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Shopping for Prom

When I look back at my prom pictures, I would cringe at the horrible dress I chose, the lack of professional hair and make-up and mis-matched shoes! It was evident in the photographs that none of us seemed to dress our age preferring to force ourselves into long dresses and gowns in an attempt to suit the occasion.

Maybe in this time and age,  it doesn’t happen anymore, because girls now have greater access to fashion and styling tips from magazines, blogs and websites. Besides, there’s always Photoshop. 🙂

Still, just in case anyone is interested to hear some tips from someone who’s been through that phase, here goes:

Tip 1: Dress like your age and body type.

When you’re 19, and your body is not quite developed as a woman yet, don’t try to seek inspiration from models or actresses who are much older. What looks good on Heidi Klum or Charlize Theron may not look good on you. Think Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller or Keira Knightley. If it’s something they would wear, chances are it’s right for your age.

Tip 2: Don’t piece your whole look from one shop

This is just to avoid a clash of outfit. It can be quite embarrassing to turn up in the same outfit, unless of course it was choreographed on purpose.

Tip 3: Don’t choose an all-white outfit

You don’t want to look like it’s your wedding. Besides, it’s also for practical reasons. The princess look is perfect for MTVs but trust me, you’ll cry if you get a stain on your dress. It’ll always haunt you in the pictures for years to come.

Tip 4: Do not pile on too much make-up

You’re still young, you don’t really need all that make-up. Make sure you choose the right shade of foundation, accentuate the eyes and you’re ready to go. Remember most pictures you take that night are going to require flash, so you don’t want to look like you forgot to get out of your Halloween make-up. Keep your hair simple. It’s not a hair show, so you don’t want to go overboard.

Here are some suggestions for picking out your outfit:

1. Colours



Being young has its advantages. You can wear colours without worrying about looking like you work at the circus. Short dresses are youthful and the shape of this dress gives you nice curves if you have a relatively straight body structure.

2. Ruffles



Ruffles are sweet and pretty. I like the idea of pairing a feminine frock with a studded clutch and a pair of cut-out heels. Adds a bit of ruggedness to an otherwise girlish image. Perfect if you want to let your long hair down naturally like this model. It’s all about being effortless.

3. Sequins



Sequins are in this season, but an entire dress made of sequins is almost going out of fashion soon and can easily make you look mature. This dress has a beautiful sequined bow at the back that creates a sexy silhouette. Pair it with a pair of strappy heels and a hard clutch.

4. Low-back



I don’t advocate cleavage-baring dresses for 19-year-olds. Not that I’m a prude, but I just feel that you’ll get your chance later on in life. A low back dress on the other hand has the same “wow” effect. This is a very 80s look, so do make sure the hair and make-up is simple, otherwise, you’d like you were trapped in a different era when you look back at your prom pictures. I am very much for black leggings with ankle boots. I don’t like open-heels or shoes other than black, with leggings because I find that it draws unnecessary attention to the feet. You want the focus to be on your face, not your feet.

Now have fun shopping and enjoy your Prom Night!

My Special Dress!

I was really excited about this dress because it is a collaboration between Keith Png and I. I showed him a picture of what I like, he chose the fabrics, the colours and made it come to life. Thank you so much Keith for the beautiful dress!