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Indian Snacks

Almost everyone who knew I was going to India advised me to bring carbon pills. Apparently there is a high probability of diarrhoea. I should avoid eating anything from street hawkers and drink only bottled water.

Except for one chick pea I took off the hand of a street hawker, the rest of the food I tasted were all prepared in the kitchen. I think it’s not necessary to be overly paranoid, and I had no incidences of diarrhoea throughout my 10-day trip.

If you are not used to spicy food though, you might want to check beforehand if the dish you ordered is spicy because spicy food is true to its name in India. Don’t let the appearance of the dish deceive you because what looks mild and green can burn your throat!

Most dishes were a tad too salty for my liking, so you might want to ask for less salt if you’re like me. The thing I really like about eating in India is that you can specify what you want, or not want, in the dish and you will have the dish tailored to your preference. Try doing that in Singapore and sometimes you get puzzled looks from the waiters or end up with your order, requests ignored. I’m talking about requests like less salt, less spicy, sauce on the side, no cheese…nothing ridiculous like chicken in a vegetarian dish or mussels in fried noodles.

I was told this is a summer drink, great to cool off on a hot day. It’s green mango with sour plum. It didn’t taste sweet or sour, just a little salty.

Vegetable pakora. The Japanese equivalent of “Yasai Tempura”. This particular dish had potato, onion, cauliflower and eggplant. I’m usually not a fan of onion, but this one was thin and crispy and smelt really good.

I forgot what the name is for this, I remembered it to be a kind of fried vegetable pancake.

These are sweets you get after your meal. Aniseed is a natural breath freshener.

Does anyone know the name of this dish? There’s something that looks like crispy rice, mixed with beans and some kind of sauce — rojak-style.

We stumbled on this after dinner and had absolutely no idea and no guts to try it. The man told us that the lump of brown sticky thing was rose petals. We could smell the faint scent of rose too. I don’t know what makes up the rest of this interesting snack. Does anyone know?