Gorgeous living

I like interior design. Not so much doing it, because I don’t have talent in this aspect, but rather the fascination with how raw materials, furniture and lights, can give so much life to a home, reflecting the personality of the owner. Whenever I flip through related magazines like Vogue Living, Style Home, Home & Decor, even Ikea catalogue, I get lost. There are just too many styles one can create for their living space. Every show room looks beautiful, although only a few really call out to me and make me wish I had a home like that. So far, loft apartments really interest and intrigue me. I guess I like the idea of having a high ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a second storey within the same apartment, like this:


or this:


Gorgeous living?

And I would really like to have:

A bookshelf like that, where I can have all my books neatly displayed, away from the dust, but yet so accessible.


And a pretty little table…


What do you want to have at home or in your room?


33 responses to “Gorgeous living

  1. The “want” or “wish” is missing in the last sentence.. 😛

    How i wish i can have such a comfy house too.. haiz..

    i wish to have a gigantic screen tv in my room or living room so i can enjoy F1 action on it! Preferably the size of a projector but with the resolution of a lcd tv.. but think have to wait till Spore Poolz decide to sponsor it.. 🙂

  2. Wow it was so nice man!Having a nice home can bright up one life too!Hope that next time my house can be so nice.XD Live in a luxury place is great!

  3. hello joanne,
    i am interested in ur diy facial mask. however i couldnt find the collagen pearl powder. can u tell me a specific place that sells????

  4. i hope i can have the nicest and the most expensive hse ever!!!

  5. hello.. *wave*wave*

  6. a nice black leather crouch is what i wish to have in my living room now 🙂

  7. i wish to have a big shelf that can place all my collections of watches, books and magazines… and i like high ceiling too! it feels spacious and grand as well… 🙂

  8. HI Joanne,

    Wow….those photo you upload was very great!!! I also wish to have it! hehe….i wich my dream house’s design is more to futuristic design….its cool…haha….just my little idea…

    All da best to everyone…

  9. Hi j0anne,

    nice music you have in your blog 🙂

    I always try to decorate my room by copying those displays in Ikea or those furniture shops displays.. however by sourcing for cheaper deals and stuffs.. but sad to say, so far it has failed terribly… the outcome of my room is nowhere near what I’ve seen in shops so far!

    i guess it really take some pain staking effort to design and purchased the right furnitures that can match and satisfy our desires.. maybe that’s why it cost a bomb to hire interior designers to help you with this..

    but i do believe that besides getting your furnitures at Ikea or Courts or those furniture shops in shopping centers, you can try your luck at those factory who provide goods to these outlets at those industrial areas.. pretty sure you can get a very good deal for something similiar if not same.. unless all got alot of spare money to spare 🙂


  10. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi joanne, please tell me what is your Secondary School CCA and the Shows at Channel8, What times i can watch and who are the Mediacorp Artisite that shows THE TRUTH. please tell me, i want to know about you.

    i heard people said that you stay at Hougang, Is It True?

  11. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, Is these your house, my house have Rabbit,

    GoldFish and 2 small Puppies. what about you. and actually

    i likes to play pianos and Guitar also in my Current times.

    but i also love watching Tv.

    My Favourite channel is Channel 8.


  12. Thanks Ah Pek Ken! I corrected it already 🙂


  13. Hey Jo,

    Try FACE SHOP. :p


  14. hi teddi, *waves back*

  15. Hi Zhiwei,

    I was in the band and prefectorial board in Temasek. As for when The Truth is making it’s debut, I’m not quite sure, I read in another post, someone posted April 7th, 9pm. As for the cast of The Truth, check out my previous post (December 29,The Truth 谜图 第一篇) and u’ll see pictures of them and their names too!

    Oh, and this isn’t my house, haha, I wish only. I haven’t got any pets at home. 🙂


  16. Hey Jackson,

    Check out the 2nd song, I like it a lot too!


  17. O-zaki simizutoro

    Beside Acting Shows, How Do You Manage Your Free Times At home.

    May i Know Whose House Is This.

    May I Know What Courses you took at Temasek Polytechnic.

