 2mths ago he just come my travel agent buy coach tickets from me to KL. He go with his mum to KL. He even buy bread for me for my dinner.

    He is an artiste who is serious with his work when he do road show, everytimes asked him want to eat anything? He always told me, dun need. Thanks. He is jteam “开心果“。Always make me laugh. Now, he had left us, i dun bear, cos I know he had alot wishes & dream haven;t come true. Cos I had been read his blog. Here, is his blog, for those same as me, will miss him, can read his last blog.. cos we can’t see he post his blog anymore lah..

    MC King, hope when u @ heaven will live happy & con’t bring all those joys to the “peoples” there. I will always miss u, cos u r my frez. And thanks for those memories i had gave me.

  7. yah,he usually look so happy and funny in the shows especially the show ‘Happily Ever After’ as the Celestial Hound….hope his happy while he takes his leave~~!!:(

  8. i just read at the internet.
    was shocked too..
    remember he was on Like Father,Like Daughter.

  9. hes a nice man.
    he will be well taken care of up there.

  10. 人生无常,他的离世,对许多人来说是震惊、无奈。

  11. Hi
    I feel so sad and was so shocked to hear about MC King’s sudden departure this afternoon. He is a very nice guy with lots of laughters.

  12. Yeah,feel very sad… is so unpredictable.We must always live our life to the fullest,every moment we are breathing is considered a blessing.

  13. Condolences to MC King… greatly appreciate what he had contributed to the TV of Singapore from Jack Neo’s Gao Xiao Xing Dong till the dramas he’s acted in… indeed an unsung hero…


  14. I have watched MC King ever since he first started out in Gao Xiao Xing Dong and the subsequent variety shows and drama series. He’s been around for so long that I’m always amazed by his energy and cheerfulness on screen. He never fails to bring smiles to people who needs it, especially at the end of a hectic working day. He was at his usual comical best in Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing. I pray that he will be at peace with God, because that is where he deserves to be, in Heaven.

  15. Yup he gt breathing difficulty…
    btw joanne,i am also very shocked when i heard about the news yesterday(4/1/08) . Then today,i went to read the chinese and english papers… From what i noe, MC King did not have any health problems ryt? His death was a sudden 1 that no one can predict.

    I am also very sad because although he seldom act in major roles,but he is a very good and professional actor with lots of joy and laughter in him! I am very sure he has brought many happiness in u and yr other fellow colleagues during filming,since you said he was caring and friendly.

    My grandfather(my mum’s dad) had just passed away in early november 2007 too. Therefore, i can understand the feeling of losing a loved one. My grandfather was bed-riddened for 6 long yrs after a stroke. He passed away at the age of 80 plus i think…but after a few weeks,i felt better as i noe that my grandfather will always be in my heart forever..(btw, i am 14 yrs old,going to 15 tis yr) =p

    I am also sure that MC King will always be remembered by you and yr fellow colleagues ryt? Just rmb the fun and excitement he brought to all of you,whether during filming or not..and all his lovely contributions to the acting career . And i believe he will rest in peace and be free,like you said .

    Kindly help me to send regards to his family and other colleagues..and you too!!! Cheer up okay? No one wants this to happen de.. Lastly,all the best (:

    Take cares dearie!!! Ohh btw,you can send me e-mails too..i left my address alrdy..just go to my name and u will see the link =p thx alot (:

    Loves>>> Angeline (:

  16. joanne
    don b sad, he’ll b above watching over

  17. Hello!!! I stumped upon your blog thru mc king… i think it is sad too~

    anyway, he is with the Lord now ^^

    Thank you so much for typing/speaking in english for i really like you^^

    contact me please?

  18. and i cant really read mandarin >.<

  19. so sad tt mc king died… joanne jie jie, you must be v sad lors…

  20. My condolences go out to MC King and his family. I already learnt never to take my friends and family for granted, since life can be so unpredictable at times. One of my friends died sometime last year when she was only in her teens…
    Im praying for u too, Jopeh… I know it’s been hard on you and everyone else. The only thing MC King wants us to do right now is to remain strong and move on with life…

  21. O-zaki Shimizutoro

    So Young then go heaven, that i can’t believe it. why must good people died so early, must let the bad people die mah.

  22. yea i very shocked oso.. hes a healthy man but suddenly jus left lyk tat..

  23. how sad it was.
    maybe it will be better for him in another world… (:


  24. that’s quite a sad case.. yeah and i believe too he’s at a better place now..

  25. dont be too sad abt it. rest well joanne jie jie.


  26. joanne jie jie,

    don’t be too sad about mc king’s death.i know it is hard to but everyday people is a part and parcel of life.just take it that he ended his journey earlier then others.i am a fan of him.i like the way he acts in each shows.i can feel that he is sincerly putting his heart into his act.i pray for him to be blessed and may he go to heaven and stay with god.anyway,i give my deepest condolence to him and his family.may the lord be always be with him.and joanne jie jie,do stay happy always!


  27. Joanne i was shocked to c de news from newspaper this morning.. i was juz sitting down to eat my breakfast wif my niece n saw de news.. is v sd tat he had left all of us.. he a gd person n saw him at bugis escalator comingup from car park one day i think last wk..

    n dun be sad joanne..

