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The Lost Symbol Book Club

Stayed up the whole night to finish reading Dan Brown’s latest thriller The Lost Symbol. By some bizarre stroke of coincidence, the beliefs I’ve recently come to hold, prior to reading this, actually form the fundamental premise of the plot.

I have not only been enlightened by the facts of this thoroughly researched fiction but also have my personal faith strengthened.

For those of you who haven’t read it, I urge you to do so with an open mind.
For those of you who have, please share and tell me what you think.


记得在拍《宝贝父女兵》的时候,我很喜欢喝奶茶。每天早上,助理都会在拍戏地点附近的咖啡店买“Teh-C“给我。后来,拍《谜图》时,因为要提神,所以就爱喝不加糖的咖啡呜,越浓越好。那个时候没有助理了,不过戏剧组的人都会轮流请咖啡茶。咖啡呜喝下来有好几个月。 现在呢,怕自己上瘾,就改喝没那么浓的。我最近喝到很不错的Latte,所以这下子应该会是Latte迷。



昨晚看了”Dark Knight“,觉得Joker很恐怖。恐怖不在于他那张脸,而是他对人类社会的概念。戏里他和Batman对峙,一针见血的说中了普通人类的要害。他虽然疯,但是他并不是弱者,因为他根本没有束缚,没有原则,没有牵挂,所以他没有把柄,威胁不到他,也伤害不了他。规矩对正常人是生活规律的基础,所以如果一旦事情出乎意料,就会让人陷入慌张。当然我也不是在说大家应该象Joker一样,无法无天,只不过如果把这个概念套在自己的一些小习惯上,可能就会发现我们平时生活中的种种依赖其实正是自己的致命伤。


Peranakan Musuem

I took some time to sort out the pictures of my little expedition to the Peranakan museum. They are by no means the only pictures I’ve taken, the best part has yet to come, *grins*, but I will post that in a separate entry.

My interest in the Peranakan culture has been invoked by my preparation work for Channel 8’s upcoming blockbuster drama 《小娘惹》where I will be acting as an English-educated nonya of the third generation.

Personally, I adore big families, and I enjoy practicing tradition although I haven’t been brought up to do so. To some extent, I believe some traditional values, beliefs, practices are essential in our society, to ground us in the fast paced lives we live and to add deeper meaning to who we are.

I’m envious of the Peranakan community for being so proud of their culture, for their willingness to share their knowledge and craft to keep the culture alive, because when everything turns to dust, this is what will still remain.

Peranakan Museum entrance.

The origin of Peranakans. You can click on it for a larger image.

I thought women in those days can hardly step out of the house.

I like the lobby area, I imagine I’m peaking out from the second floor of a Peranakan home.

The beadwork is so intricate, I salute the women who let this take shape. This is a tray cloth, used during weddings, to cover food or gifts.

The hall where the bride and the bridegroom will have to carry out the individual wedding ritual in their respective homes at a certain auspicious hour.

The wedding gown…beautiful isn’t it?

Husband and wife sharing their first meal in the room.


The marital bed, which has been blessed by a young boy (there is a special selection criteria) rolling on the bed three times. It is another beautiful piece of furniture. You should see the cupboards and dressing table, I love the carvings and the dark wood, it’s very classic!

The bead chart. Women had to learn sewing and embroidery and be skilled in it in order to qualify as a good future daughter-in-law.

The beaded panel for shoes.

A marriage certificate

Pick up the telephones and hear someone talking to you. It’s fun!

A large piece of embroidery

An ancestral tablet

Notice the carvings on it. Maidens are carved on it to provide the dead a good after-life.

It is so detailed!

I am impressed with the craftsman who did this! The dragon looks quite alive despite being carved from wood!

Ancestor worship is part of the Peranakan practice.

Some deities that Peranakans might pray to.

How many of these deities can you identify?