    Do You Have Any Channel 5 Drama Shows.

  18. hahaha finally saw u realise my presence. muhahahahaha =p *WAVES HARD* =p go shop go shop!!

  19. hihi Joanne,
    Do u wish to have a dog or a puppy??I juz got a 6 months golden retriver name Rosty its a female…if u wan a puppy tell me i tink i can get one for u for free,because my frenz dogs always keep reproducing.!!:)

  20. are you there?
    umm… wanna ask you… do u noe these twin girls… one called roxanne and royanne… or sumthing like that…
    in the weeks to come… are you going to any skool for any function… or anything? pls reply…

  21. Hey Joanne,

    Nice song you’ve got. xD. Wad’s that song anyways? destiny?

  22. Juz to tell u that we got the same name! 😉 yay! uh no! muz study for PSLE this year… haiix .. can’t play computer for 2 months…. 😦

  23. Hey Joanne,

    Wow you were from band? Were you under David Glosz back then? Let me guess, you were from the woodwinds section? I was from band back in Sec school and JC. Percussion all the way! =]

    I saw you once back in mid 2007 at Tangs, Orchard. Didn’t dare to approach you sia. Ehh since I’m a non chinese, scared paiseh lah =P my command of chinese is horse horse tiger tiger (ma3 ma3 hu1 hu1)

    Anws, wanna wish you all the best in your future endeavours~


  24. Hi joanne 🙂

    nice songs you have..been awhile since you have music in your blog.. *gentle reminder for you* giggling…

    hope all goes well for you.. after The Truth hope you get some rest to recharge before you storm again.. best of luck.. am listening to your nice song in this quiet night now.. 2am 🙂 perfect surrounding and ambiance..

    take care..

    love, jackSon

  25. hehe i would like to have lotsa flowers in my house..as decoration..i think flowers really do have a therapeutic effect..it brightens up our house literarily and literally! when i earn enough, i wanna buy a precious moments figurine each month and collect them! i think they’re really pretty and sweet, and adds a homely feel to the house too 🙂

  26. [g][R][4][c][3]

    Very good ambiance, how i wish to stay in this kind of place n owned it through out my life.

  27. I like the first picture! =D The idea of lofts intrigues me as well but Singapore probably never has these kinda apartments, takes up too much space! =p

  28. ahahaa!
    i want a study room!
    i dun have one! desperate*
    & i want a bungalow. warhhh (:


  29. hi joanne jie jie… tt house is v nice and comfy how i wish i have a house like tt . is tt your house??? i want to have a plasma tv i my big big room and erm …i wan my room to have the big big word PRINCESS with a crown on top haha and i want the walls to be purplie pink yup… just a princess room will do =)and erm….. i don’t know hahaha=)

    can reply moi emails pls pls pls=(

  30. oh and songs are nice=) i like then alot *smiles*


  32. there was a time where i was crazy abt interior designs and i search mags/books/internet all abt it…but then my craze had died off. 😛

    interior design a lot of things!!! quite difficult!! XD

  33. We all can have beautiful dream homes and room, but haiz we can only dream about it. I don’t think it will ever come true in the coming 5-years projection to come.

    Because the truth is, it costs a bomb to ask a home designer to design such luxurious home. For me, of course I like the idea and style of 2-storey house, but the disadvantage is it is too big to clean and maintain, haha. And also in the long run, you may find it irritating, the bigger the house, the more time you need to travel around your house, haha.

    Me too, I also like to have a beautiful and huge bookshelf, which is covered with glass to protect all my books and some gifts from friends from dust. And also a working or study table. No need to be nice, but large enough to put my things and do my writing. And also a beautiful wardrobe, how nice if it is a walk-in one with plenty of hook spaces for my clean clothes and worn clothes, though I know it is expensive, Gee. A good powerful PC with wireless internet network, a good sound system for my PC, a stereo radio and CD player etc. Yes, an good energy-saving, yet comfo aircon, and a handy standing fan, at times I dun need an air-con.

    Haiz, I can only dream about it. But I will work towards this dream, hopefully 🙂 and also hopefully, I will find my other half to share my dreams, including my dream house.

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