Marilyn Monroe

I was watching a programme on cable in studio yesterday while waiting for my turn on set that was talking about the history of Hollywood. I was completely mesmerised by the snippets of movies Marilyn Monroe used to star in. She was gorgeous and glorious in her time, but her private life was in a mess. She grew up in foster homes with no parental love, got married at 16, then divorced and set her sights at becoming an actress. All the marriages she subsequently had, failed and she eventually died from sleeping pill overdose on her 36th birthday.

Often, we pass judgement based on what we see on the surface, choosing to believe that our eyes won’t deceive us. But how much do we really know? Beneath that fame, sex appeal and womanly allure, she was just like any other girl who had her own issues to deal with.

I don’t know much about her, and I’m not sure anyone really does, but from the bit of Googling and Youtubing I did, I have newfound respect for this legend.

This is her song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and after watching this, and Kylie Minogue’s version, I must say, Marilyn’s cooing still moves me.

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