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Today is Be-Nice-To-Me Day, or so I self-proclaim. 🙂 Some time ago I wished for something, and if you’ve been following my tweets, you might guess right.


Be-Nice-To-Me-Smile. Red lipstick is my current fetish. The one I have on is a coral/red shade.

It’s hard to believe I’m a tech-girl, but I am! There are three things that will get my excited and the latest tech gadget is one of them. Imagine my joy when I received this early Christmas gift that came in an all white packaging. Honestly, I never expected it at all, so thank you so much!! Check it out:


There's a Hero, if you look inside your heart......cos' we belong together...(my self rendition of Mariah Carey's medley)


Yessss, that's his name. Hero. Sort of like GERTY, the robot in the movie MOON staring Sam Rockwell.

New phone in tow, today is one of the many good days to come. So I treated myself to the ultimate sinful snack. I’ve heard of this before and friends I know who have tried it rave about it. I simply had to give it a try, even if it’s going to make redundant the workout I just had. Oh well, today is Be-Nice-To-Me-Day, why not?

I am now a willing victim. WARNING, once you start, you can’t stop, so if you’re watching your weight, get it when you’re in a group or going to a party. Spread the calories around!


The unassuming packaging of the box is sneaky! It does not give you an idea of the delightful snack waiting in the box. Chips coated with milk chocolate when combined brought me pure bliss, all in the comfort of my room. I need a shorter novel or a carton of these to keep me company while reading!


Decandently sinful. Sweet and salty. The workout after will be so worth it. S$15 for a pack, available at all Royce outlets.