April Delight

This has been a big month for me, in more ways than one. It started off with a Nespresso machine as a birthday gift.

Then there was winning the Media Darling Award in last Sunday’s (18 April 2010) Star Awards organised by MediaCorp Singapore.

My outfit for the night was a D&G ensemble. My stylist Jeremy improvised with the fishnet stockings and a bodysuit underneath because it was so sheer. I was freezing the whole night! The dress had to be flown back to Milan the next day.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 RTW

And a double birthday celebration from my fans!

After the awards, my very sweet fans were waiting for me outside and celebrated my birthday for me again. I say again because we had an earlier gathering to celebrate my birthday already!

I got cupcakes because they know I’m trying to stay trim and fit. How thoughtful!

14 responses to “April Delight

  1. i’m glad u love our mini surprise..sorry we had to hold u a bit longer than usual in order to carry out the surprise..hehe..

  2. Congratulations for winning the media darlings award last sunday:)

  3. i think 25 april also will have celebration with fans… 3 celebrations

  4. yeah! glad that you like it 😀 were the cupcakes yummy?

  5. Yucks. sucks that you won. you are so annoying in the 7 o clock show. to be frank, i stop watching the show because of you. sucks.

    • Elaine, i dun think that was a nice thing to say. Only childish people would resort to using words such as these when they themselves are lesser human beings.

    • yes, it is indeed not very nice of you to say these… even if you are unhappy with her wins and her shows, it is best that you be mature enough to keep them to yourself. It is best not to express your thoughts freely.. And it is best to think before speaking. …

  6. There will b another celebration on 25 apr? Reli? Where isit? Can I join? Aniway, congrats 2 Joanne and happy bdae in adv 🙂 kp up e gd work.

  7. Congrats Joanne for your win! You deserve it. Is that all the pictures you have?

  8. congrats Joanne! i’m glad u won e award!

    I’m actually watching e 7pm show becuz of you! 😀

    neway, the show is getting more exciting O_Ov

  9. You also owned a Nespresso machine? Haha. My parents owned one too! What colour is yours? Hope you can post some pictures of the machine to let me look at the design. ^^ 2 more days to your birthday! I’ve been counting down these few days! 25th April is the day of the Star awards & your birthday. Hope that you can win, i’ll be voting for you these few days! Keep up the good work! ❤ Me love you always, ♥♥♥!

  10. Congratulation for winning top 10 as well (:

  11. congrats joanne =)
    zoe was photographed in the same leopard print gown few mths ago inside 8 days mag.
    hers was the long-gown version =)

    you outdid yourself tonight with your gown. from which label?

  12. hi joanne! your blog has been addictive to me! love it and i love you! you are so trendy and stylish, the icon of fashion i would say 🙂

    btw joanne, who’s that guy standing next to you? the one who acted in little nyonya right? whats his name. i really am madly in love with him! he’s sooo cute!

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