    Rst in peace mc king..

  28. It is really sad to hear this news, he’s such a nice, friendly and funny guy. No one has expected this to happen and he’s still counted young. Though they say he’s 40, i suppose his 40th birthday has not arrived? 😦

    He’s still in the midst of filming a new show “xin jia po wu ding xia”.. this will be his last show and the parts he acted in will still be showed on tv. There are 2 of his shows this yr, one airing on 22nd this month.

    He will be remembered in our hearts i believe.

    Angeline, yea he did not have health problems. But the news said today that he had fei shuai jie.. means his lungs just broke down, thus the breathing difficulty. He passed away at home.

  29. Was just aware of this only after reading your post. mc king was a great man that brightened up my childhood days. i cant believe he’s just gone all of the sudden…it all seems so unreal. But everything’s fated and god will have plans for him. So dont be grieved by that. Strive on and take care too!

  30. Hi , Joenne

    Joanne Be Strong k. Life Still Go On k

  31. Hi , Joenne

    Joanne Be Strong k. Life Still Go On k

  32. havent seen u for manyyyyy years.

    din think tt my first post to u will actually be on such a dark topic.

    but yups, as the years go by, we see more and more of such happenings. juz hafta kan de kai ba.

    so ya, take care.

    ps. everybody here stay healthy!

  33. 事事无常。。。人已经走了。。。

  34. MC King is a nice guy, and a good actor. We will all miss him. We will definitely feel sad and loss for such a talented and 幽默 actor in those 综艺 show and TV serials. But we believe he has moved on to a better place, and he does not want us and fellow actors and actresses to feel too sad for him.

    So Joanne, please dun feel too overwhelmed or too sad. He has lived his life fully, enjoyed his acting career path, and maybe moved on to a better place. We will all just miss him, and keep all those good memories of him.

    Yoke Peng

  35. my consolence to his family.

  36. MC king was a good and funny actor..
    so sad..

    Mc King,你要rest in peace 。。

  37. so sad the Mcking had left us…he is a very good and funny actor….Joanne jie hope u can cheerup….. TC


  38. Hi joanne jie 🙂

    Dont sad anymore.
    that’s life..
    So, we just have to treasure our life and cherish people around us.
    Before everything is too late.


    Take care of urself as well.


  39. Hi joanne jie! Do u feel sad when jimmy died? I heard that chor meng was helping Jimmy’s mother with the wake arrangement when Jimmy died. Is that true? I was shocked that when my mum came home that nite and told me that jimmy died. I was too shocked to believe what she said until I watch the news and the newspaper. I just noe that my aunt’s father and jimmy’s father are sworn brothers! I still not believe it! I will ask my grandma to make sure if that is really true because my grandma noe jimmy and his father! bye !

  40. Hi Joanne jie,

    dont be sad over MC KING death. life is unpredictable. no one will ever know what is going to happen the next day. treasure every day of your life and the people u meet everyday. hope u can cheer up bah.. i know it may be hard, cos since u acted with him before. everything takes time. is not easy to forget. I think MC KING also dont want u all to sad over his death.

    dont sad le.. ok? treasure what he have left behind, all the shows he acted before.

  41. Its too sudden for MC king death…

    Of course those who know him very well will feel sad for his death. But, will get over with it after awhile.

    Hey, joanne, i got a question regarding pimples.
    I had pimples on my face and i don’t know proper method to clear it off. Currently, i am using cleanser to wash my face only.

    I saw ur method of protecting ur face by drinking goat’s milk? Yuck! i don’t like to drink goat’s milk, the smell is unbearable. So, is there another method that it effective can tell me?
    Thanks eh.

  42. May He rest in peace. Our life here is jus temporary. Is a journey to a better place. He went there earlier than expected so obviously we will miss him. Pray tat his family will be able to overcome all sadness and remember him as he is…funny and happy. Goodbye Jimmy.

  43. MC KING 走了。。。。
    觉得人生真是无常呵 。。。
    我小时候就看他的演出了,虽然他没有大红大紫,但他确实是个“经典人物”哩!他的MC KING深入民心,是不可取代的了!为什么2007年的『情牵戏剧25』里的经典人物奖没有MC KING呢?很遗憾噢!
    MC KING~我心目中快乐的(胖)天使 ,希望你在天国能自由自在的、大大声的笑。真的“永远快乐”!

  44. melissa miss j0anne

    hey j0anne jiiex..i also sad to hear abt mc king death!! it was a shocked to every1..but no matter wad dun be so disheartened and ur fans will always be there for u de…takkaiirex jiiex!!!

