Irresistible clutch

I have never been fond of clutches because I find it almost impossible to put anything in them. But I simply cannot resist Alexander McQueen’s 3D Flower Knuckle Duster.

It’s a piece of art that happens to be a clutch that comes attached with jewelry.

I can’t decide if I like the skull rings or the 3D foliage more but it’s one of those pieces that makes French manicure go out of fashion and drives the need to glorify my hand in some sculptural way in order to serve it some artistic justice.

9 responses to “Irresistible clutch

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  2. I like the fact that you have equated the knuckle duster as jewelry 😛

  3. Hey Joanne
    Thez a very cool brand , out of KL , called KLUTCH .
    Very unique designs and made in small numbers .
    Designer us a KL lady who decided that she could make things nicer than those in the market .
    She does multi-layers of skin or fabric in unique designs …..not your standard stuff . Think u will like it .
    U can find it at Mandarin Gallery too but I think they will cost more than KL .
    Cheers “)

  4. write simply. expression too convulted for you to connect to your fans. teenagers will love the skulls as handle….

  5. Hi Joanne Peh,
    Happy Valentine day, wish all the best with u….
    u looks beautiful and young, how old are u??

  6. pls dun punch me 😉

  7. that is a gorgeous clutch! thx for the inspiration to combine bags with jewellery =)

    keep up ur good acting in the current serial!

  8. You are a dangerous woman Joanne…

    I think you can use the bag for self-defence too *WINK*

  9. I ordered one 2 weeks ago from an American website. Not only did the ICA intercept the parcel, the police confiscated it. Their reason for confiscating the bag is because it looked like the knuckle duster weapon! What a load of crap! I want my bag back!

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