Night out in Delhi

It gets really colorful at night!

We had pizza for dinner at M Market, which is a bustling area where rows of individual shops lined the sides. It wasn’t easy finding restaurants and cafes here. There were mostly retail shops.

You find some familiar brand names here but the retail space was very limited. We saw Coffee Bean on the second floor but had no idea how to access the cafe!

I love saris, they are very versatile and always feminine. I considered getting one, but there was no occasion to put it on. I am always curious how a wardrobe full of saris would look. Imagine a walk in closet with sandals, jewellery and long flowy saris, it would look like a treasure cove!

I have a penchant for jewellery but I just wasn’t in the mood to shop that night so I merely gawked from outside. There were just too many designs and all of them were unique!

I noticed these smaller stalls had more customers than the air-conditioned shops. Does it provide a more personable experience or simply because things are cheaper?

By about 8.30pm, some shops have closed while others wrapped up business for the day.

More girls’ accessories for sale.

A grocery store where we bought water from.

This was a glimpse of what a part of New Delhi looks like at night. I’m not sure if they’ve got big nightspots around though. I welcome anyone who’s got any idea to share their experiences.

6 responses to “Night out in Delhi

  1. Hi,

    Yes delhi is full of happening places at nite, places like TGIF, fashion Bar few others are happening,
    same goes for mumbai,


  2. wow… delhi seems great by the sounds of ur experience…. love to go there too…. well.. my commitments here are more important than my enjoyments :(… well.. glad u enjoyed ur trip there though….

  3. I bought nice punjabi suit during my visit to India few years back, I didn’t go to Delhi, just Bangalore and Cochin

  4. enjoy your trip!I’m looking forward for the last few episodes of Your Hand In Mine.

  5. aung naing win

    i am one of you fan. Can i friends with you? you are so cute and beautiful girl.I hope you will be more success in future.

  6. Lifestyle will open 4th store in National Capital Region(NCR) in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi on Thursday, 22 July 2010.

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