Daisies Inspired

Hihi all my beloved 🙂 *HUGS*
Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog in a while. Haven’t got many pictures to post because there is less room for distractions in studio, so we tend to get more work done quickly. Plus, the show is coming to an end soon! I always have mixed feelings when this happens, because there is the relief of finishing a project, and also the apprehension of what comes next. I’ll have another project immediately after this, which will take me through all the way to November. It’s a long project but my role isn’t very heavy so I should be able to find some time to rest in between.

Many of you asked about my illness, so sweet of you all. *muak* I’m all recovered and I feel ok, but my nose is blocked, so I sound terribly nasal. Filming in studio is very monotonous because it’s always script read, camera rehearsal, actual take, cut to next scene, script read, cameral rehearsal, actual take and so on… But it is only with monotony will we be able to appreciate the colourful life we have otherwise. I found this picture on the Internet and it is of one of my favourite flowers. Even in the face of rain, it sparkles and smiles. That’s my inspiration.

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