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Tokyo Disneyland 之“玩的不亦乐乎”

As I list out the rides we took, I realised it’s not that many. This time round, the queues were much shorter but so was daylight. By about 5 pm, the sky started to turn dark and the temperatures fell. That’s when I just want to snuggle in bed with a cuppa hot chocolate.

1. Space Mountain

2. Star Tours

3. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

5. Gadget’s Go-Coaster

6. Minnie House

7. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt


When we joined the queue, it’s like walking into a huge story book. We had no idea what the ride was about except that it was very popular because there was Fast Pass available. Fast Pass just allows us to cut the waiting time by taking a special ticket which will indicate a time frame that you are allowed to return for the ride without having to join the regular queue. So meanwhile, we could take other rides and then return to this one when the time is up. I really like this ride! Maybe because when we took it, it was already dark (5.45 pm), and it was getting quite cold outside, but inside it’s all bright and warm. The cars are Pooh’s honey pots, andwe followed the blur-looking Pooh into his world. It’s very fantastical, and I was completely fascinated!



8. Chip & Dale Treehouse

9. Mickey House
Mickey is a mega-celebrity, because we need to queue to visit his “house” and finally meet the mascot himself for photo-taking. All the other houses didn’t have live mascots! 😦





10. Donald’s Boat


11. Snow White’s Adventures

有机会真的很想看看香港,美国,和法国的迪斯尼乐园。大人来这儿让自己买回了一点童真, 小孩则是梦寐以求。我是幸福的大小孩!