  45. Dear Joanne

    Something just doesn’t add up with regards to MC King , if only he got his symptoms of chest pain a wee bit earlier when he was at the hospital with his mum that morning , this sad episode would have been averted

    I am sad to admit that I only got to know his name as Jimmy Nah just a few days ago, all these years he was simply refered as ‘ MC King ‘

    I don’t think its appropriate to speculate about what causes his death but I can’t help thinking for the greater good for all , we do really need to sit up and take caution with regards to slimming pills and slimming treatment cos

    the writing was already on the wall a few years back already 😦


    and true freedom only happens when you mind is trully free of the perceptions from others 🙂

  46. If success was measured by the tears that our friends shed for us when we leave this world , I should say that ‘MC King was indeed successful

    I saw the news clip of his funeral a few minuites ago and not one of his friends had a dry eye

    My heart goes out for his mother , the days that follow after his funeral will be especially hard and I hope she will be surrounded with love and comfort by friends and loved ones

    I guess we need to remember how a person had lived and the good memories that they have brought us in their lifetime

    Take care Joanne


  47. O-zaki Shimizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i heard about MC king matters. now i want to say

    again is that good person should not die, Heaven must let

    those bad person die early. because good people got good

    deed. bad people got nothing. correct a not. sometimes i tell

    my friend to help people then joining the bad company.

    i really hope that my grandmother can walk again

    example she is a helpful person, she really help our

    family a lot.

  48. MC KING Really joke alot with his colleague, aft work o during work alway so happy go lucky person:)
    Without him acting will be less joke in mediacorp SAD ~

    ** So, we just have to treasure our life and cherish people around us. Before everything is too late.

    Good Bye Mc King,你要rest in peace 。。

  49. O-zaki simizutoro

    Try not to be so sad about MC king died, it will effect your

    mood to act the coming shows at channel8 during APRIL.

    remember to concentrate your show and i would also likes

    to watch your shows at Channel8 on April.

  50. O-zaki simizutoro

    Try not to be so sad about MC king died, it will effect your

    mood to act the coming shows at channel8 during APRIL.

    remember to concentrate your show and i would also likes

    to watch your shows at Channel8 on April.

  51. I was in oversea, when i learnt of the sad new. it’s so sudden and unpredictable. i watched his show and will always remember the laughter over the TV…
    i’m saddened but glad that he leave the suffering world.

    may he rest in peace and my consolence to his family.

  52. hi =(

    when i was watching tv yesterday, i was shock that my mum said that mc king died. so i quickly rush outside to see the newspapaer. i am shocked that i keep on asking my mum what happened to him , why he die? i am so sad….. even thoght he is not my fravorite actor but i like to watch him act so funny. now he is dead we cannot watch him act so funny anymore.

  53. Hi O-zaki Shimizutoro,

    About what you say about good people and bad people, I beg to differ, not a lot, but my views are slightly different. For those who believe that God exists, whichever religion you may be, your parents will usually instill the values to do more good deeds; in return, you will get good repay, maybe in terms of career, or even love life. Yes, that is the value I also hold true and deeply rooted in my life.

    But sometimes, we have to face the harsh facts of reality too. Life is not as simple as 1 plus 1 equals two. There are some bad people in the world who do plenty of bad deeds, and still get away with their crimes; and there are also good people who do good deeds aplenty, but still get terminal illness or some bad things in their life. Trust me, I don’t really code from the plots in most TV serials, but in fact I met some people like these. We have to face the fact that sometimes life is unfair, but we still have to handle it in some way or another, and carry on with life positively 🙂

    However, I don’t mean because of this, don’t ever do good deeds, since there may be no repayment. In fact, I like doing good deeds, like helping other people on the streets I see in need, because in fact by doing this, I feel very happy, no reason, I just feel happy. Also dunno why I feel happy helping others. Maybe, it is the matter of your own good conscience, or self-esteem, whichever.

    fan of Joanne
    Yoke Peng

  54. melissa miss j0anne

    hmmmmm….j00ane jiiex.. i kn0w how ur feeling right now..but then dun forget ur health wor…drink l0ts of balanced diet and have plenty of rest oaky?? anyway this yr is my ‘ N ‘ level..dun think can go out soooo often…hmm..thinking when can see u agains..will miss u de…h0pefully i can do well for my ‘N’ lvl this yr..then m0ther w0n’t say anyhting lia0x then can go out lerx..wahahahahahs…j0anne jieix..i scared lehx..just on mon my home econs teacher gave the class the paper for ‘N; lvel lerx…stress lia0x..nid to do until 20 pages siia…gt any tips for mi…???

  55. Can you contact me my lost friend, J?

  56. Both the good and the bad dies and whether a person die young or old does not reflect his or her status that they are good or bad persons

    We are all judged by our deeds and actions to those around us and that includes our actions to animals too and should any person die young or old does not bear any indication that he or she is good or bad

    The memory of your actions be it kindness or unkindness is your legacy to the world when you are no longer around

    All Religion teaches us to be good BUT it will ultimately depend on your own personal will and choice to REALLY want to be good

    without motives or personal agendas

    The change that you would like to see in this world will only starts with yourself


  57. dont be sad … smtime .. its life … its only a matter of time

    he is gone but not forgotten .. thats for sure …

    – your woodlands number 1 fan

  58. haix…..we all cried because he died we misses his smile n laugh s0 sad goin to cry le … haix hix life endx lyk tat………………

  59. don’t cry mc king olso don’t want to see u your cry right

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